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A battle started in the sky.

Although the word 'sparrow' was in the Cloud Sparrow owned by the Tian Yin Squad's Xiaoqi, its actual size was totally different from an ordinary sparrow.

The wingspan of this fellow was slightly over two meters wide, its beak long and sharp, and its talons reflected an intimidating cold light. Not only that, its flying speed was much faster than that of a sparrow.

After receiving Xiaoqi's order, the Cloud Sparrow beat its wings and dove straight down from a kilometer above ground like a bolt of lightning towards the Large-Beaked Raven, who could only fly at a few hundred meters. The Large-Beaked Raven freaked out and let out a strange cry. It no longer cared about gathering intelligence on their enemies and flew straight towards the shrubbery Zhang Che was hiding in.

"You piece of…!" Zhang Che gnashed his teeth. Left without a choice, he could only recall the Large-Beaked Raven back into his spiritual sea with a wave of his hand.

Seeing how it forced the Large-Beaked Raven into retreating, the Cloud Sparrow stopped diving and circled around at a low alt.i.tude of a hundred meters, paying close attention to every move Zhang Che made.

Zhang Che's face sank, looking at the circling Cloud Sparrow. He could only run towards another hill with denser undergrowth with his subdued beasts.

Without the Large-Beaked Raven providing intelligence, Zhang Che had no way to find out how the Tian Yin Squad was going to ambush him. In order to guarantee his safety, naturally he had to choose a more complicated environment.

Although the Cloud Sparrow was able to find Zhang Che's whereabouts for the Tian Yin Squad, it was unable to determine his exact location. It was no easy feat to do so in an environment filled with dense shrubbery, either...

Receiving his Cloud Sparrow's message, Xiaoqi looked at Xu Ao to his side and reported excitedly, "Chief, we managed to force that kid's scouting beast back. He's as good as blind now; it's impossible for him to discover where we're attacking him from."

A trace of viciousness flashed across Xu Ao's eyes. He smiled evilly, "Good. Our hunting operation begins now! Xiaoqi, get your Cloud Sparrow to pay close attention to where that Sun Che is heading. Once you discover any signs of him escaping, immediately swoop down and hara.s.s his mount. We mustn't let him run away again!"

"Alright, Chief. Don't worry!" Xiaoqi nodded gravely, his face revealing an unconcealable murderous aura.

He remembered very clearly that time in the stone forest when they were suddenly attacked by Zhang Che, he had felt as if his head was being smashed by something. The pain really made him wish he was dead instead.

n.o.body would ever want to experience that kind of pain a second time. Thus, everyone in the Tian Yin Squad, including Xiaoqi, hated Zhang Che to their bones.

Not to mention the fact that due to his interference, the Five-Colored Spiritual Flower that was pretty much guaranteed to fall into their hands was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the Purple Jade Condor, causing them to lose out on a huge sum of income.

Destroying another's livelihood was akin to killing their parents!

With this grudge, in addition to the pain he had caused them, the Tian Yin Squad would never let Zhang Che go, no matter what.

After locking onto Zhang Che's rough location via the Cloud Sparrow, the Tian Yin Squad's team of fifteen members lifted up the six Herculean Crossbows under Xu Ao's instructions, running towards the hilly area ahead.

"Wait for my orders. The six Herculean Crossbows must fire at the same time. Remember to account for a slight lag distance; we can't let that kid run away like before."

"I understand, Chief!""Don't worry, Chief!"

On the other side, Zhang Che who had lost his eyes in the skies had currently escaped to the ridge of a hill. Although the shrubbery here was a little thinner, it could hide his figure very well.

Zhang Che panted lightly for breath, looking around in all directions. He let out a long breath, saying, "Right here it is. What if they stopped chasing if I continued running away?"

At the same time, the Gluttony Monkey was hiding in ambush on top of another hill less than two hundred meters away from Zhang Che. The frisky monkey that was so energetic was surprisingly obedient this time, hiding his figure carefully in a bush. His hand was holding onto the Falling Star Model X, with a large quiver containing a hundred and twenty M-type armor-piercing arrows placed in front of him.

The frisky monkey's chosen hiding spot was very particular. Not only did it have a good view, it was able to cover Zhang Che's location no matter which direction he was attacked from, responding with a counterattack immediately.

The Tian Yin Squad had entered deep into the hilly area. At this moment, Xiaoqi was reporting the latest intelligence to Xu Ao, "Chief, that kid stopped moving. He's on a hilltop about five hundred meters ahead, though he hid himself in the bushes. The Cloud Sparrow is unable to give me his exact location."

"Hiding in the bushes?" Xu Ao smiled faintly, "Does he think we won't be able to find him with just that?"

In the next moment, Xu Ao fished out a pair of binoculars and scanned the hill carefully. He let out a ridiculing smile and said softly, "There are only three spots on that hill that can hide a person completely. I'll shoot an arrow to test the waters later. Once that kid is forced out, don't waste any time and shoot at him with every crossbow."

As he spoke, Xu Ao's tone gradually turned severe.

"We understand, Chief!" the group answered in unison, and they raised the six Herculean Crossbows, their crosshairs locked onto the hill, waiting for Zhang Che's appearance to launch a violent a.s.sault.

Xu Ao drew his bow and arrow, shutting one of his eyes and looking at a bush where Zhang Che was most likely hiding at. As the bow was drawn to a full crescent, he held his breath and loosened his fingers, a black arrow shooting forth like lightning.

Zhang Che, who was lying in wait, suddenly heard a sharp whistling sound. He immediately tossed his hand up, and the combat suit which he took off earlier was torn open, falling toward another bush by the side.

At the same time, Zhang Che felt a violent wind swept past him while he hid in a trench. In the end, a loud explosion rang out from the hillside next to him, a black arrow lodged deeply into the rock wall. Only the trembling tail end of the arrow could be seen protruding out.

At nearly the same instant, several whistling sounds rang out in succession from afar. In the blink of an eye, the combat suit Zhang Che tossed out was turned into a beehive from all the bolts. Not losing any speed, crossbow bolts that were as thick as a thumb all dug their way into the soil.

"Heh, luckily I found this trench, or I'd really be shot full of holes," Zhang Che looked at the falling combat suit filled with holes in fear, celebrating his fortune.

With the destructive force of those crossbow bolts, even if he was wearing the Maneater Leech King armor, he wouldn't be able to withstand them.

"Frisky monkey, it's your turn now."

On the other hill, the Gluttony Monkey had locked onto the Tian Yin Squad's positions. He stood up from within the bushes, the Falling Star Model X fully drawn.

Just as he was about to send the M-type armor-piercing arrow flying into the body of the stationary Xu Ao, a hint of astonishment suddenly flashed in the Gluttony Monkey's eyes. He quickly hid himself again, looking up and to the side in the sky.

In the clear sky, a purplish-black figure had appeared unbeknownst to anyone, diving down like a meteor, heading right into the midst of where the Tian Yin Squad was...

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