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"We got him!"

Seeing at least half of the arrows had penetrated the revealed silhouette in the distance, the Tian Yin Squad members started cheering.

Only Xu Ao showed a hint of doubt on his face. When he raised his binoculars and took a second look, his brow immediately furrowed.

"We didn't get him. That was only a piece of clothing. Everyone quickly nock another bolt and prepare to launch another attack."

The others were all taken aback. Afterwards, they worked together to rearm the Herculean Crossbows, while simultaneously cursing out loud.

"d.a.m.n, that kid is too cunning!"

"Chief, why don't we just flatten the shrubbery over there. He'll die for sure no matter where he's hiding," one of the members suggested to Xu Ao, his eyes ablaze.

However, before Xu Ao could respond to his suggestion, Xiaoqi's face suddenly changed. He exclaimed in shock, "The Cloud Sparrow just sent me a warning; there's an exotic beast approaching from the sky!"

"What?" Xu Ao was stunned. He looked up to the sky, and saw a purplish-black figure speeding towards them like a meteor. To their astonishment, it was actually the purple flying beast from yesterday!

Xu Ao's complexion paled greatly, yelling as he drew the string of the black bow in his hands, "Release every crossbow at the same time! Intercept it!"

For some unknown reasons, he felt that after only a day had pa.s.sed, the aura on that flying beast was several times more frightening. The speed it dove down at them was also much faster.

-Could it be that this beast successfully advanced after eating the Five-Colored Spiritual Flower?- Thinking of that, Xu Ao's complexion grew even uglier. At the same time, his hatred towards Zhang Che grew so deep it permeated into his bone marrow.

-If it wasn't for that kid's meddling, the Five-Colored Spiritual Flower would be mine!-

Hearing Xu Ao's yelling, the Tian Yin Squad members came back to themselves and quickly gathered into groups of two, s.h.i.+fting the Herculean Crossbows, and aiming at the purple figure in the sky.

"Ready, fire!"

The Purple Jade Condor was amazingly fast. Swooping down from an alt.i.tude of a thousand meters only took a few seconds. The Tian Yin Squad members could see the flames of anger in its sharp gaze.

The saying "Seeing your enemies makes your vision especially red" was probably just like that.

Xu Ao roared out, and loosed of the bowstring between his fingers. A black arrow immediately shot out like an ebon bolt of lightning, speeding towards the Purple Jade Condor.

At the same time, several mechanical sounds rang out in close succession. Six thumb-thick bolts shot out, emitting sharp whistles. They overtook the black arrow, flying further ahead, bracketing the approaching Purple Jade Condor's huge body.

On the slope of the other hill, Zhang Che stood up from the trench he was hiding in, watching the scene unfolding a few hundred meters away from him with his eyes wide and mouth agape, his heart shaken.

"d.a.m.n, this Purple Jade Condor actually survived that terrifying spider?"

In the mountain range yesterday, Zhang Che had personally witnessed the Azure Snake losing its life almost instantly after being bitten by that black spider.

With the grave injuries on the Purple Jade Condor, there was no way it could have survived that crisis.

At this moment, however, this powerful flying beast was indeed right before Zhang Che's eyes, launching a violent a.s.sault on the Tian Yin Squad.

Then, the only possibility was...

The Purple Jade Condor had advanced!

Mmm, to be accurate, that fellow successfully advanced in its quality, becoming a powerful dark gold-quality exotic beast!

Zhang Che remembered vividly that there was a dark gold glow being emitted from the Purple Jade Condor's body after it was constricted by the Azure Snake. Wasn't that exactly the sign of its imminent advancement in tier?

"I wonder how long the Tian Yin Squad can hold on against a three-star dark gold-quality Purple Jade Condor. From the looks of it, the crossbows they brought here to deal with me are extremely powerful. Hopefully they can threaten the Purple Jade Condor."

Habit struck Zhang Che as the idea of fis.h.i.+ng for popped up again.

Of course, the prerequisite for that was that both sides had to be evenly matched. If one party was easily eliminated, there would be no opportunities for him to become the fisherman.

All this while, the dark gold-quality Purple Jade Condor's gaze was fixed on Xu Ao. It was the weapon on this strange creature's hands that had heavily injured it, resulting in it nearly losing its life to the poisonous spider.

As such, when Xu Ao shot out the black arrow, the Purple Jade Condor had prepared its defenses accordingly, ready to deflect it with its beak.

Although its quality increased by a tier, the Purple Jade Condor was still apprehensive of Xu Ao's arrow, unsure whether its defensive strength had risen to the degree of being able to defend against such an attack.

Alas, the Purple Jade Condor never thought that the most threatening attack wasn't the black arrow shot by Xu Ao.

The six crossbow bolts that closed in first despite being shot later approached at nearly the speed of sound. Furthermore, the Purple Jade Condor itself was also diving down at extreme speed. With the combined speed of both, it was impossible for it to dodge the bolts.

A sharp cry rang out. Three of the six bolts struck the Purple Jade Condor almost simultaneously. Two of them struck its abdomen, but due to the angle, the bolts deviated and only caused it to lose a few feathers.

The last bolt, however, severely injured the Purple Jade Condor. By coincidence, it entered the beast's left nostril, penetrating deep into its head.

Although the bolt severely injured the Purple Jade Condor, it also brought its anger to its limit. Facing the imminent black arrow, it didn't bother to dodge at all and deflected it with its beak, speeding down towards the Tian Yin Squad at greater speed.

All of this happened in the short span of less than two seconds.

The Tian Yin Squad members were about to cheer when they saw the crossbow bolts. .h.i.tting their target. However, they suddenly heard Xu Ao's voice, telling them "Get down!" as he dove into the nearest bush.

The group was stunned. Before they could react to any of this, they saw the Purple Jade Condor suddenly accelerating to twice its speed, appearing before them in the blink of an eye. Its ten-meter purple wings suddenly let out a sharp, cold glow.

A few crisp sounds rang out. A few of them felt their bodies being split in half by something, followed by a huge splatter of red mist spraying out in front of them, closely accompanied by excruciating pain.

At this moment, the gust of wind generated by the Purple Jade Condor's flight reached them, toppling the broken limbs and body parts, a.s.saulting the lucky survivors and sending them tumbling around helplessly.

After the short moment of chaos, one of the Tian Yin Squad members looked down at his body, and discovered that his arms was split apart at the elbow, and his torso split in two at the waist, screaming out in horror, "Ahhh! My body!.."

He never expected he would experience the legendary capital punishment of being chopped in two at the waist.

Following his dismemberment, he was rapidly losing blood, and his vitality was quickly fading away. His subconscious screaming quickly grew softer. After a few seconds, his struggling head stopped moving, staring wide-eyed at the sky.

His short life came to an end, just like that!

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