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Chapter 1259: Lin Family, Revenge (6)

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Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed coldly as he stared mockingly at Lin Yun.

"Didn't you say that you wanted to fight one-on-one with me? What? Are you going to use someone else's name as a threat now?"

Lin Yun's expression changed several times. "I'm only doing this for your own good. After all, I really admire your abilities so I don't want you to die here."

"Hahaha!" Grand Lord Hong Lian burst into laughter. "For my own good? Who was it who had sent people to kill me and did not hesitate to capture my daughter and use her to threaten me? Who was it who had sent countless Martial Saints after me for the sake of eliminating me who was a high-level Martial Supreme at the time! Now, you're saying that you don't want me to die here so I could spare your life?"

Each word that Grand Lord Hong Lian said caused Lin Yun's expression to sink even more. He then fixed a venomous glare upon the red-robed man as the murderous air from his being thickened.

I should have known. During that year, I should have disregarded the First City's rules and sent my most powerful cultivators to kill this man immediately.

However, I had been too afraid. Even though I had someone backing me up, I didn't have the courage to cross the line. As a result, he has been able to grow into this stage.

Nevertheless, no matter how much Lin Yun regrets it, it was now too late!

"What do you want?"

He gritted his teeth and spat.

"I don't ask for much," Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily as he replied. "I only want you to die!"


Grand Lord Hong Lian raised the sword in his hand. Instantly, a flash of red light shot across the sky towards the nearby Lin Yun.


The wave of energy from the sword struck Lin Yun's chest. His body instantly fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. Fresh blood then began to pour from his mouth, turning his face as white as a sheet without a trace of color to be seen.


The expressions of the Lin family members changed drastically as they quickly surrounded Lin Yun. However, no one dared to draw their weapons and fight.

That man's power was simply too horrifying. At this moment, no one in the Lin family was of any match for him.

"Yun'er, the members of the Lin family had once tried to kill you. How would you like to deal with them?" Grand Lord Hong Lian's eyes were staring down at the Lin family members beneath him. He then said, "Do you plan to slice them into mincemeat or to leave them without a whole corpse?"

Gu Ruoyun did not reply as she slowly walked towards the Lin family members. An indifferent light enveloped her face as she bent down and faced the old man lying on the ground.

"In the Lin family's opinion, is it true that weak and lowly people have no right to live?"

Despite being heavily injured, Lin Yun's face was still full of arrogance. He laughed scornfully and replied, "That's right. If this kid, Gu Tian, did not have this much power, perhaps he would have been killed by the Lin family long ago. The law of the jungle has always applied in this world. Those who don't have power have no right to live in this world."

"That's right, the law of the jungle applies. If you're not powerful enough, you'd be devoured by others. However..."

She paused and the cold light in her eyes grew even more p.r.o.nounced.

"It's because others want to consume you so you would retaliate! That's the meaning of the law of the jungle! If you're faced with a bunch of people who don't even have the strength to truss up a chicken, would the Lin family kill them as well?"

"That would depend on what the opposition has done!" Lin Yun raised his head to face Gu Ruoyun, gritted his teeth and said, "Anyone who dares to oppose the Lin family must die!"

Gu Ruoyun laughed but her smile did not reach her eyes.

Her dark eyes only held an endless chill and a clearly obvious murderous intent.

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??? you're the one who's going to die


On Gu Family's opinion, one who crosses them will not only experience a fate worse than death, he/she will also die without a whole corpse. (Evil laugh)


I high key want her to let chi out to torchure them???


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Chapter 1260: Lin Family, Revenge (7)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Only the people who oppose the Lin family's orders should die?" Gu Ruoyun gently raised the corner of her lips as a murderous intent came whirling from within her. "Does that mean that the Lin family members can kill a group of innocent villagers without mercy? Those villagers had never done anything wrong. All they did was to take me in yet you had let your hatred out on them and murdered all those innocent lives!"

Gu Ruoyun's heart would throb painfully and the murderous intent in her heart would deepen whenever remembers the devastation at Wind Fall Village.

"They never knew about the grudge between us. Besides, those villagers did not have one drop of power in them, they weren't even cultivators! They were only average citizens who lived in Wind Fall Village yet you completely ransacked the entire place. How is this any different from bandits?"


Lin Yun scoffed icily and replied with disdain, "They had taken you in, that was their greatest mistake. The Lin family members have never questioned whether the opposition is innocent or not. If we want to kill them, we'll kill them. People who don't have any shred of power are simply a waste of s.p.a.ce on this earth! Killing them can be considered as the Lin family members' big contribution to the mainland! As a cultivator of this mainland, all of you should be thanking me for this service!"

That was right, in the eyes of the Lin family, ants with no powers have no right to exist.

If they had killed them, it would be within their right to kill them. Who would dare say any other word against them?

Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath to quell the boiling rage in her heart. Her eyes have grown increasingly cold and icy as she stared emotionlessly at the disdainful Lin Yun.

"Father, I'd like to handle him personally to avenge those innocent villagers!"

Lin Yun may not be the true culprit behind the Wind Fall villagers' ma.s.sacre.

However, if he had not educated his subordinates in this manner, those people would never have slaughtered so many innocent villagers so cruelly!

This was a debt that she had placed on Lin Yun's head.


Grand Lord Hong Lian nodded. "If that's what you want to do, go ahead! I will take on the consequences!"

"Vermillion Bird."

Gu Ruoyun curled her lips indifferently as she softly summoned the Divine Beast.


Instantly, a fiery-red figure appeared in front of her.

The figure was an extremely adorable little lolita. Her round face looked innocent and naive while her pink, cherubic cheeks made one feel a forceful urge to pinch it. She blinked her large, fiery-red eyes and looked as beautiful as a porcelain doll.


Lin Yun does not have the boldness to treat her as an average child because an average child would never appear out of thin air.

There could only be one possibility!

This fellow was a spiritual beast!


Lin Yun drew in a sharp breath at the thought of this.

A spiritual beast who could appear so secretively out of thin air, how powerful could she be?

Initially, he had thought that Dongfang Yu was the one who holds the most terrifying amount of power in their group. He never thought that Grand Lord Hong Lian's growth would have been so rapid but what shocked him even more now was that their daughter would have such a powerful spiritual beast as well.

He finally understood why, despite sending so many, not a single one of them had returned!

"Hehe, I guess it's true, you won't find a puppy in a tiger's den!" Lin Yun laughed scornfully. "Grand Lord Hong Lian and his wife are already so powerful, one shouldn't underestimate their offspring either. I have really underestimated your entire family! However, did you really think that you could kill me just like that?"

Gu Ruoyun did not seem to hear Lin Yun's words. "Vermillion Bird, I want his body to be placed inside your flaming cage, unable to live or die!" she ordered indifferently. "He won't be able to break free and will suffer from the flames forever. Can you do that?"

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Go, Chi! ❤ Whenever the Vermillion Bird appears there's always a show to follow. ?


ever since our lady have CHI, she love ask CHI to do art performance.


Can't wait for the next chapters ?


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Chapter 1261: Lin Family, Revenge (8)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Vermillion Bird blinked and nodded. "I will use my Vermillion Bird flames to deal with him, Master. My Vermillion Bird flames won't burn the flesh but will scorch the soul. However, as long as his flesh is not destroyed, the soul will never disappear! He will have to suffer the agony of being burned by the flames for all eternity and he would be turned into a good-for-nothing by the flames."

"Alright, place him in the flaming cage so he can reflect over everything he's done in this life!"

Not only had the Lin family tore my parents apart, they had also schemed against Gu Shengxiao as well.

Even those innocent villagers had died by the Lin family's hand.

With this kind of hatred, how could she let Lin Yun die so easily? She would make him endure this torture for all eternity, never able to die!


Lin Yun's eyes widened in shock. He then propped himself up from the ground and crawled to his feet before he stumbled several steps back. His elderly face has become increasingly pale as his heart pleaded for those people to hurry up and rush over. Otherwise, he believes that this group would never spare him!


Just as a powerful flame rose from the Vermillion Bird's body, someone shouted angrily from the sky and the atmosphere was suddenly filled with dense murderous intent.

"Vermillion Bird, ignore him, continue!"

Gu Ruoyun faintly curled her lips into a smile. She knew that Lin Yun had been sprouting nonsense to stall for time. Nevertheless, so what if those people have arrived? She certainly would not spare him so easily.

"Lord Wen Luo, save me!"

Lin Yun's eyes flashed with a pleasant surprise at the sight of his reinforcements. He quickly cried out for help.


Suddenly, an endless flame kindled from the ground and spread out around him, forming a circle.

The raging flame that rose from the circle began to burn his body.


Lin Yun screamed shrilly and he rolled on the ground in agony, wis.h.i.+ng that he could run out of the circle of flames. However, his attempts were futile as there seems to be a force field around the circle. No matter how much he rammed his body at it, he could not leave the flames at all.

"My Vermillion Bird's flames will never disappear, not even in a thousand years!" The Vermillion Bird blinked as she grinned at the shrieking Lin Yun. "You should just enjoy yourself here! As long as your flesh is intact, your soul will remain! Hence, you can endure a thousand years' worth of torture within my flames."

Lin Yun was filled with regret. He deeply regrets that he never broke the First City's rules and killed these people in the first place.

Otherwise, he would never have had to endure this kind of torture...

Flames that could burn for a thousand years. Why not let him die a little faster? However, he understood that Gu Ruoyun would never let him die so easily...

Each time Lin Yun remembers how he would have to suffer this torture for a thousand years, his shrieks would grow even shriller. He howled and shrieked so wildly that it horrified everyone in sight.

Now, he had placed his last and only hope on the person who had just arrived.

As long as he could kill Gu Ruoyun, perhaps Lin Yun could leave this place...

"I ordered you to stop, didn't you hear me?"

Wen Luo, who was dressed in white robes, stood in the sky. His voice was filled with rage as he spoke coldly.

Gu Ruoyun raised her head towards the man in the air before raising the corners of her lips indifferently. "The Wen family of First City? I never thought that the members of the Wen family would love to meddle in the affairs of others so much! You would even want to stick your nose into my personal grudge against the Lin family."

"The rules of First City state that no one is allowed to destroy other organizations without permission. Are you saying that you want to ignore the rules?"

Wen Luo raised his head arrogantly as he swept his disdainful gaze across the crowd below him.

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Who cares about rules when Gu Rouyun and her family can rule over you all. HAHAHAHAHA


Another hypocritical person coming ?? . You come to volunteer your own death


Chi is the best!!! torture him Chi


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Chapter 1262: Lin Family, Revenge (9)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Ruoyun does not know why but when she looked at Wen Luo, she could not help but be reminded of the Immortal Realm at West Spirit Mainland.

The Wen family and the Immortal Realm share many similarities.

Gu Ruoyun burst into laughter but her smile was as clear and cold as always. Her eyes held a faint glimmer of mockery as she said, "Why had cultivators from the First City attacked others on their own? I didn't see the Wen family b.u.t.ting in at that time! Yet, you would come along and act as the law when I want to kill someone?"

"How would you know that the Wen family 1  had turned a blind eye to this?" A fierce light flashed in Wen Luo's eyes as he stared at Gu Ruoyun ferociously. "If the Lin family had not been under the First City's authority, do you think that you'd still be alive? You would have visited the Yellow Spings 2 long ago! Instead, you have no sense of gratefulness and have caused a disturbance in front of us, the First City's Great Protectors! As long as I'm here today, don't even think about laying a finger on the Lin family!"

"Oh, really?"

Gu Ruoyun raised her brows as she waved the sword in her hand. The Lin family members in front of her did not even have time to react before they all fell into their own  pool of blood 3 .

"You..." Wen Luo's eyes were spitting fire as he glared angrily at Gu Ruoyun. "You're really going to disregard the First City's authority?"

This d.a.m.ned girl, she had the audacity to kill others in front of me! She clearly doesn't place any importance on me!

Gu Ruoyun laughed icily. "This strike is for the ones who had been harmed by the Lin family! You claimed that the First City had used its rules to limit the Lin family but how do you explain the ma.s.sacre at Wind Fall village? I had promised those innocent villagers that I would come to the Lin family and avenge them someday. It's useless for anyone to stop me!"


Wen Luo laughed in spite of his rage. His features have turned ashen. "What a smug and egotistical little girl. I can't let you be when you ignore the First City's rules like that. Prepare for death!"


A murderous air rose from within his body before he gathered an infinite amount of power in the palm of his hand and slammed it towards Gu Ruoyun. There was a murderous look in his eyes and that made the temperature in their surroundings plummet to an eerie chill.


A flash of white robes had appeared in front of Gu Ruoyun.

The white-robed woman raised her hand and blocked Wen Luo's attack. Both parties then stumbled back with a crash.

"You're trying to kill my daughter in front of me. All of you from the First City, when have you become ignorant of my presence?" Dongfang Yu lifted her icy cold eyes and her body was enveloped by a cold and aloof aura. "Besides, my daughter is right! It's much too obvious that the First City is protecting the Lin family! They've murdered so many innocent people and they should die. How is it a sin for us to destroy the Lin family?"

Grand Lord Hong Lian did not say a word but his cold and grim eyes filled with a murderous aura as well. He pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms as his gaze became as swift and sharp as a keen longsword slas.h.i.+ng imaginary foes.

"Yun'er, stay here, leave the rest to us."

He then slowly released the woman in his arms and walked to Dongfang Yu's side. His cold and grim eyes stared at the white-robed man before him and his voice carried a murderous intent as he said, "Back then, where was the First City's authority when the Lin family had tried to kill me? Where were you when the Lin family tried to kill my daughter? When the Lin family had attacked and killed those villagers, I didn't see anyone standing up to protect those innocent people. Now, you want to insist that we abide by the First City's rules?"

Wen Luo gently narrowed his eyes. He knew that the Lin family had been unreasonable in this matter. Back then, if he had not s.h.i.+elded the Lin family, the First City would have severely punished the Lin family.

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Just Toture Him Already (can i get a like?)


Oooo the more the merrier! Join the party!. Wen family welcome to h.e.l.l on earth!! ?


Yes you go mommy proctect your daughter and your man is protecting both of you from those people well let see how this wen fellow survive this I doubt he will ?


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Chapter 1263: Lin Family, Revenge (10)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

So what if the Wen family was in the wrong?

As long as he does not admit this mistake, they would never be in the wrong at all.

"Grand Lord Hong Lian, I understand your rage. As long as you spare the members of the Lin family, I will give you all another chance." Wen Luo held back his rage as he replied arrogantly, "No one can oppose the rules of First City."

"To h.e.l.l with the rules!"

Grand Lord Hong Lian was so angry that he exploded with curses. There was a furious look on his handsome face as he said, "I, Gu Tian, have never been one to play by the rules. All I know is that everytime someone crosses me, I will return the favor to them ten times more! Besides, this ignorant fool, Lin Yun, had sent someone to kill my daughter! If I don't kill him, how can I satisfy the rage in my heart?"

"Since you insist on being stubborn, I have no choice but to bring you down!"

Wen Luo laughed icily. He had been worried that he would not get an opportunity to kill these people but Grand Lord Hong Lian has provided him with a rather good opening.

Those who break the First City's rules must die!


An angry flame exploded from Wen Luo's being and expanded throughout the entire courtyard, spreading destruction. Even the firm Lin family home's walls were reduced to rubble by his aura. A ferocious then wind erupted and Wen Luo, who was standing amidst the strong winds, gained a powerful and commanding presence.

"Brother Tian."

Dongfang Yu patted Grand Lord Hong Lian's shoulder before she stepped out and said, "Wen Luo is rather powerful, you won't be a match for him alone. What do you think if we join forces and defeat him together?"

"Let's do that. Hahaha!"

Grand Lord Hong Lian burst into wild laughter. His laugh was filled with an air of dominance and sharpness, haughty and uninhibited, "Yu'er, we haven't fought side-by-side in a very long time. This time, let's combine our forces and defeat our enemies just like we did twenty years ago, alright?"

Dongfang Yu giggled gently. In her opinion, as long as she was by Gu Tian's side, everything was a kind of happiness.


Gu Ruoyun lowered her eyelids and calmly asked, "If they are unable to defeat the enemy, I want you to come out and help them."


Zixie's gentle yet gruff demonic voice answered from within her soul.

Gu Ruoyun finally put her anxiety down when she heard this. Her gaze then turned towards the two parties on the battlefield...

"Grand Lord Hong Lian, honestly, I really admire your abilities. Unfortunately, we can only ever be enemies!" Wen Luo burst into laughter as the s.p.a.ce between his brows filled with arrogance. "Since we're fated to be enemies, I have no choice but to kill you before you've completed your growth!"


After he spoke, he immediately raised his fist and dashed it heavily towards Grand Lord Hong Lian's face...

On a mountain range not too far away, the members of the Murong family heard the commotion from that battle. They could not help but stop and turn their eyes towards Forest City behind them. One of them wrinkled their brows as they asked, "What's going on over there? Why do I sense the Wen family's aura?"

"Why should we care so much?" Murong Qian was full of anxiety. "We're looking for that b*stard, Qianbei Ye, now! Everything else has nothing to do with us!"

"Eldest Lady, the Governor had once given the order that we, the Three Great Protectors, must stand together no matter what. Only then will we be able to manage the First City effectively! If the Wen family is in danger and we did nothing to save them, it would be difficult to endure the Governor's punishment!"

He paused at this point of the conversation before continuing, "Besides, the Wen family would never attack anyone without cause. Something must have happened, we must investigate!"

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