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Chapter 1264: Love Rival (1)

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Murong Qian was very irritated but she could not say anything against that. She stomped her feet angrily and spat sulkily, "Fine, Elder, let's get this over with and hurry back. If that kid Qianbei Ye gets away, I don't know when we'll be able to find him again."

"Don't worry, we'll resolve the fight very quickly and help you find Qianbei Ye."

The elder smiled calmly but his expression was filled with exasperation.

The Eldest Lady may be the direct descendant of a Great Protector but she chooses to run around w.i.l.l.y-nilly chasing after a man. If this gets out, the entire Murong family name would be put to shame. Besides, that Qianbei Ye person had never expressed much interest in her.

However, the elder also understood the Eldest Lady's character. The more un.o.btainable the object, the more she would work and take painstaking efforts to obtain it!

"Come, let's head back to Forest City!"

The elder steadied his expression as he ordered in a cold voice.

At the courtyard in the Lin family residence, the sounds of battle had completely covered Lin Yun's mournful shrieks. The entire courtyard was now filled with smoke and dust.

"Your attacks are useless!"

Wen Yan laughed and spat disdainfully when Grand Lord Hong Lian attacked him again. He then met the Grand Lord's attack.

Their fists collided in the air with a crash. A huge amount of energy was discharged, badly mutilating the nearby Lin family disciples. However, Wen Luo, who had sharply educated Gu Ruoyun and the others in a self-righteous manner, was not very concerned about this. He had no pity for the casualties on the Lin family's side.

Grand Lord Hong Lian took several steps back. His red robes had fluttered open from the sheer force of that attack, revealing his buff and healthy physique.

Even though he was dressed shabbily at the moment, it could not hide his magnificent stature.

"Brother Tian."

Dongfang Yu's eyes flashed as she turned towards Grand Lord Hong Lian. Her icy gaze then turned to look at Wen Luo as a cold aura whirled from within her.

"Wen Luo."

Just as the situation between both parties has grown more serious, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded from the sky. The crowd then watched as a group of old men and a young woman pierced through the sky and headed towards the s.p.a.ce above the Lin family home.

"It's you!"

Murong Qian recognized Dongfang Yu immediately and laughed icily. "This is indeed an inevitable clash between opposing factions. I never thought that the source of this disturbance would turn out to be you two!" she exclaimed in disdain.

Dongfang Yu did not expect the Murong family to come back here either. She raised her willowy brows but the cold air from within her did not diminish. Instead, her chilly aura soon turned the entire courtyard glacial until all of them felt as if they were living in a house made of ice.

"You're here?" Wen Luo glanced at the Murong family and his face no longer displayed his initial arrogance. "Since you're here, let's join forces and kill these people!"

Wen Luo glared scornfully at the husband and wife before him as he spoke. In his eyes, they were nothing better than dead meat. His lips were curled into a cruel angle.

"What? The dignified Great Protectors are going to oppress us with their numbers?" Dongfang Yu smiled coldly. Her face was shrouded in a cold light as her eyes stared icily at the group who had just arrived.


Murong Qian's entire face looked very haughty as she replied in a rough, spoilt, and headstrong manner, "Sl*t. Initially, I had intended to let you off the hook yet I never thought that you would serve yourself up on a silver platter for us to kill you! The Great Protectors have power and influence under the heavens. Not only have you offended the Murong family but you've also provoked the Wen family. Do you think that you'll be able to walk out of here alive?"

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Chapter 1265: Love Rival (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Yun'er, you should move further away."

Dongfang Yu lowered her head as her lips curled into an ice-cold angle. "Our fight might spill over to you later!"

"Don't worry." Gu Ruoyun shook her head. "You can rest a.s.sured, I'll take care of myself."

Dongfang Yu nodded when she heard this and turned away, returning her attention to Murong Qian. 

"Initially, I had not wanted to be calculative with you because you look like you've been spoiled rotten from a young age. However, since you insist on causing trouble for me, I, Dongfang Yu, am no coward either. I don't care if you belong to one of the Three Great Protectors, I'd love to see if the First City's Governor will protect you!"

"What savage words." Wen Luo laughed icily. "Our Lord Governor has never been concerned over the First City's matters. Everything is left to us, the Three Great Protectors, to manage however we want! Of course, I'm afraid that the Lord Governor will never grant you an audience based on your status so you'd better stop asking for trouble!"

"What are you all chatting with her for?" Murong Qian gritted her teeth and snapped vexingly, "Kill this woman immediately!"

Wen Luo furrowed his brows, clearly unhappy with Murong Qian's orders. However, he did not say much else as he turned his arrogant gaze upon Dongfang Yu.

"Even with your powers combined, the two of you are of no match for me. Now, with so many people joining the fight, you have no chance of winning at all! Grand Lord Hong Lian, let me ask you one more time, do you regret the ma.s.sacre you've committed?"

Grand Lord Hong Lian burst into laughter. "I never believed that I've done anything wrong. They are all people who deserve to die! Are you saying that you will only allow the Lin family members to kill me but I cannot retaliate? If this is the system of regulation in the First City, a place where all cultivators would dearly crack their heads to enter, I can only say that it doesn't live up to its reputation at all."

"Hmph!" Wen Luo scoffed coldly and exclaimed with a flick of his sleeves, "I've already given you one last chance yet you've wasted it. In that case, I must kill all of you for the sake of the mainland's common folk!" 


As Wen Luo's rage was rising, someone chuckled softly.

His facial expression turned even angrier as his eyes glared at the chortling Gu Ruoyun, "What are you laughing about?"

"Once upon a time, there was an organization which was far very similar to the Wen family in the West Spirit Mainland." Gu Ruoyun raised the corners of her lips into a forced smile. "That place was known as the Immortal Realm. I believe the Lin family will have some inkling of this! The Immortal Realm was once one of the Three Great Authorities of the mainland but only the magistrates were allowed to burn down houses while the common people were forbidden even to light lamps. To them, they had the right to kill anyone they wanted while anyone else who does the same will be condemned as savages, worst than beasts!"

Gu Ruoyun raised her head and turned towards Wen Luo's increasingly ugly expression as her smile grew even more p.r.o.nounced.

"The Wen family and the Immortal Realm are cut from the same cloth. Looks like there are organizations like these everywhere."

Wen Luo laughed icily, "Do you know why? That's because we hold this world in our hands. As the people who hold absolute control over this land, we can kill but you can't! It's your fault for lacking the power to surpa.s.s me! Therefore, you have no choice but to accept the rules we've set. If you dare to oppose us, you will die!"

"I hope you remember what you've just said today."

Gu Ruoyun glanced at Wen Luo calmly and softly murmured, "Zixie, come on out."

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NOOOO??, you can't stop here, I want more. It's to hard to wait tomorrow!!!??


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Chapter 1266: Love Rival (3)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as she had spoken, the sky turned pitch black. A ray of purple light then shot into the air, turning into a purple phoenix which covered almost half the sky. The heavens were now fully blanketed by dark clouds, making the purple phoenix look particularly striking.

"This little girl is my Master. If anyone dares to lay a hand on her, I don't mind killing all of you."


A ray of purple light encircled the phoenix's body. Its body gradually grew longer within the light. After a period of time, a handsome, demonic-looking man in reddish-purple robes slowly stepped out into the sky.

Murong Qian's eyes turned from astonishment to surprise as she stared, mildly dazed, at Zixie who had stepped out from the void.

The most gorgeous man she had ever met in this lifetime was the silver-haired and crimson-robed Qianbei Ye. She never thought that there was anyone in this world who would be on the same level as Qianbei Ye in terms of looks. However, Qianbei Ye's beauty was the kind of beauty which could drive all living things into insanity. The man in front of her was demonic and G.o.dlike, making it hard for one to tear their eyes away from him.

"Be it Qianbei Ye or this man, I want them all 1 !"

Murong Qian narrowed her eyes.  This man is very powerful, he's certainly on par with Qianbei Ye. If I can have this man and make him loyal to me, perhaps I could use his power to bring Qianbei Ye to me!

As for this man...

Even though he's more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, unfortunately, he is still a spiritual beast!

As a spiritual beast, he will always only exist as a tool for humans. Which human would want to marry a spiritual beast?

Of course, if Murong Qian had never met Qianbei Ye, she might have put Zixie into consideration as well...

"Eldest Lady." 

The elder shook his head in exasperation. How could he have been so blind? To the Eldest Lady, she will always get what she wants no matter what!

This applies to Qianbei Ye and the spiritual beast in front of them as well.

As long as she fancies them, she must obtain it!

"The Ancient Divine Phoenix?"

Dongfang Yu recognized Zixie's ident.i.ty immediately and turned towards Gu Ruoyun in astonishment.

She certainly never expected her precious little daughter to hold such a powerful spiritual beast in her possession!

"Let's attack together!"

Wen Luo's eyes darkened as he commanded in a cold voice, "No matter how powerful this fellow is, he's only one person while there's so many of us. Why should we be afraid of him? Besides, if we can obtain such a powerful spiritual beast, this will greatly boost the Great Protectors' powers. By then, no one would be of any match for us."

The elder did not reply as he stared at the man who was descending from the sky. His eyes were filled with seriousness.

"Wen Luo, we'd better be careful. I can sense that his power is not like any other. Besides, unless my guess is wrong, he's the mythical Ancient Divine Phoenix!"

The Ancient Divine Phoenix!

Those words entered into Murong Qian's ears and made her gnash her teeth with jealousy. "Why had the Ancient Divine Phoenix acknowledged such a Master? Such a precious thing should be stored for safe-keeping in the First City! Elder, don't kill him. Otherwise, it would be too much of a waste. I want this phoenix to recognize me as its Master!"

She then raised her head and stared at Zixie. Her eyes were filled with a determination for victory.

Zixie had caught every single word of their conversation and that made his demonic face rise into a disdainful smile. He then slowly turned his purple eyes towards the crowd on the ground before gently lifted his hand...

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Annoying b* tch delusional just wait a bit and for your death to come ?ahh my zixie ❤️❤️❤️your sooo cool ????




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Chapter 1267: Love Rival (4)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


A purple light fell from the sky and flew straight towards Murong Qian's head.

"Watch out, Eldest Lady!"

The elder's expression changed drastically as he swiftly pulled Murong Qian to his side. Just as he had pulled her aside, the purple light landed with a loud crash and carved a deep chasm where she was standing just a moment ago.

Murong Qian was scared silly. If the elder had not pulled her aside, her life would have ended right here, right now.

She could not help but s.h.i.+ver at the thought of this and quickly hid behind the elder.

"Hmph!" The elder scoffed icily as his eyes stared eerily at Zixie who was in the air. "As a powerful cultivator, what do you have to prove by attacking a woman? If you have the ability, fight us honorably!"

No matter how much the elder dislikes Murong Qian, she was still the Eldest Lady of the Murong family and the Master's favorite granddaughter.

Protecting her was his responsibility.

How could he ever allow anyone to do such a thing under his watchful eye?

Zixie's lips curled into an eerily cold angle before his indifferent voice rang out, "The way she had looked at me was disgusting. Hence, the first person I'm going to kill is her!"

Murong Qian's little face turned white and she did not dare to say anything else. She did not even have the courage to look in Zixie's direction, afraid that she might accidentally end up killed.

"You're digging your own grave!"

A swift and forceful light flickered in the elder's eyes before he sped swiftly towards Zixie. The elder then aimed a forceful attack towards that flash of purple robes.

Zixie glanced at him indifferently as an infinitely powerful aura rose from his body. The elder's speedy figure instantly stalled in the middle of the whirling aura.

Zixie then abruptly disappeared from the air before reappearing behind the elder.

He had a purple lightning sword in his hand and his eyes were filled with cruelty as he brought the sword down mercilessly.


The elder quickly turned around and blocked the downward slash of the sword. Instantly, a wave of energy cascaded from the sword into his chest, causing him to stumble several steps back. The elder's face drained of color and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

"I'll help you."

Wen Luo's eyes darkened and he attempted to rush over to help the elder but was blocked by Grand Lord Hong Lian.

"What are you trying to prove by ganging up on someone with your superior numbers? We shall be the ones to deal with you!"

Grand Lord Hong Lian laughed icily as his disdainful glare landed upon Wen Luo.

Wen Luo's usual arrogant expression has now turned absolutely unsightly. He gritted his teeth and snapped, "Gu Tian, Dongfang Yu, as a result of making us your enemy, it won't end well for you two!"


Grand Lord Hong Lian burst into laughter, "This is all the dignified Wen family cultivator can say! They will change their status as a Great Protector at any given time! However, did you really think that I, Gu Tian, am the type of person who would shrink back for fear of other organizations? If that had been the case, I would not be where I am today!"


Grand Lord Hong Lian did not say anything else after this as he instantly launched an attack at Wen Yan...

Murong Qian's hands were balled into tight fists. Her face was filled with anxiety before her gaze drifted towards Gu Ruoyun who was standing all alone on the side. A light then flashed in her eyes and she charged towards her.

As long as I capture this woman, would I still need to worry about keeping their hands off me?

Gu Ruoyun did not seem to notice Murong Qian's actions as her eyes continued to stare unblinkingly at the battle between both parties.

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Oh no no no,, you've got a wrong move. GRY have so many guardian to protect her. You're no match for her


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Chapter 1268: Love Rival (5)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After all, the further one has advanced, the harder it was for them get another breakthrough.

Hence, it was not easy for anyone to witness a fight amongst cultivators at this stage.

This was why Gu Ruoyun had been observing everyone's movements very closely during the fight. There was nothing else within her sight right now except for the figures in the battlefield which were reflected in her clear and cold pupils.

"Is this a fight between cultivators in the refined state?" Gu Ruoyun could not tear her eyes away from the scene. She knows that Murong Qian was charging towards her but she did not take any action at all.

As she observed the fight, Gu Ruoyun suddenly came to a realization. It was as if she had been enlightened by the purest wisdom, awakening her completely.

"d.a.m.ned girl, now that you're in my grasp, I want to put you all in a state of utter misery!"

A murderous intent flashed in Murong Qian's eyes as she approached Gu Ruoyun.

Murong Qian raised her hand and aimed it forcefully at Gu Ruoyun's neck. Her tender and pampered features filled with a vicious light while the smile on her face was utterly complacent.

So what if were other more powerful cultivators around? With this early-stage Martial Saint good-for-nothing standing right here, she would never be a match for the Three Great Protectors no matter how strong she can become!


She was almost next to Gu Ruoyun when a wave of energy exploded above them, sending Murong Qian flying out of the way.

Her eyes were wide with shock and her body began to tremble.

This woman has had a breakthrough at a time like this?

Due to the protective laws of heaven and earth, one cannot harm a cultivator in the middle of a breakthrough. Hence, Murong Qian's eyes were spitting fire as she glared fixedly at the green-robed figure beneath the hurricane...

"This woman had just achieved a breakthrough by studying our battle?"

The elder, who was in the middle of the fight with Zixie, paused as his eyes flickered. "Such great talent! If we allowed her to grow, it would bring a reign of terror upon the First City. No, we must kill her now!"

Clearly, Wen Luo had the very same thought as well. The two of them quickly abandoned their enemies and charged swiftly towards Gu Ruoyun, bringing a powerful murderous intent along with them.


Grand Lord Hong Lian's face drained of color as he chased after them. A raging flame exploded from within his being as his black eyes grew even colder. "If any of you dare to lay a finger on my daughter, I will raise a great pandemonium upon the Three Great Protectors!"


Just as Wen Luo and the elder were about to reach Gu Ruoyun, a powerful energy erupted around them. Before they could react, their bodies were flung out of the way and landed on the ground.


The two men had collapsed onto the ground. They could only raise their heads in astonishment before their eyes landed on the man standing in front of Gu Ruoyun.

He was silver-haired and dressed in red robes, magnificent and peerless!

The man's features were so beautiful that everything else turned pale in contrast. His silver hair was dancing gently in the wind, making him look even more n.o.ble and peerless. His devilish red eyes were turned towards the crowd on the ground and a cold, sharp murderous intent flashed in his pupils.

Zixie, who was standing in the air, did not react at all. He had not rushed towards Gu Ruoyun like Grand Lord Hong Lian because he knew that this man had arrived...

However, this man had not shown himself and had stayed hidden in the dark.

Only this move could have forced this man from the shadows.

"Little girl, this is all I can do for you now." Zixie smiled bitterly.

He understood how much Gu Ruoyun had longed for Qianbei Ye. Hence, he had resorted to using this method to force Qianbei Ye out from hiding...

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