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Yue Zhong used all of his strength, and arched his body back, as the terrifying blade sliced past his chest, causing a deep gash where one could see the bone and blood was flowing.

With a thought, he activated his G.o.d-Devil Domain once more, and a huge region of about 60 km was enshrouded by his domain.

At the next moment, he willed it and retreated about 5 km, standing within the G.o.d Domain. His gaze swept out at the ent.i.ty that had launched a sneak attack on him.

That life form that almost sliced Yue Zhong in half was a huge Type 8 Mutant Bug that had a pair of wings, forelimbs like praying mantis, pincers like ants, with thick and power locust-like legs. As it stood straight, it towered at 2 meters.

The moment the bug was shrouded by the Devil Domain, it was immediately a.s.saulted by the devilish energy, and its speed was instantly reduced.

The countless demonic manifestations and devils were rus.h.i.+ng at the Type 8 Mutant Bug, lunging for it, and biting whatever area they could.

The Mutant Bug struggled frantically, killing any devils that it could, and the ent.i.ties continued to disintegrate as it rampaged.

Unfortunately, the manifestations were limitless, as they continued to form and attacked the Mutant Bug.

As the Devil Domain continued to a.s.sail the Mutant Bug, within moments, it was already riddled with injuries. It used all its strength to struggle, but no matter how, it was still being attacked viciously.

As it struggled and fought back, slamming everywhere with all its might, it slaughtered many of the manifestations in a bid to escape the domain. It was to no avail, as the numbers continued to grow, while the edge of the Domain was not so easily broken.

After a dozen breaths, the Mutant bug was already overwhelmed by the demons and devils, falling helplessly.

Since Yue Zhong had reached the Type 8 realm, his Domain had become as powerful as well. It was able to kill Type 8 powerhouses now. The Type 8 Mutant Bug was only at the initial-Type 8 realm, with speed being its strongest point. The moment it entered the Devil Domain, it was suppressed. Had it been a strength-type Beast, it would have fared better. However, an agility-type would suffer under such circ.u.mstances.

At that instant, Yue Zhong appeared on top of its body, and slammed down on its head with his fist, instantly turning it into minced meat.

When the Mutant Bug's head was destroyed, a huge source of life force surged into Yue Zhong, nouris.h.i.+ng his body.

Kacha, kacha, kacha!

The moment the bug was killed, the entire mountain that had housed the horde of bugs began to crumble, as more Type 8 Mutant bugs began to fly out of the mountain, surging towards Yue Zhong.

In an instant, he was suddenly met with over a dozen Type 8 Mutant Bugs.

If each of these bugs was placed on Earth, they would be able to decimate an entire country, turning into an Overlord-cla.s.s character. However, in this Great G.o.d World, just a mountain itself already contained 13 such beasts.

Due to the huge area that the G.o.d-Devil Domain covered, which was over 60 km, within the domain, the Mutant Beasts were charging at him in a frenzy.

At the same time, other Mutant beasts which had not attacked him were enshrouded within as well, and the beasts within the mountain range began to view him as an enemy.

Countless powerful beasts were charging towards Yue Zhong's location in a frenzy.


Yue Zhong looked at them, a cruel expression flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes. His body charged forwards as he appeared in on top of those Type 8 Mutant Bugs like a specter, his right hand punching out at the heads, exploding them one by one.

In the G.o.d-Devil Domain, Yue Zhong was basically invincible. In a few moments, he had already taken them out.

The life force continued to fill him up, and it reached the maximum point of the initial-realm, causing him to break through, and reach the mid-Type 8 realm.

Once he reached it, he quickly congealed his Yin-Yang Palm and sent it viciously out at the enraged horde of Mutant Beasts.

The entire mountain range trembled as the huge palm imprint pressed down from the skies, slamming into the horde of Mutant Beasts without mercy.

Under the impact, many of them instantly disintegrated, as numerous sources of life force continued to surge into him.

The others roared in rage, channeling their innate abilities to fight back against the palm, intending to break it.

However, no matter how they struggled, there was no way they could break it, and the entire palm came cras.h.i.+ng fully into the ground, turning every single beast underneath it into meat paste.

When the beasts were all killed by Yue Zhong, he absorbed another huge bout of life force.

By the time that the thousands of Mutant Beasts were dealt with, there was only 6 Type 8 Mutant Beasts still struggling within the Devil Domain.

They fought back madly, utilizing 6 different forms of innate abilities, trying to slam their way out of the Domain.

Ice shards, flames, wind blades, lightning, water jets, even stone edges, were all cast and thrown at the Domain, in a bid to break it apart so that they could escape.

However, while the abilities were able to vanquish some of the devils and demonic ent.i.ties, they could not break through or tear the Domain apart, and could only continue to struggle madly and in futile.

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