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Yue Zhong's body flashed and appeared on top of one particular scarlet-red, 8m-tall huge ape. He sent a fist down on it and caused its head to explode.

After killing the Type 8 Huge Ape, Yue Zhong continued to flicker through the remaining 5 Mutant Beasts like a specter, sending a fist to each one, directly exploding their heads and absorbing their life force.

Those Type 8 Mutant Beasts were instantly taken out by Yue Zhong, and with a flash of his Storage Ring, the corpses were all absorbed into the ring.

They were ordinary Type 8 Mutant Beasts, and outside of the G.o.d-Devil Domain, they could definitely rely on their own strength to take on Yue Zhong. However, since they were caught in the domain, he was able to kill them easily due to their suppressed state.

Only a creature like Agnis would be able to break through the domain with its pure strength.

Inside this mountain range, there were many other Mutant Beasts, and Yue Zhong wiping them out in a short while caused them to be deeply shocked.

Within the domain, he continued to take in the Type 8 life force, some of them weak, some of them strong. The stronger ones among them were near the peak of Type 8, while the weakest was just at the initial Type 8 realm.

The auras of the other Mutant Beasts in the mountain range began to surge, but no one took the initiative to attack Yue Zhong any longer, as they stared at Yue Zhong, while killing any devils and demons that got near them.

Within the horde of Mutant Beasts, there was a rumbling voice that sounded, "Human, keep your domain. Do you want to make use of it to kill all of us? If that's the case, all the experts of our Raven Valley will treat you as an enemy from now on, and we will go all out to hunt you down."

Hearing that voice, the rest of the Mutant Beasts still shrouded by the G.o.d-Devil Domain also released their auras, intending to intimidate him.

Since Yue Zhong reached the mid-Type 8 realm, his combat strength had a huge increase, and it was easy for him to use the G.o.d-Devil Domain to suppress over 20 initial-Type 8 Mutant Beasts. He would be able to take on even a peak-Type 8 Mutant Beast now.

However, the current number of Mutant Beasts in his domain was over 50, and if they were to go all out, there was a chance for them to break out of the domain. If both sides clashed, he might perish.

Yue Zhong's mind raced, and quickly retracted the G.o.d-Devil Domain to about a 3km-radius, as he announced loudly, "No, I did not intend to make an enemy out of you guys. I acted because they took the initiative to attack me first."

The voice then rumbled out, "In that case, human, please leave. You're not welcome here."

The Raven Valley was the playground of these strong Mutant Beasts, none of those with intelligence would like to share their territory with a human.

Yue Zhong chuckled and turned around, flying far quickly. He could sense the might of a Type 9 existence within the mountain range, and it was currently slumbering. If he were to go too far and antagonize that existence, who could be either cultivating or sleeping, then he might be slapped to death.

In a barren plain, there was a Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf with a horn on its head, as well as scales covering its 2m-long body, and it was currently devouring the carca.s.s of a Mutant Deer.

About 20m away from the Lone Wolf, there was a group of 7 young men and women, prowling on the ground. Their rifles were trained on the Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf.

The leader, a young woman who was wearing a green robe, stared fixedly at the Mutant Beast and waved her hand coldly.

Immediately, the killing intent of the 6 other soared as they fired their guns.

Unfortunately, at the moment they fired, the Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf leaped to the side.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Following the gun sounds, although the Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf had leaped to the side, it was still struck in the abdomen by 2 bullets, causing 2 bleeding wounds.

It was a serious injury, but the Type 3 Lone Wolf had a vicious glint in its eyes, and it disappeared the moment it landed on the ground.

The face of the lead woman changed, as she roared and got on her feet, pulling out a long blade, "Not good! Prepare for battle!"

The expressions of the others also turned ugly, as they quickly leaped up and whipped out their long blades.

At the moment they jumped up, one of the young men let out a piercing scream, as the Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf had already appeared in front of him, biting down viciously on his throat.

One woman with short, blond hair suppressed her fear, slas.h.i.+ng out with her combat blade at the beast, "Go to h.e.l.l!! Beast!!"

The eyes of the Type 3 Lone Wolf flashed, and it disappeared once more, reappearing in front of the woman, and its sharp claws slashed out, directly decapitating her.

As a Type 3 Beast, the Lone Wolf had a strong close-combat potential. The 7 hunters were all also at the Type 3 realm, but against the beast, there was only death.

When the burly man beside the blond hair girl saw her die, he let out an agonized scream, as he charged towards her corpse, "Annie!!"

In just a second, the Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf appeared in front of the burly man as well, its claws stretched out towards his throat.

There was a look of fear and despair in his eyes, and he could feel the call of the death reaper beside him.


At that time, there was the sound of a clear gunshot, as a wound appeared in the head of the Type 3 Lone Wolf, its body crumpling while in mid-air.

The moment the wolf was killed, the remaining 5 people swiveled, staring at the direction of the gunshot in alarm and caution, noticing Yue Zhong wielding a huge rifle as he walked over.

The leader stared at Yue Zhong and barked out loud, while raising her weapon at him, "Stop!"

The rest also brought their weapons up. In the wilderness, in order to hunt, there had been many cases of slaughter even among teammates, where human nature was unpredictable and dangerous.

Yue Zhong kept his weapon while speaking loudly, "Is this how you treat a benefactor? If it was not for me, you guys would have all died."

Although the rifles of the 5 people could hurt a Type 3 Mutant Beast, it was impossible to leave an injury on Yue Zhong.

When the woman saw Yue Zhong holster his weapon, she heaved a sigh of relief and waved her hands, signaling for the rest to lower their weapons as well. She then stepped forward to introduce herself, "I'm Aisha, a hunter from Adenia Town. Thank you for your a.s.sistance earlier and saving our lives. As per the rules of the wild, this Type 3 Lone Wolf is yours."

One youth behind her spoke out aggrievedly, "Sis Aisha, Annie and Jess had died for this Type 3 Lone Wolf!!"

Aisha frowned and rebuked, "Shut it, Shaq. If it were not for this mister, we would not have been able to best this Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf, in fact, we would have been its meal."

Hearing that, the rest lowered their heads helplessly. The most important thing about the hunt was always the first strike. If they were unable to take down a Type 3 Mutant Beast in a single strike, then things would usually go downhill. They knew this well. However, it was not comfortable to give away their hunt, even after the cost of 2 of their teammates.

Yue Zhong grinned, "h.e.l.lo, Aisha, I'm Yue Zhong. I'm a world-traveler. I'm actually in need of a guide as I have just arrived here. You guys keep the wolf, let it be the price of guiding me."

He had been through so many treasuries of different worlds and obtained plenty of Type 3 Nuclei. One single one was nothing to him.

Aisha was elated and replied, "That's great! I'll keep it then. From now on, I will be your guide in Adenia Town!"

Hearing those words, the rest of the soldiers also looked at Yue Zhong more favorably.

To these hunters, a Type 3 Mutant Beast was a decent haul, even if they had to split 7 ways, it was a huge sum of money. It was because of that that they dared risk their lives.

With Aisha's invitation, Yue Zhong followed this troop back towards Adenia Town.

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