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Along the way, they engaged in idle conversation, and Yue Zhong got to know the 5 better.

The leader Aisha, had short golden hair, her skin a healthy wheat color. She had a s.e.xy figure, her legs long and slender. The other young woman on the team was called Xi Jie, an ordinary-looking girl with a full figure and freckles on her face. The other 3 were men, one of them burly and easy-going. That was Haug. Another one had a bald head, and he was extremely skinny, that was Gru. The final one, who had lost his loved one earlier, looking decadent, was called Sid.

Adenia Town was a small town that had a medieval European feel to it. It was a called a town, but in fact, it was as big as a city on Earth, with a huge 15m-tall wall, as well as a huge moat about 10m wide.

On the wall, there were a few huge cannons, embedded with Mutant nuclei as well as covered by numerous runes. A number of soldiers were carrying the same rifle that Aisha was using, as they patrolled around.

At the city gate, a middle-aged soldier greeted the rest warmly, "Aisha, what did you guys get this time?"

Xi Jie hurried to reply with a proud look, "Uncle Magsay, this time, we got a Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf!!"

"What? A Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf? Are you lying?"

"It really is Type 3 Lone Wolf!!"

"Aisha and the rest actually hunted a Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf! Incredible!"


When the rest all heard that, they gathered around and pointed at the carca.s.s of the Mutant Lone Wolf while discussing in shock.

Yue Zhong stood one side and observed the humans here quietly. With his perception, he could sense that in this town, the most ordinary of person was at the Type 2 Divine Warrior realm. The soldiers guarding at the gates were all at the Type 3 realm. It was apparent that the humans of this world were much stronger.

However, to these experts, a Type 3 Mutant Beast was still extremely dangerous to deal with. It must be known that if a Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf were to get wild, it was not too tough for it to kill even a Type 4 Divine Warrior.

Yue Zhong's perception was powerful. With a thought, he had already swept through the entire town and understood the strength of the town completely. Most of the people were at the Type 2 or Type 3 realm. The strongest were 4 Type 5 warriors and 158 Type 4 experts. If it were on Earth, this was a considerable strength. However, in this Great G.o.d World, it was just a weak town.

Magsay's gaze landed on Yue Zhong, and he asked Aisha, "Aisha, who is this person?"

Aisha chuckled, "Uncle Magsay, he is Yue Zhong, a world-traveler. He helped us hunt the Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf."

Magsay revealed a warm smile, "How do you do, welcome to Adenia Town. As long as you abide by the laws of the Holy Sirius Empire, you will be a welcome guest of Adenia Town."

Yue Zhong had already obtained information from Aisha beforehand, Adenia was a small town of the Holy Sirius Empire, with a population of 200,000.

Yue Zhong chuckled, "I will abide by the rules, and not make things difficult for you guys."

Magsay nodded in satisfaction, and let the entire team through.

After entering the town, Yue Zhong saw that the buildings within the town were indeed in the medieval Western style. The people walking around the town were of different races and skin color, and most of them were wielding rifles on their backs. Even the kids and women had some form of weapons made of Mutant Beast claws.

All around Adenia Town, there were many savage Mutant Beasts. Many of them were even able to leap over the walls or make use of the water and moat to sneak into the town. After a few of such incidences, the people in town were all wiser and wielded their weapons as an added precaution.

Along the way, Yue Zhong also saw many stands, displaying all sorts of nuclei and materials, and the stallowners were calling out and announcing their items pa.s.sionately.

Aisha and the 4 others entered a miscellaneous stall and quickly brought out the Type 3 Mutant Lone Wolf carca.s.s, in exchange for 300 Sirius Coins.

The 5 of them split the amount into 9 portions, with 4 parts going to the 2 deceased. They then took the remaining 5 and went on their separate ways.

Aisha swept Yue Zhong a look, "Tonight, why don't you come with me. However, let me say this first, if you dare have any funny thoughts, don't blame me for breaking your throat."

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, "Relax, I will not do anything funny."

Aisha was an extremely beautiful woman, however, it was not to the point of world-toppling. Yue Zhong had seen his fair share of beauties, and as long as he willed it, he was able to get a few beautiful women to serve him. There was no need to have designs on Aisha.

"Then that's great!" She snorted, before leading Yue Zhong to her place.

Aisha lived alone in a small 3-storey bungalow. It was not particularly luxurious, but it was clean, tidy and bright. It was apparent that she loved to keep things neat.

Yue Zhong tried asking, "Aisha, I want to ask. I heard that at the center of this world, there's a sacred place, where all the experts of the world are gathered. Do you know where it is exactly?"

The Great G.o.d World was, after all, a place connecting those worlds with a Type 9 expert. In this world, it was filled with secrets and many experts.

Yue Zhong knew nothing about this world, but if he had to guess, there should be some form of a location where such experts would gather, and there would be plenty of technology, weapons, as well as secrets to be obtained.

"There is such a legend." Aisha lowered her head as she thought, before replying, "In the legends, our Emperor of the Holy Sirius Empire used to be an ordinary person. After he entered the world where those Heavenly G.o.ds reside and obtained their pointers, his cultivation improved swiftly. He then led our ancestors through the wilderness and slaughtered their way out, building a huge city, which expanded over time to become the Holy Sirius Empire."

Yue Zhong's eyes brightened up, as he asked hurriedly, "Where is this place where the Heavenly G.o.ds reside, do you know?"

Aisha shook her head, "A lot of people in the Holy Sirius Empire have hoped of getting to that world, but no one has succeeded. I guess that only the Emperor who has lived a thousand years would know where it is."

Yue Zhong was slightly disappointed, but he still relaxed, "There's finally a lead."

He guessed that the place Aisha was referring to was likely where the intersection of the countless worlds laid. The Emperor of the Holy Sirius Empire had likely gone there and made use of the resources to evolve quickly, becoming a powerful expert.

Aisha frowned slightly while reminding him out of goodwill, "Yue Zhong, it is just a rumor. Many have tried to find it to no avail, and had even lost their lives over it."

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, "Thanks for your concern. Anyway, Aisha, where's the location of the palace of the Holy Sirius Empire?"

She thought for a moment before replying, "It's about 3000 li west of our Adenia Town. It's called Hippoa City."

Having obtained the intel he needed, Yue Zhong was relaxed and began to engage in idle banter with her, to better understand the customs of the people here.

To Yue Zhong, a distance of 3,000 li was just a day's journey. After resting a day, he would head there directly.

About 20 li away from Adenia Town, there was a vast barren land. 12 hunters were gathered around a pile of Type 2 Mutant Deer bodies, their eyes filled with joy.

"Haha, 36 deers, this time, we're rich!"

"With this amount, I can rest well for an entire month! Haha!!"


Just as they were celebrating, there was a rumbling of the ground, as though an entire group of horses was running.

Feeling the shockwave, one hunter turned towards the direction of the sound, and his face turned pale, as he muttered, "Giants… giants!! Many giants!!! Flee!!!"

The rest of the hunters swiveled around, and their faces also turned ashen, their hearts filled with fear.

In the distance, there were a number of savage-looking humanoid creatures, standing about 4 to 6m-tall, their bodies burly and muscular. They were currently running towards the group of hunters.

Their speed was not slow, and although they were huge, their speed was extremely fast. As they ran, it was not much slower than the speed of sound.

"Flee!! Run and notify the base!!"

One hunter turned and screamed, as he headed towards the direction of Adenia Town.

The rest of them also turned pale and quickly fled towards the direction of Adenia Town.

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