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Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Loud explosions came from deep in the sky and suppressed all creatures in Cloud Mist Territory as they thought that their skies were about to fall.

By the barriers of Cloud Mist Territory, Hiro, Han Tian, and Montecie were trying their best to resist the attack, their countenances solemn.

Han Tian raised his hand and grabbed something. The earth core flames from the continent underneath turned into ma.s.sive fire dragons. He got them in his hands and placed them on the s.p.a.ce barriers. So many fire dragons emitted scorching energy to increase the power of the s.p.a.ce barrier. As the barrier was attacked continuously, Han Tian's soul altar had to spin fast to counter.

He became a man of fire. Flames covered his body with thick smokes. He sat in the middle of a sea of fire and used the fire waves to resist the impacts on the barrier.

Montecie and Mei Ji weren't far from each other. At this moment, Montecie had already appeared like a little girl. She had built a time barrier and tried to stagnant time. Once the barrier broke, it would recover shortly as time reversed. It was how she stabilized this area.

Hiro, Judy, Gay, and Dracula scattered and protected the other sections of the s.p.a.ce barrier. They had cast different barriers to protect the territory barrier here.

They understood clearly that once the territory barrier was torn, Cloud Mist Territory would become defenseless, which would allow Desolate's power and Soul Consciousness to seep into the territory.

Zi Yao had to work a lot!

She became a source of light as billions of colorful light bands radiated from her graceful body and created a mysterious, brilliant net that tied the void and confined the barriers in the sky.

Once a section got cracked from an attack, she would come and use her G.o.d power to mend it.

Ming Hao, Xuan He, and the others gathered in another area. They lifted their heads to watch s.h.i.+ Yan using his Absolute Beginning body. At this moment, he was a giant holding Grace Mainland with both hands to send his energy into it. As they were observing him, they all looked seriously earnest.

As their realms weren't high enough, they couldn't help s.h.i.+ Yan. Moreover, since they came from Desolate Territory, their souls had Desolate's imprint. If they came there, Desolate could have a chance to possess their body using his consciousness.

The experts of the Mysterious Sky Clan, White Bone Clan, Phantom Clan, and Zi Yao were cooperating in sealing the entire sky to resist Desolate's soul attack. After so many waves of attack, the barrier that looked as if it could break soon hadn't exploded yet.

Apparently, Han Tian and the others couldn't relax. They all sweated and paled. Some of their bodies began to shrivel as they had used a lot of energy and some even got hurt…

s.h.i.+ Yan in his Absolute Beginning body was holding the flaming continent in his hands. Suns, moons, and stars were moving in his eyes as he was pouring thick energy into the continent. Slowly, the heaven flames covering the continent became streams of fire that entered the core of the continent.

Shortly after, all the flames on the continent disappeared. A powerful wave of Original Energy shot out from the inside of Grace Mainland.

In this world, flames fell from the sky and congregated underneath s.h.i.+ Yan's co-soul. At this moment, s.h.i.+ Yan's co-soul had something hovering above his head while he stepped on the sea of Original Flames. His eyes projected a body part like a mountain range.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

So many flames gathered and created a ma.s.sive hand with Soul Consciousness. s.h.i.+ Yan's soul appeared in that hand when it grabbed Desolate's body part.

The world in this continent collapsed like a shattering mirror. Twisted lights shot everywhere.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Earth-destroying energy waves gushed from Grace Mainland. Instantly, terrifying earthquakes occurred on the entire Grace Mainland. Mountains caved in. Rivers and seas disappeared into the earth.

The thick earth and heaven energy materialized into ivory smokes and mist. From every corner of the continent, wisps of energy seeped into the ground and reached that collapsing subterranean world.

Xuan He, Ming Hao, and the others felt the great changes of the world. They were horror-struck when they observed Grace Mainland.

Strangely, that large continent was shrinking little by little. It was like a deflating balloon that slowly withered and reduced in its size.

Grace Mainland was disappearing!

From this point, s.h.i.+ Yan's refining progress officially started. He used his soul energy and vitality to shroud the entire continent to refine Desolate's body part inside!

Even though they were too far away from each other, Desolate could feel that the refining process had begun.

The impacts on Cloud Mist Territory's territory barriers became more furious. Explosions reverberated in the sky and made many low-realm warriors collapse. Many of them bled and some of their souls perished directly.

Forefather Dragon Lizard, Hiro, Gay, and many people got hurt. Blood trickled the corners of their mouths. They all looked exhausted.

They were filled with fear!

They could never have imagined that Desolate would use s.h.i.+ Yan as the precise coordinates to send his soul energy from almost an endless distance. He had attacked them heavily, though. They could imagine that when Desolate came with his real body, he could level the entire Cloud Mist Territory shortly!

They finally understood that Desolate, the G.o.d of War in Absolute Beginning Era, was actually invincible in his era. Yuan Zi Yao was nothing compared to him, though.

Yuan Zu needed a lot of time to cultivate to reach such terrifying pressure that made even the souls s.h.i.+ver.

"Are you okay?" Audrey looked at Forefather Dragon Lizard in his real form with so many wounds. She couldn't help but scream when he bled terribly from his body.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was in his true form and rolling in the burning lava. He spurted furious flood of energy to the barrier and his barrier section had become vividly red with his dry and scorching power.

However, whenever his red barrier received a hit, his body had more open wounds.

"I'm okay. I can resist for a while. He… so terrifying," Forefather Dragon Lizard panted and shouted while his giant body rolled around in the lava to let his blood merge with lava. He didn't fall, anyway.

"Get out here!"

Zi Yao's shout came from a deep place in the void. A purple dot emerged from her head and ballooned into a brilliant world.

Her twelve-headed snake body came from that world of divine light. Shortly after, the twelve-headed snake parted into twelve individual snakes and swam towards different sections of Cloud Mist Territory.

All the experts and mortals of Cloud Mist Territory could see twelve seven-colored snakes moving in the sky. The snakes looked like dragons that were tens of thousands of miles long. They parted the sea of clouds and then disappeared.

At the same time, a divine aura bloomed in the sky with billions of rainbows bands and created a magnificent scene.

This scene was carved deep in their souls and they were never going to forget it.

Zi Yao showed her real body. The bodies of the twelve snakes came to strengthen the sections of barriers that were about to collapse.

Seeing Zi Yao urge her complete power, the others riskily urged their powers and their best supernatural abilities.

For the time being, many experts of Cloud Mist Territory could feel the earth-shaking auras hovering in the skies. It seemed like all the peerless existences in this vast sea of stars had come and fought in their Cloud Mist Territory.

During this time, Grace Mainland was refined. At this moment, s.h.i.+ Yan had shrunk it and made it one-third of its original size.

"Almost… Almost done…"

Audrey mumbled. She clutched the hem of her clothes, her face anxious and restless.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Jets of starlight came from the barrier near her. All of a sudden, a shooting light thrust into her head from her left.

Audrey's eyes went dimmer, her face blank.

This strange condition lasted for a few seconds.

After several seconds, Audrey pulled a cold face, her entire body emitting a gloomy and sinister aura. She stepped towards Forefather Dragon Lizard where the blazing lava was burning.

Deep in her eyes was a coldness as if she had become a complete stranger.

The Soul Refining Cauldron she got from Neptune flew up. The Absolute Beginning symbols wiggled while so many ghosts and departed souls crazily attacked Forefather Dragon Lizard.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was concentrating on the barrier with allof his might. He wasn't vigilant at all. When he could react, so many ghosts had already intruded his body through the open wounds.

A flow of chilled-to-bone energy expanded and filled Forefather Dragon Lizard's body instantly. He crouched and roared in agony.

In the void, Zi Yao immediately noticed this area. After first glance, Zi Yao was shaken hard, her face changed drastically. She turned into a jet of light and zoomed over. "I've underestimated you!"

Audrey used to have the Origin of G.o.d-blessed Mainland. Although her Origin was extracted, she still had its aura.

To Desolate, it wasn't easy to cross s.p.a.ces and occupy anybody. However, Audrey was an exception.

No matter how hard Audrey had changed, she couldn't erase the Origin's aura completely.

Following that familiar aura, Desolate's consciousness seeped into her body magically and seized the control of Audrey's soul. It possessed her easily.

At this moment, Audrey became part of Desolate. He had occupied her body, soul altar, and power.

"How many years has it been? We finally meet. You still make people sick of you!" Seeing Zi Yao, Desolate in Audrey's body sneered, "In our time, if you and Devour hadn't hindered me, I would have broken the Absolute Beginning Gateway without the key! You messed up everything. Let alone opening the Absolute Beginning Gateway, you even dismembered me and put me in a coma!"

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