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A wisp of Desolate's soul had occupied Audrey's body to come to this territory. Zi Yao had to face her arch enemy.

Shortly, Forefather Dragon Lizard recognized the wrong situation. He used his soul to call for Montecie, Hiro, and Han Tian to help. Zi Yao was startled when she saw Forefather Dragon Lizard move. She immediately stopped him, "Don't leave your positions! His soul energy can pierce through any section to get here. Secure your spots!"

Zi Yao's shout awakened people. While watching this area, they continued to pump their energy into their barriers to secure the section they were defending.

After Desolate's soul got into Audrey's body, Audrey's cold face twisted and became vague. From Audrey's body as the source of power, Desolate looked at s.h.i.+ Yan in the distance. He opened his mouth to say something as if he was sleep-talking. Absolute Beginning seals flashed and arrayed by his body instantly like spirits portraying an ancient Absolute Beginning formation.

Not far from him, s.h.i.+ Yan in his Absolute Beginning body was holding Grace Mainland and trying to refine it.

All of a sudden, the co-soul, which was actually the Grace Mainland's Origin, sent him fierce vibes. The connection between s.h.i.+ Yan's co-soul and host soul was cut off instantly!

Grace Mainland flew out of his hand and turned into a blinding light, zooming towards Desolate.

"Do you think that you can refine my soul clone and body clone that easily? Too innocent!" Desolate smirked coldly. Brutal souls emitted from him. The territory soul that Audrey got from the Soul Clan, hidden in the Soul Refining Cauldron, had turned into a jet of black light and entered her soul altar.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Clear noises arose from Audrey's soul altar. That territory soul was refined shortly and turned into a little soul pond situated in Audrey's Sea of Consciousness, which looked like the world of departed souls.

Shortly after, Audrey's realm increased, her G.o.d power Ancient Tree thriving!

"You're worth the soul form that my clone chose. What an extraordinary innate talent! She even has a divine weapon! Excellent!"

Desolate nodded indifferently. The Soul Refining Cauldron sudden emerged and hovered in the void; the crying and wailing of billions of souls resounded.

Only I can use the real power of this Absolute Beginning divine weapon." He turned to Zi Yao and asked calmly, "Don't you agree?"

Zi Yao felt a cold current churn in her heart. She thought that it was just a wisp of Desolate's soul so it couldn't raise a storm in Cloud Mist Territory. But now, she understood that whenever and wherever, she should never underestimate the Absolute Beginning G.o.d of War!

Audrey had only Immortal Realm and she was far away from Territory Ancestor Realm. If Desolate occupied her body, he could at most use the power of the Peak of Immortal Realm only. As Desolate was limited by Audrey's realm and power, he couldn't really threaten Zi Yao. That's what Zi Yao had a.s.sumed.

But now, Zi Yao knew she was wrong…

With the territory soul from the Soul Clan, Audrey planned to use it to advance to Territory Ancestor Realm after she reached Third Sky of Immortal Realm. She hadn't used it because she knew that her time hadn't come yet.

In fact, Audrey hadn't reached the level to refine the territory soul.

However, when Desolate took her soul, she changed. At this moment, as Desolate controlled her soul altar, with his realm and superb knowledge, it was effortless to refine a territory soul. Shortly after, that territory soul had merged with Audrey's soul altar and turned into a soul pond!

After absorbing the territory soul, Audrey's power had reached a brand new level. Moreover, Audrey had the Soul Refining Cauldron, which was an Absolute Beginning divine weapon containing so many brutal sounds. Audrey wasn't able to use the real power of this cauldron.

But Desolate could!

As Desolate was talking, billions of souls flew out of the Soul Refining Cauldron. Desolate controlled them and made hundreds of Netherworld Dragons. Those Netherworld Dragons were pit-black with scale armor and green eyes; their entire bodies were filled with cold, Yin energy. They screamed, howled, and attacked Zi Yao.

Each of the monstrous Netherworld Dragons was made of millions of brutal souls and ghosts. Their evilest auras magically merged into one column. This soul suppression covered the entire world and made Zi Yao discolor in fear.

Bands of divine lights in the sky moved like a rapid waterfall and fell from the nine tiers of the sky. The heavenly snakes spurted divine, rainbow lights and destroyed the monstrous Netherworld Dragon.

"Well, it's not good that there are so few brutal souls in this cauldron. If it gets a sacred Absolute Beginning soul, the Soul Refining Cauldron will increase one level," said Desolate. He didn't look at Zi Yao but Grace Mainland, which was flying towards him. He said indifferently, "My soul clone and body part can merge with this little girl too. Afterward, she will have decent power to fight you, Hui."

Grace Mainland turned into a dazzling jet of light and shot towards Audrey. s.h.i.+ Yan was bewildered for a few seconds and then roared terrifyingly.

In his roaring, s.h.i.+ Yan's eyes turned crimson like blood as he urged his power Upanishad to the acme.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

The black holes emerged in the sky of Cloud Mist Territory; each of them was several hundred mu large with evil, brutal energy.

Shortly after, the devouring black holes merged with each other and became a horribly large black hole that could swallow the world. It lowered above Audrey's head.

The ultimate devouring power emitted from the black hole and hovered above Audrey.

Audrey's soul altar was forcefully sucked out and emerged above her head. Her host soul in her soul altar, a world of souls, suddenly transformed into the cold and harsh appearance of Ghost Hunter, which was the human clone he used to have.

He lay on Audrey's soul altar, but that soul altar was too dark to see what it contained.

Looking at the black hole spinning frantically above his head, his face was cold and calm. "Devour used his Devouring power Upanishad to fight me but he couldn't swallow me. Do you think you can? Unfortunately, to deal with me, he had impart part of his power Upanishad to Bloodthirsty, which made Bloodthirsty's intimidation. That power Upanishad is now with you. You and him, unless you two merge into one, your Devouring power Upanishad and the eight evil power Upanishads can't do anything to me…"

While Desolate was talking, Grace Mainland was about to merge with his wisp of a soul. The energy fluctuated from his body and so many Absolute Beginning seals in the sky were irresistible to Grace Mainland!

Grace Mainland and the soul in there were his parts. While he was dormant, his soul clone and body could have their own consciousness. However, as he had recovered, the power of his soul clone in s.h.i.+ Yan's body couldn't suppress his soul energy anymore.

"Stars fall!"

The beautiful Skyfall Star River emerged and became a band of a brilliant galaxy. Following s.h.i.+ Yan's order, the stars in the sky fell torrentially like gems.

They all aimed at Desolate's soul wisp!

"Skyfall Star River?" Desolate smirked. "I killed its previous owner. How can it attack me?"

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Furious energy attacks bombarded the territory barriers ten times stronger. Forefather Dragon Lizard couldn't endure it anymore and fell from the sky with so many wounds.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At the same time, the section he was guarding exploded. Flood of energy deluged torrentially and created a world-towering ancient tree. That tree seemed to be able to connect to earth and heaven. The tree had pierced through the territory barrier up there. Billions of branches jutted lushly.

So many branches and leaves with thick vitality attacked the planets in Cloud Mist Territory rapidly.

Explosions reverberated everywhere. The Cloud Mist Territory's skies were torn apart as lights bloomed and s.p.a.ces exploded. This territory was about to shatter from here. The towering ancient tree thrived ma.s.sively. The roots of the tree dangled and reached Desolate's soul.

The Life Soul Tree!

It was the ma.s.sive ancient tree s.h.i.+ Yan used to see on Desolate Continent. That tree was rooted deep into Desolate with so many branches and leaves. This tree was actually the most famous divine weapon of Absolute Beginning Era!

As soon as this Absolute Beginning divine weapons emerged, the entire Cloud Mist Territory began to shatter. The territory barriers fractured like a smashed mirror. The creatures living in Cloud Mist Territory were about to be exposed.

Desolate's tiny wisp of soul swelled rapidly as his energy rocketed!

The soul energy like a vast sea entered Audrey's soul altar. Shortly after, half of Desolate's soul energy had crossed s.p.a.ces to get here.

As soon as Zi Yao saw the wrong situation, she didn't have time and efforts to care about living beings in Cloud Mist Territory anymore. Her twelve separated heavenly snakes gathered into one body. At this moment, she sat neatly on the crystal throne above the host snake's head. Her body looked like she was made of seven-colored divine lights. Each second, millions of rainbow bands bloomed from her.

Han Tian, Hiro, and Montecie discolored in fear.

From what Zi Yao had told them, they understood that Desolate was an invincible expert. However, when they finally saw his deeds, they knew that they had underestimated this G.o.d of War. He had just sent a wisp of a soul to Audrey's body and he could be that fierce. If his real body came, who could resist him in this vast universe?

Moreover, they understood that Desolate wasn't his strongest self at this moment.

Only after merging all the soul clones and body parts, Desolate would become the Absolute Beginning G.o.d of War at his peak condition!

Thus, in this era, what existence could subdue him?

They were correct. In this era, no one wanted to see Devour get all of his parts back together. Devour hiding in Devouring Clan's holy land didn't want it. Sauron, who was watching the Absolute Beginning Gateway, was another one.

Desolate had crossed so many s.p.a.ces. Wherever his soul glided through, he had shaken the entire world. Sauron, who had always kept an eye on the commotions of the sea of stars, immediately knew what Desolate wanted to do.

He couldn't help but join this battle.

After Devour had slaughtered Empty Land and the Sea of Annihilation, he recovered greatly. Almost at the same time, he had urged his power to stop Desolate's last fusion just like what Sauron was doing!

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