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Later that morning.

At the studio.

"Director Zhang!"

"You're finally back!"

"Aiyo, where have you been for the past two days?"

"You gave us such a fright."

"Are you OK?"

"Are you hurt anywhere?"

When Zhang Ye came over, everyone went up and surrounded him

Zhang Ye forced a smile. "I'm fine. How's everything over here?"

Ha Qiqi said, "Everything's fine. Oh yes, did you see the news yet? Hacker 2's real ident.i.ty seems to have been revealed. Everyone's discussing this matter now."

Zhang Ye nodded and said, "I saw it already."

"I wonder who it is," Little w.a.n.g said curiously.

Tong Fu said, "G.o.d 2 was really cool at that time."

Little Zhou said longingly, "Yeah, he single-handedly swept aside the entire Korean Internet and ended the Sino-Korean Hacker War with an overwhelming victory. There have been so many hacker wars between so many different countries, but there has never been one as awesome as that particular one. I'm really curious to know who this Hacker 2 is. He's my idol!"

They were also discussing this matter. This piece of news was being talked about in all of Asia at the moment.

Only Zhang Ye seemed like he was not too interested in discussing it. He went back upstairs to his office alone.

The incident had returned to haunt him.

The media outlets were fighting to report this news.

"Hacker 2's ident.i.ty locked on!"

"Suspect already taken into custody!"

"Korean authorities announce results of investigation!"

"Korean authorities appeal for suspect to be handed over!"

"Sino-Korean Hacker War saga from years ago comes to a conclusion!"

"Creator of Panda Burning Incense revealed?"

"Evidence points to an employee of the Internet Surveillance Bureau?"

The evidence was laid out one by one.

The list of possible suspects kept shrinking.

When the Chinese side kept delaying the announcement of the investigation's results, at around noon, the Koreans could no longer sit still. They announced the ident.i.ty of the suspect!

Fan Yingyun!

Previous hacker pseudonym: FAN.

Current office: Chinese Internet Surveillance Bureau's First Department.

And so on. Korea listed the details of Fan Yingyun on their own. They were the first to suspect that Fan Yingyun was the hacker and was almost positive that it was her. In the field of hacking, the name of FAN could be said to be famous. She was also a legendary hacker from many years back who had an inglorious record. To say that she and Hacker 2 were the same person, this was a statement that many people were willing to believe.

In the hacker world.

"It's FAN?"

"Is it her?"

"She and 2 are one and the same?"


"Surely that can't be true?"

"It doesn't feel like their technical flairs are the same, right?"

"Has it already been confirmed?"


"Fan Yingyun?"

"Hacker 2 is a female comrade?"

"Ah, I know her. FAN is a legendary hacker!"

"d.a.m.n, so FAN and 2 are both her?"

"Isn't she the leader of Zhang Ye's fan club?"

"Is that true?"

"It's true. She appeared at Zhang Ye's wedding too!"

"Right, she's from Zhang Ye's fan club. I think she's known as Big Saber Bro over there!"

"d.a.m.n, the person in charge of Zhang Ye's fan club is a world-legend hacker?"

"How cool! There's such a beautiful hacker?"



"It's a woman?"

"Wow, she's quite pretty."

"She was the one who created the Panda Burning Incense virus?"

"How wicked of her."

"Why does it have something to do with Zhang Ye again?"

"Zhang Ye's name keeps haunting us at every turn!"

"As it turns out, this fellow and his fan club's leader are the two biggest public enemies of Korea!"

Internet Surveillance Bureau.

"Why did they announce it?"

"The investigations have not even been fully completed yet!"

"The Koreans are afraid that we'll try to protect her, so they decided to spill the beans first!"

"Those gooks!"

"I really don't think it's Sister Fan!"

"Yeah, Sister Fan was with us at that time. Everyone saw it as well. How could Sister Fan have any time to go and write the code for a Trojan?"

"But who could it be if it wasn't her? Is it you, Little Fang?"

"Me? As if I'm that skilled."

"Then that confirms it. Of those in our department at that time, only Fan Yingyun has the skills to do something like that."

At the studio.

A lot of people were calling.

Zhang Ye looked at the caller ID on his phone whenever it rang but did not answer the calls. He knew what everyone was calling to ask.

From downstairs, Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the others all ran up.

Ha Qiqi shouted, "Director Zhang, something big has happened!"

Zhang Zuo said in a panic, "Big Saber Bro is Hacker 2!"

Little w.a.n.g said, "Heavens! This is unbelievable!"

Wu Yi said in shock, "So G.o.d 2 has always been so close to our side all this while!"

"I saw her at the wedding too!" Little Zhou said, "She's my idol!"

Ha Qiqi looked at Little Zhou. "She's already been taken into custody, and all of Asia's attention is on her. What are you still so happy about? This could end up with her going to jail."

Little Zhou yelled, "Ah!"

Zhang Zuo asked, "Director Zhang, is there anything that we can do?"

Ha Qiqi sighed. "This might really be something that we can't help with. It's too big an issue."

All this while, Zhang Ye sat there and did not say a word.

With the matter developing to this point, a lot of things couldn't be helped. The effective duration of the Difficulty Adjustment Die's 5× increased difficulty had ended, but the mess that it left behind was too big. Of course, he knew that Hacker 2 was not Fan Yingyun and the entire matter had nothing to do with her. However, the Difficulty Adjustment Die had successfully let that one-in-million possibility come true, allowing the Korean authorities to follow the trail to the Internet Surveillance Bureau's First Department. Back then, there were only a dozen or so possible suspects in the office of the Internet Surveillance Bureau's First Department, and everyone knew that only one of them could be Hacker 2.

Director Dong.

Fan Yingyun.

Fang Xiaoshui.

Meng Yi. And so on.

And Zhang Ye as well.

There were only those few, and with Fan Yingyun among them, the first person to be suspected was her. Meanwhile, Zhang Ye was not even considered one of the suspects. A lot of people had already forgotten that Zhang Ye was even at the Internet Surveillance Bureau at that time.

Zhang Ye was definitely not going to let Sister Fan be the scapegoat. He kept thinking of different ways to deal with this situation and how he could help Fan Yingyun get out of this predicament. However, all he managed to come up with were two methods.

One: With Sister Fan in custody, if Zhang Ye were to show up again as Hacker 2, that would lead to two outcomes. They would either not be convinced and continue the investigations on Sister Fan, or they would be convinced and rule out Sister Fan while continuing to investigate the other people of the Internet Surveillance Bureau. By ruling them out one by one, Zhang Ye would still end up in the crosshairs of the investigations. With just over a dozen suspects, the range was too small. It wouldn't take long for everyone to be investigated. It was just that they did not expect that person to be Zhang Ye.

Two: Zhang Ye could turn himself in and take responsibility for the matter. This was the most clear-cut way of solving the issue.

These two methods required Zhang Ye to reveal himself. There wasn't a third option.

Zhang Ye wished there was a better way in which he could avoid getting caught and still leave everyone happy, but there really weren't any.

This was the most major incident that Zhang Ye had encountered since his debut, as well as the most important decision that he had to make in his entire life. This was a decision that was going to change many things.

His career?

His popularity?

His family?

He would have to abandon them all.

Could he do it?

Could he bear to leave them?

Zhang Ye fell silent.

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