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Chapter 2217 – Fight As One


Lin Ming’s injuries were far heavier than the Soul Emperor’s.

He had truly fused together the highest Laws and his will had already reached the highest possible peak.

But, the problem was that he lacked the strength to display this!

Ultimately speaking, in the end, his cultivation was too low and his inner world and mortal body couldn’t withstand the burden!

That strike just now was only possible with Lin Ming burning his blood vitality and divine soul. But, just how many more times could he burn his blood vitality and divine soul?

The Soul Emperor before him was different from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. In the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s life, he would never have been able to take that final step Beyond Divinity. But, the Soul Emperor had already accomplished this. Even if they were at the same boundary, the Soul Emperor’s strength would far outstrip the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s countless times over.

Lin Ming had been able to easily leap over three small boundaries to fight the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. But to leap over several small boundaries to fight the Soul Emperor, that was far, far too difficult.

The absolute disparity of boundaries was a gap that couldn’t be made up for. It was a flaw that was choking Lin Ming to death!

Lin Ming felt his strength fading away and his fires of life beginning to weaken. He didn’t plan to run away, because trying to do so was useless.

He looked at the Soul Emperor, a humorless smile playing on his lips. “Even if you kill me, I will make sure today will be your eternal nightmare!”

Lin Ming’s words were like a curse. The Soul Emperor’s eyebrows wrinkled together. A cold light flashed in his filthy eyes!

“You think you have the ability?” The Soul Emperor coldly sneered. But at this time, his smile froze. He turned and looked into the distant starry skies.

Others had arrived!

The Soul Emperor’s battle with Lin Ming could be called earth-shaking and heaven-sundering. It had caused the entire wild universe to shake. In the meantime, many people had hurried over to catch up to this location.

Those that arrived were Emperor Shakya, Great Limitless Buddha, Dark Demon Monarch, Empyrean Vast Universe, and the other powerhouses of humanity. As they saw Lin Ming and the Soul Emperor, their pupils shrank. The Soul Emperor’s wounds had already healed by a good half, but Lin Ming was still dripping with blood, a sight that horrified the mind!

Even so, Lin Ming still blazed with a brilliant fighting spirit and blood vitality rushed through his body. His eyes were like those of an Asura from h.e.l.l, emitting infinite killing intent!

The feeling that Lin Ming gave off at this moment was like that of an injured but enraged wild animal!

This had been a tragic battle!

Emperor Shakya and the others all sucked in a breath of cold air. They hadn’t known that the one Lin Ming faced was the Soul Emperor, but as they saw the powerful Lin Ming wounded to such a degree, they had already faintly guessed upon the truth.

Perhaps in the entire universe, only that old demon could force Lin Ming into the dirt like this.

“Where is Divine Dream?”

Seeing Lin Ming and not Divine Dream, everyone felt their hearts tighten. In particular, Empyrean Vast Universe; he couldn’t even find a hint of her shadow, and he felt his heart fill with worry. But at this critical junction, he didn’t dare send out a sound transmission and distract Lin Ming.

But from beginning to end, the Soul Emperor hadn’t even glanced at Emperor Shakya and the others. His attention had never even drifted over to them.

The reason his smile froze seemed completely unrelated to these people.

He continued gazing into the void, his lips curving up in a smile.

“I originally wanted to look for you first, but I encountered Lin Ming before that. Since I found him first, I might as well get rid of him first. Hm? It seems you also brought some help with you?”

One of the Soul Emperor’s eyebrows arched up. A hundred miles away, s.p.a.ce warped and twisted and a black-clothed woman stepped out from the s.p.a.ce channel.

Behind this woman were two old men.

This black-clothed woman was Sheng Mei!

As Sheng Mei saw Lin Ming, she suddenly clenched her jaws tightly. As she looked at the Soul Emperor, her vision was as cold as the nine nether abyss, filled with inexhaustible killing intent and hatred!

Sheng Mei!

Lin Ming’s heart sank as he saw Sheng Mei appear. Although Sheng Mei was strong, she couldn’t do anything in front of the Soul Emperor.

He didn’t want Sheng Mei to be drawn into this mess and be horribly tormented and killed by the Soul Emperor. But, as he saw the two old men behind Sheng Mei, he was even further startled.

These two old men were the guardians of the Asura Road – Clear and Ink.

Lin Ming had seen Clear and Ink in the seventh level of the Asura Road’s final trial. Because they had only vaguely displayed their strength, Lin Ming never knew what their boundary was. He only knew that they lived extremely long lives, because they were both part of the temple spirit race and possessed lifespans that far outstripped the other living races of the 33 Heavens.

Within the races of the Asura Road itself, there were two True Divinities. Moreover, in the deepest depths of the Asura Sea, there were True Divinity level ancient beasts. For these two old men to be the guardians of the Asura Road, this meant their strength far surpa.s.sed the vast majority of True Divinities!

Clear and Ink were the servants of the Asura Road Master. When the saints invaded the Divine Realm in the past, Lin Ming had once sought out help from Clear and Ink. But, they didn’t help. Their answer was that only when Lin Ming possessed enough strength to become a player in the grand chess game of the world would he have the qualifications to understand the mysteries of the Asura Road and Asura Road Master.

In other words, in the eyes of Clear and Ink, the saint race invasion of the Divine Realm wasn’t anything at all. In the upcoming end of the world, a war between two races of the 33 Heavens could only be considered an opening act.

As guardians of the Asura Road, they had their own life mission. And, this life mission was undoubtedly related to the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master!

As for the battle between the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and Lin Ming, that wasn’t something they would intervene in. In fact, they would even take the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s invasion of the Divine Realm as a grinding stone for Lin Ming to hone himself upon. Because if Lin Ming couldn’t even defeat the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, then he would never be able to grow to the degree where he could face the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master before the great calamity arrived.

“You two!”

The Soul Emperor narrowed his eyes. He didn’t recognize Clear or Ink. Although Clear and Ink lived long lives, when compared to the years that the Soul Emperor had existed, they were clearly dwarfed.

When Clear and Ink started to protect the Asura Road, the Soul Emperor was still deep in recovery – the injuries from 10 billion years ago had been too heavy. It was only several hundred million years that the Soul Emperor seized this current body and began to slowly refine and build up his own power, conserving his strength.

They had never met.

“That woman and those old men are…”

The human powerhouses glanced at each other. No one recognized Clear and Ink. And even the vast majority of people couldn’t guess what Sheng Mei’s origins were.

But, what they could be sure of was that these three people were extremely strong!

Now there were three more powerhouses of unknown origin as well as Lin Ming, someone who was severely wounded but remained like an injured wild beast that still possessed a terrifying combat strength.

These four people faced the Soul Emperor together!

“You old thing, your end has come!” Clear said, his energy-filled voice reverberating through the void.

The Soul Emperor looked at these two men. As he sensed their energy and Law fluctuations, he suddenly smiled.

“I was wondering just who it was, but it looks like nothing but the lackeys of that person. 10 billion years ago, your lord joined together with Immortal to destroy me, but not only could they not do anything to me but they were instead defeated by me. Now, you two minions still dare to stand here and bray about!”

“If you were in your complete form then we would be instantly killed by you. But, you are now nothing more than an avatar. Your complete form has been divided by the Amethyst Origin Crystal and the vast majority of your strength is locked in the Dark Abyss. Although we are not your match, we can still heavily wound you and ruin your plans!”

Clear and Ink glanced at each other and then took out their weapons. Clear’s weapon was an array disc and Ink’s was a great furnace.

Lin Ming had seen this furnace once before. The phantom that it formed was the elementary version of the Galaxy Void Furnace.

Facing these two old men, the Soul Emperor thought little of it. After entering seclusion this time, his strength had risen even further. As a Beyond Divinity level existence, how could his avatar be something that Clear and Ink could contend with?

There was no True Divinity capable of threatening him.

He lifted the bone staff and gently pa.s.sed his palms along its shaft. With it, a tear opened between his eyebrows and an eye appeared.

This eye had no eyeball nor did it have a pupil, rather, it was made from endless nothingness, as if this eye contained a dark universe.

As Lin Ming saw this eye he felt his heart sink. He was very familiar with the aura of the universe contained in it.

It was… the aura of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb!

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