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Chapter 535: Crack

These ores contained precious spatial crystals, but not everyone could excavate them, otherwise wouldn't they have already been taken?

When Chu Tian stood in the center of the countless unmoving ores, his Divine Sense could feel that the energy coming from each ore around him change, as each ore released an unstable energy.  Although it seemed like they weren't moving at all, the spatial level changed every second. He couldn't lock onto their location even with his Divine Sense.

This condition was very similar to Void Escaping.

Void Escaping could release a similar effect, which not only made normal attacks ineffective, it also reduced the effect of spiritual attacks.

Of course.

Void Escaping was by no means invincible.

Void Escaping had spatial energy as a base and used it to control s.p.a.ce.   The consumption that came from controlling s.p.a.ce depended on interference, just like how teleporting in a normal environment was different from teleporting in water.

Air was lighter and had a smaller influence on spatial control, therefore it cost even less energy to teleport.

Water was heavier and had a greater influence in spatial control, therefore it cost even more energy to teleport.

This meant that materials with high enough energy and density could interfere with s.p.a.ce.  Therefore, enemies that were strong enough could break Void Escaping with their normal attacks.  The similar logic applied here where only if Chu Tian used strong enough harvesting materials or a strong enough energy field could he return the s.p.a.ce crystals to the main material layer, allowing him to easily harvest it.

This was not easy.

It at least couldn't be done with the Purgatory technology, which was the reason why no one harvested this s.p.a.ce ore vein.  If Chu Tian connected the Purgatory World to Miracle City, with Miracle City's technology, they should be able to do it.

The Winged Demon Leader saw Chu Tian not saying a word and he was worried in his heart.  He carefully asked, "If this mine has no value, we can still keep searching!"

"No, it has its use, but we can't mine it for now."  Chu Tian said this and asked, "You said that there was a mysterious demon beast that appeared around this mine, where is it?"

The Winged Demon leader's expression changed hearing this, "Great leader, that beast is very strong, almost no one returned alive after seeing it.  We know nothing about it, it's better if the great leader does not take this risk easily."

"Is that so?"  Chu Tian wasn't scared at all, "Then I have to see it.  Bring me there now!"

The Winged Demons all looked at each other in blank dismay.

The great leader was truly daring.

The Winged Demon had no other choice, they could only brace themselves and bring Chu Tian to the forbidden area.

"That demon beast's territory is in front.  There is no accurate description of its appearance, there are only legends from the surrounding villages."

Chu Tian's eyes focused on the area and in the end there was a faint mist appearing in his eyes.

This was not a normal mist, even Chu Tian's Divine Sense couldn't penetrate it.  This was formed from countless small spatial trembles. If Chu Tian's guesses weren't wrong there should be a spatial crack inside.

"Guard outside, I'm going in to take a look."

"This, this……"

Chu Tian didn't discuss this with them, he just jumped in.  Like a soft feather, he ignored gravity as he rose from the ground, finally jumping into the mist.

In an instant.

Chu Tian felt his Divine Sense being completely covered.

There was no choice.  Every particle in the surrounding s.p.a.ce all dissipated from the spatial crack, therefore there were unstable spatial energy waves in them.  Once his Divine Sense met this spatial energy particles, they would be scattered into different subs.p.a.ces. His Divine Sense couldn't remain for a long time and also couldn't spread further out.

Chu Tian was no different than a blind man this situation.

Whether it was his eyes or his Divine Sense, they were all seriously blocked off.

If he didn't have any directions in this chaotic s.p.a.ce, it was very likely he would never find the spatial crack.

"Fox, is there anything on your side?"

The little fox's Divine Eye only revealed white fog.  It blew onto it and rubbed it with its claw, but even like this, the Divine Eye had no use at all.

"Forget it."  Chu Tian's pupils gradually turned white.  With the Demon G.o.d Nine Changes, he could use spatial energy, which made Chu Tian more sensitive to spatial energy.  He could feel the direction the spatial chaos was coming form and could find the position of the spatial crack, "It's over here!"

Chu Tian slowly swam forward to a position with the little fox.

The spatial crack kept releasing waves of particles and each particle was filled with spatial energy.  Spatial existences will only last a short period of time because the unstable spatial energy will be quickly released and scattered, but also because of this, the closer one was to the spatial crack, the stronger the energy waves were.

Chu Tian felt a kind of splitting feeling.

This splitting feeling was not a normal splitting feeling.  From head to toe, from inside to outside, almost every part of his body and almost every cell inside of him seemed like it was being split by something unseen.

This place was already very close to the spatial crack.

It was because of this that the spatial energy particles were strong enough to interfere with material objects.  If Chu Tian didn't have a strong body from the Starlight Immortal Body and have a strong recovery ability, he would have been disintegrated by the countless spatial particles.

Even Chu Tian was like this, it was no wonder no one else dared come here.

Void Escaping!

Chu Tian used the Void Escaping to dodge the spatial tremors, avoiding his body from being ripped apart.

"The spatial chaos ahead is even stronger."  Chu Tian's white pupils had faint ripples, "Fox, prepare yourself.  We will charge into the spatial crack at once."

The little fox nodded and tightly held onto Chu Tian.

Chu Tian's Void Escaping could also pull things touching him into the void state.  This ability was suited for inanimate objects, but the little fox was relatively special, it could take the initiative to work with Chu Tian's ability.  Therefore when Chu Tian used the Void Escaping, the little fox could enter the same state.


Chu Tian instantly teleported several hundred meters.  When Chu Tian appeared again, the surrounding s.p.a.ce distorted.  The spatial particles attacked this s.p.a.ce and it was like the air was being cooked under a high temperature as it distorted several times more seriously.

He could only teleport here.

This was because the energy in front of him was too strong and Chu Tian couldn't control the s.p.a.ce.  However, with Chu Tian's current position, he could look up to see the chaotic s.p.a.ce, moving towards an area with a glowing spiral.

This area was the spatial crack.

Large amounts of fast spatial particles were pa.s.sing through the Void Escaping to hit his body.

Chu Tian knew that he didn't have much time.  He immediately gathered all his strength into his finger tip and a giant power exploded forward.

"Phaseless Sword!"

That twisted s.p.a.ce was suddenly blocked off by a kind of power.

Chu Tian actually scattered the chaotic s.p.a.ce with just one slash.  Chu Tian took this chance to jump forward and before the chaotic current was restored, he finally jumped into a mirror like area.  His entire body became a mirror image from the spatial energy.

"We succeeded."  Chu Tian took out a True Spirit Pill and quickly restored the spirit energy he just used, "So close, we were almost ripped apart by the crack!"

Chu Tian came in smoothly, but his body was covered in injuries, all formed by the corrosion of the spatial energy.  Chu Tian didn't care that much about these injuries. His eyes turned green and with the life attribute, he turned his spirit energy into life energy, healing all his wounds in less than five minutes.

"The True Spirit Pills the young miss prepared for me are really useful!"  Chu Tian threw another one into his mouth, "I have to get another twenty bottles after going back!"

This was the connected s.p.a.ce of the spatial crack, a natural subs.p.a.ce.

The subs.p.a.ce was attached to the main s.p.a.ce, but it was still an independent spatial area.  Miracle Commerce also used a similar s.p.a.ce, but that s.p.a.ce could not hold spiritual energy or souls, so most living creatures or even undead couldn't enter it.

This subs.p.a.ce's specialty was that it was big.  A spatial crack had connected this subs.p.a.ce to the main s.p.a.ce, allowing material and energy from the main s.p.a.ce to enter this place, so it had already become a branch of the main s.p.a.ce.  It was fused with the main s.p.a.ce, so there wasn't much difference between them.

Spatial crystals!

They were all spatial crystals!

Chu Tian looked around and this place was filled with small floating mountains.  Each mountain was releasing a white spatial energy wave. These were materials sucked in from the main s.p.a.ce and combined with the spatial energy here, finally acc.u.mulating large amounts of these giant spatial ores.

This was great!

They wouldn't need to worry about not having enough spatial crystals from now on.

Chu Tian just wanted to float over to examine the quality of the spatial crystals when the little fox felt something dangerous, immediately giving Chu Tian a sharp warning sound.

The surrounding spatial energy seemed to be forming a fist.

Chu Tian's pupils slightly narrowed.  He was in the middle of this invisible fist and if this fist came down, Chu Tian would be turned into a meat patty by the spatial energy.


Chu Tian dodged with a teleportation.

There were waves of beast roars filling the s.p.a.ce, that was dignified and filled with anger, like a venerable G.o.d being provoked by a heretic.  Chu Tian knew what it was, it had to be the monster the Winged Race mentioned. Chu Tian rubbed the scrolls at his waist and saw that it could still lock onto Miracle City's location, so Chu Tian didn't have any more worries.

"Come out if you have the skills.  Don't hide and make sneaky moves, you're just like a little girl."

Chu Tian believed that this creature was very strong.  Since it had this powerful strength, its intelligence would not be low, so it would definitely understand Chu Tian's provocation.

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