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Chapter 536: Void Beast

When his voice fell.

The spatial energy came again.

Chu Tian could clearly feel a claw flying out of the void.

Actually this claw was still very far from Chu Tian, no one would put it together with danger, but Chu Tian could clearly feel it.  The moment the claw appeared, there was a current of spatial energy.

This claw didn't have any attack powers.

But it could create spatial attacks!

Chu Tian quickly dodged it as several spatial distortions appeared in midair.

A giant mountain was split apart, becoming several pieces without a sound.  The cuts were very smooth and the entire process happened without a sound. It was like what was broken wasn't an incomparably firm crystal filled with powerful energy, rather it was like a feather or a piece of paper.

So close!

If he was half a second slower, Chu Tian would have been ripped apart.

This attack was not a direct attack, but an attack on the spatial level.  It was very sharp and power. He could tell from this information that the beast hiding in the crack was a rare s.p.a.ce attributed beast.

Was innate spatial energy rare?

Innate spatial beasts were even rarer!

Chu Tian didn't even have time to think as a strong sense of danger appeared again.  This attack was another powerful spatial attack! When Chu Tian successfully dodged it, there were spatial ripples behind him like large rocks being thrown into a lake.

Large fissures appeared in s.p.a.ce.

Wherever the fissures went, s.p.a.ce was ripped apart.

In front of spatial energy, s.p.a.ce itself was very weak.

Although he could see the attacks, he couldn't identify what the other side was.  If Chu Tian's guesses weren't wrong, this demon beast had a method of hiding in s.p.a.ce.  It was very careful and cautious, even a high level reconnaissance technique would not be able to find it because it was not in this s.p.a.ce at all!

If he kept fighting like this, he had no chance of winning at all.

What was lucky was that there weren't powerful spatial fluctuations inside the spatial crack.  Chu Tian could release his Divine Sense, barely being able to track where this fellow was attacking from.  No matter how good the other side was, the moment they attacked, they had to reveal themselves, so Chu Tian used this to dodge the attacks.

This demon beast was not just strong, it also had many attacks.  It could fail a hundred times, but if it succeeded once, it would be enough for Chu Tian to die!

Chu Tian knew this and immediately released the eighteen Divine Servants with a scroll.  The eighteen Divine Servants charged at the area the mysterious demon beast attacked from.


This demon beast let out a low roar and swept out with its claw.  The invincible bodies of two Divine Servants were instantly cut into pieces like tofu and sent flying away.

Chu Tian instantly locked onto the position of the demon beast.

He had all the other Divine Servants charge at the demon beast.

This demon beast sent several Divine Servants flying with wild angry roars.  Chu Tian followed the tracks of his attacks and reduced the area the little demon beast could be in.  The remaining Divine Servants were covered in the Netherworld Ghost Flame, suddenly charging towards where it was hiding.

How could just the Netherworld Flame be enough?

The spatial beast escaped into the void and it wouldn't be burned even if they approached.

Chu Tian's white eyes were filled with spatial fluctuations and at the same time, the spatial fluctuations appeared at the center of the Divine Servant's blockade, making a faint outline appear.  It became the target of the Divine Servants and they charged right at it.


They also stopped at the same time.

It was like they hit a wall that couldn't be seen.

A giant demon beast flicked its tail and the Divine Servants were sent flying.

What Chu Tian needed was an opportunity.  Chu Tian interfered with the s.p.a.ce to stop the demon beast and when the demon beast sent the Divine Servants flying, his body had mostly come back.  Normal cultivators couldn't attack in this kind of condition, but this wasn't a problem for Chu Tian.

"Phaseless Sword Finger!"

Chu Tian gathered spirit energy to release two Phaseless Sword that even the strongest defenses couldn't resist, breaking the invisible barrier.  The terrifying energy penetrated the spatial barrier and the remaining power landed on to the demon beast. The demon beast instantly let out a pitiful wail as large pieces of crystal and flesh flew out.

It actually didn't kill it?

The two Phaseless Sword Fingers. .h.i.t their target, but it didn't hit a fatal point, so the demon beast didn't die.  Only even with its heavy injuries, it manipulated s.p.a.ce again, making Chu Tian's expression change. This time Chu Tian could injure it because he relied on the eighteen Divine Servants to distract it.

This move couldn't be used a second time!

The demon beast wouldn't be fooled again with its intelligence, not to mention that the Divine Servants were already seriously injured.  They needed a bit of time to recover even with their undying power and Chu Tian had condensed all his spirit energy to release these two Phaseless Sword Fingers. Therefore once the demon beast entered another s.p.a.ce again, Chu Tian wouldn't have any chance to win.


The little fox jumped out at this critical moment and turned into a several meter tall Demonic Fox.  There were four thick and large tails swaying behind it and it was filled with an ancient and mysterious aura like a monarch looking down on the world.  Its demonic green eyes were flas.h.i.+ng with a strange glow.

The little fox had already cultivated four tails and it seemed like its skills had been greatly increased.

The mysterious demon beast that was about to meld into s.p.a.ce trembled.

It was frozen!

Chu Tian never thought that the little fox would reach this point.  Even if this demon beast wasn't a fourth level demon beast, it was still a peak third level demon beast, with its danger being higher than fourth level demon beasts.  This powerful demon beast was actually frozen by the little fox like this.

Could he let this chance go?

Chu Tian swallowed a True Spirit Pill to recover his spirit energy before releasing another sword finger.  This time the power directly entered the monster's flesh and cut its head in half. The mysterious demon beast didn't even have time to cry out before it was killed without even knowing what happened.

He never thought that it would be this easy to kill such a dangerous demon beast!

The little fox had merits this time.  If it wasn't for it using its demonic techniques to freeze the demon beast at the critical moment, Chu Tian wouldn't have had the chance to take care of it.

"Just what is this thing?"

This demon beast's body was transparent like crystal and it was covered in exquisite scales, with each one being a high grade spatial material.  Chu Tian felt that if he peeled these scales, he could make a high grade armour. Other than that, this demon beast's claws, fang, and flesh were all considered rare materials.

"This seems to be…..A demonic beast's inner core!"

Chu Tian took out a round thing.  Although Chu Tian didn't know what this demon beast was called, Chu Tian could recognize the demon beast's beast crystal and what was called a demonic beast's inner core.

Demon beasts and demonic beasts were not the same thing.

Demon beasts had a fixed population and multiplication method and the demonic beasts came from constant evolution.  Even a piece of gra.s.s, a log, or even a small beast could become a demonic beast. Demonic beasts were much stronger than demon beasts and the little fox could also be considered a demonic beast.

A demon beast's beast crystal was the crystallization of their power, just like a reservoir being able to store water, which could be used at any time.  The demonic beast's inner core was the cultivation essence of the demonic beast. This essence was not just the source of their energy, but the essence of the demonic beast itself.  It was something that people could directly absorb.

A demonic beast was already very rare.

Not to mention a spatial demonic beast?

A demonic beast's inner core would quickly disappear after death and Chu Tian didn't want to waste this precious demonic core, so he quickly sat down on a giant peak and began to absorb the source energy inside the demonic core.

Chu Tian learned from the knowledge inside the demonic core that this demon beast was called a Void Beast.

The Void Beast was not born, it was a natural demonic beast created in a set environment.  The Void Beast could freely disappear into s.p.a.ce and ate spatial crystals. A grown Void Beast was at level four at least and the one Chu Tian met wasn't full grown yet.

The Void Beast's inner core was a precious item.  Not only did it contain the life essence of the Void Beast, it also included the ancient memories of the Void Beast.  Chu Tian swallowed the Void Beast's inner core, which was not just a large increase to his cultivation, it also strengthened his spatial energy and spatial abilities, having a large effect on the.

After a few days.

The entire s.p.a.ce trembled.

Chu Tian broke through to the 5th True Spirit Layer and his attainments in the Phaseless Sword and Void Escaping greatly increased.  Because Chu Tian killed a Void Beast, his strength had increased by several times.

"This really is a good place."  Chu Tian looked around. The most precious thing was that Miracle City's location could still be sensed here, "If a Transport Tower was built here, it would become a natural shelter."

The spatial fluctuations at the spatial crack was too strong.

Even peak 9th True Spirit Experts couldn't break through the spatial crack!

What did that mean?  This meant that even if a large army approached, they could not attack.  No matter how many there were or how strong they were, if Miracle Commerce guarded the subs.p.a.ce entrance, there would be no threats.

He took a rough estimate of the s.p.a.ce's volume.

The s.p.a.ce was several kilometers in width and length.  He didn't calculate the depth, but it should be around a hundred kilometers, so this place could build a city that could host a million people!

But a city couldn't be made at once.

Since Chu Tian had occupied this s.p.a.ce, he wasn't in a rush.  He first left the s.p.a.ce with great difficulty and when Chu Tian appeared, he was surrounded by b.u.t.terfly Demons and Winged Demons.

"What do you have to report?"

"This is bad, great leader, Darkness City have already sent people to the Tyrant Barracks.  If we can't solve this crisis, the Tyrant Barracks can't be guarded."

"Is that so?  What will come will come eventually.  Let's go take a look!"

Chu Tian had been too conspicuous lately.

It would be strange if this wild stealing of territory didn't attract Darkness City's attention.  Now that they had come, it was fortunate for Chu Tian.

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