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"You don't understand." Mei Xue Yan shook her head powerlessly. "The three Holy Lands never send out their Saints even if the situation is very dangerous. They will be mobilized only when the foundation of the three Holy Lands is in danger, because they are also a part of the foundation!"

"They sent six venerables this time just to probe at us. Clearly, the three Holy Lands are desperate and determined to kill us. Xiao Tian Ya even said that the Wandering Venerable and the Venerable of Life and Death are reaching us soon. I don't think it's a bluff! The two of them became third tier Venerables two hundred years ago! I bet they have reached the fourth tier now! If so, I have no hope against them… Stop looking so nonchalant! You have no idea what a fourth tier Venerable is like…"

Mei Xue Yan sighed and looked down into Jun Mo Xie's eyes. "It means that their bodies have been refined by lightning and thunder! Their strength is beyond your imagination! If they are deliberately acting against us… we have close to no chance!"

"You are now at the basic rank of a third tier Venerable?" Jun Mo Xie asked after a pause.

"Yes! And I'm not confident in facing them—not even one of them! There's no one on our side who can match their power! The only way we can deal with them is to damage them by the self destruction of more than four Xuan Beasts!" Mei Xue Yan's eyes flashed.

She then sighed. "Unless I have another breakthrough, we will have to face the unthinkable outcome of the battle. But it's close to impossible given that I've just reached the third tier recently!"

"Breakthrough?" Jun Mo Xie looked like he was considering about something. "You've just had a breakthrough. I suppose the Qi in your meridians is scarce?"

Mei Xue Yan rolled her eyes at him. "Isn't it common sense? No matter humans or Xuan Beasts, the Xuan Qi in our meridians will drop back to a very basic and low level, and that's exactly what the rankings are for! Only when Xuan Qi becomes abundant in the meridians will be be at the top rank and ready for another breakthrough! Why are you even asking this? Don't you know?"

"I'm afraid that we will be very disadvantaged during the battle, but we can't retreat." Jun Mo Xie laughed bitterly and took in a deep breath as his eyes showed his brutality. "We have announced to the world and caused so much commotion on our way here! If we lose, we will also become a joke or might even have to face demise! Ha! Is the Blizzard Silver City really forcing us into such a difficult situation?" His pupils seemed to be darkening. "The interference of the three Holy Lands is really to an extent that I haven't expected!"

Mei Xue Yan softly agreed, "Yes, I thought they would only send a Venerable or two at best! That would have been a very intolerable act. Who would have known that they would disobey the rule from their ancestors, which says that the three Holy Lands and one Ferocious Land should not fight against each other, to this extent!"

Jun Mo Xie said softly, "Although Xiao Tian Ya has reached the third tier, I'm sure he is not any stronger than you. With his injury, he will become weaker. Du Jue is seriously injured, so I suppose we can neglect him. Hua Feng Wen has only minor injuries, so he might be a challenge. As for Qu Wu Qing, he's also not in a good condition, so perhaps he is only around the level of Xiao Tian Ya as well. So for the original six Venerables, they only have the power of at most two and a half of them left. So our only problem will be the Wandering Venerable and the Venerable of Life and Death!"

"Indeed! But the two of them might be too strong for us to counter." Mei Xue Yan took a deep breath. "We have a strong army, but they have much stronger top experts!"

"Maybe we don't have to be so pessimistic. I've come up with a possible solution; let's try it out!" Jun Mo Xie unexpectedly smiled, looking relaxed with a tint of determination. "Follow me, Xue Yan. I will show you a miracle today!" He then immediately zoomed off.

"What do you want to do?" Jun Mo Xie was long gone when Mei Xue Yan asked. She could only catch up with him.

Two shadowy figures dashed across snow-covered meadows and valleys.

Finally, Jun Mo Xie stopped in a valley with a thick layer of snow beneath.

With a soft thud, Mei Xue Yan landed beside him as well. "What are we doing?"

"You see, with three peaks surrounding us and the bright moon right overhead, this is the spot where Spiritual Qi is most concentrated! Let me a.s.sist you tonight so that you can reach the fourth tier!" Jun Mo Xie said it indifferently, but his eyes revealed craziness!

"Are you joking? It's not the matter of a pill or two! Err…" Mei Xue Yan was scolding Jun Mo Xie laughingly with her eyes wide open when suddenly Jun Mo Xie hugged her and gave her a kiss mouth to mouth. She felt her body collapse and she was pressed into the snow by Jun Mo Xie's well-built figure…

Mei Xue Yan sighed. He just wants to take advantage of me… There's so many uncertainties for the coming battle… Maybe I should just let him be presumptuous once… Who knows whether we can survive? But I will do anything to keep him safe…

Mei Xue Yan closed her eyes and didn't resist at all. She was prepared to accept the love from him, but suddenly she opened her eyes wide in shock and disbelief!

What was coming out from Jun Mo Xie's mouth was the unexpected endless flow of extremely pure Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi. The concentration was so high that it was close to suffocating Mei Xue Yan.

It was the most pure type that Mei Xue Yan could only previously dream about! But now it was miracle coming true!

She looked at Jun Mo Xie with concern. She was afraid that the process would deplete Jun Mo Xie's power. However, she could clearly feel the warmth and gentleness from Jun Mo Xie's eyes. His message was clear: Don't worry. Try to absorb all the Spiritual Qi by driving your breathing pattern!

Mei Xue Yan was finally no longer anxious. She closed her eyes and started to drive her Qi. She felt her meridians were like rivers that were close to being dried up while Jun Mo Xie's Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi was like the ocean. The water was flowing in endlessly…

Mei Xue Yan simply laid below Jun Mo Xie's warm and strong body and slowly entered a state of weakened consciousness…

The process of delivering the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi from the Hongjun PaG.o.da with his body as the medium in order to beef others up was always on Jun Mo Xie's mind, but he never dared to try it!

Although it would be safer to input via her wrist veins, it would be much less efficient than a direct delivery. The fact that Mei Xue Yan had a good foundation and could possibly withstand the inflow was also a consideration!

He used all his psychic power to knock on the doors of the Hongjun PaG.o.da the moment he kissed Mei Xue Yan's lips. The Hongjun PaG.o.da immediately started to spin and expand in a rainbow-colored flare as it radiated within his consciousness.

The doors of the Hongjun PaG.o.da suddenly sprang open. The ceaseless burst of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi that originated from Jun Mo Xie's mouth coincided with the Hongjun PaG.o.da's doors.

The Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi was literally pumped into Mei Xue Yan's body at sixty percent of the maximum power of the Hongjun PaG.o.da! The rate of input was so large that even with Mei Xue Yan's foundations, she might not be able to take it. So Jun Mo Xie carefully controlled the flow all along. He would immediately cut it if he was aware that Mei Xue Yan couldn't bear it anymore!

After all, it was the maximum output rate of the Hongjun PaG.o.da that Jun Mo Xie could control right now!

During Jun Mo Xie's daily trainings, the PaG.o.da would only slowly refill the replenis.h.i.+ng Qi in his meridians. It never delivered so much in such a short period of time! One had to know that with Jun Mo Xie's meridians, he couldn't take such a flow right now!

However, Mei Xue Yan was able to accept it all without any signs of discomfort! It was a clear ill.u.s.tration to Jun Mo Xie how strong a Venerable really was!

Their Qi is really so abundant like the water in the seas. I have underestimated all the experts in this world…

I must improve!

She must improve!

Jun Mo Xie was yelling and praying in his mind!

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