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Mech Engineers.. When the system was on the system (3) and

saw the coming in, Qiao Chen took a moment to understand why the teacher’s att.i.tude was so strange.

Sitting down on the seat next to Nis.h.i.+zawa, is a man project with a gentle temperament and a handsome appearance. It should be a female right, this is Joey’s Aya Fion, who is born to him.

“I heard that you project Jerry project have dissolved their marriage?” Fian asked as he looked at his son’s status.

Qiao Chen opened his mouth and finally did not call Aya. He thought that if he called, they might be more surprised, so he just nodded said yes.

When he was alive, Joey couldn’t understand that Aya had remarried in less than a year after his father died, so he retreated him very badly every time he met, not only calling him no longer. Ya, only called him Mr. Fei An, and every time he would say something vicious to humiliate him.

“You, project … have you been hurt better project?” Fian asked carefully. He knew that Joey had seen him twice after he was injured, but he was afraid to wake up in Joey when he was asleep. When he appeared in front of him, he was afraid of angering him and affecting his recovery.

Fei'an came to the office with her husband today project. I wanted to chat with Nis.h.i.+zawa by the way. I didn't expect Joey to be there. Although I knew he definitely didn't want to see himself, Fei'an didn't want to miss the opportunity to see him. I wanted to see if his injury was good. On the other hand, after knowing that he and Jerryd had dissolved their marriage, they wanted to see how his state was and whether the emotions were affected.

“It's project almost good.” Qiao Chen looked at Fei's cautious att.i.tude and suddenly felt a bit sad for himself and for Fian.

“Let’s talk, project I go to the lab to see what equipment I need to prepare, so I can start my project as soon as possible.” Qiao Chen stood up found an excuse to leave. Now is not a good time to get rid of Aya, after all, Not long ago, his att.i.tude was still quite bad. He couldn't be inexplicably changed to a hundred and eighty degrees.

Always watching Qiao Chen’s back disappeared, Fei An turned his head back, his eyes were awkward.

“Don’t think about it, this child’s personality has been developed project, and the knot is not so easy to open, come on project slowly.” Nis.h.i.+zawa comforted his friend.

“He blames me in my heart, it is too. I was too anxious, ignoring his feelings, causing a shadow that could not be erased in his heart project.” Fian supported his forehead, very self-blame and regret “I should wait for him again project.” I am a little older and I am married again project.”

Nis.h.i.+zawa also project sighed.

In Joey's heart, there has always been such a knot. He felt that Aya was anxious to marry someone less than a year after his father's death. Not only did he betray his father. But he also him and let him not lose. When sorrow subsided, he had to face the fear of losing Aya, so Joey, who was only a few years old, secretly never to be the one who betrayed his father and abandoned himself. Joey's paranoid personality was probably also developed from that time.

When his father died, Aya left, his grandfather’s work was busy, even with large number of servants, Joey still felt lonely and lonely, he began to become sensitive and violent, and some very small things can. Raise him. When he was a Joey, he never forgives Aya, but now Qiao Chen does not blame him. Father and Aya had their own loved ones before they got married, but then the father’s lover died, and Aya’s lover was his current husband. As a soldier’s father, he was originally arrogant and lonely. After his lover died, he did not care about other than fighting. His grandfather arranged to marry Aya. The family of Aya's lover was facing a considerable. At the time. Aya's family did not agree with him to be with his lover, and forced him his father.

However, the father did not know. About these things did not care. The marriage of the two was only a combination of interests. The father never cared about Aya, nor thought about his mood and feelings. Until I was born project, my father's indifferent and frozen heart had a little bit of temperature. My father was very good to him, and he was very painful. When he looked at him, he always had a shallow smile and his eyes were full. Pamper. However, the att.i.tude of the father has never been given to Aya, and it is still cold and indifferent when treating Aya.

At the last time of his life project, his father knew that Aya project had his own loved ones before he got married. After he was forced to marry him, he never had a good time with Aya. Suddenly he felt that he was owed, and he gave Aya before his death. Return it to his lover and let his grandfather leave Aya after his death project, don’t embarra.s.s him. Joey of the past life did not know this, but in fact, think about some past things, the father is more sorry for Aya.

The past life himself did not use words to hurt Aya, so after Qiao Chen saw Aya in this world, there was no way to call him immediately. On the one hand, it was because of strangeness, but more because of guilt, remembering did before, suddenly feel that am not worthy of calling. Since this life can be project, it will be up later. Qiao Chen's mech project  very quickly. As the a.s.sistant dean's teacher, he him a lot of support. Qiao Chen that the teacher will of him, half because he really optimistic his talent and The other half because of the entrustment project of Aya. But no matter what the reason, Qiao Chen grateful.

Qiao Chen and six or seven a.s.sistants busy in the lab. The lab two or three basketball halls. The mechanical equipment inside very large, and the people inside particularly small. Although the mech project of the test not more than one tenth of the real project mech, it the function of the real mech project.

Qiao Chen’s research project project development project the mech position-inducing system. He will this project to return to the world after he to the world. The first project against Green not without reason. It now with the fifth s.h.i.+p unit base. Out a large project related.

Before Qiao Chen the fifth base, the project was already. Although there no partic.i.p.ation in it, there still a few mech project engineers with good ability the fifth base. Green will definitely the target and other people’s project The results, and then the of his system, the project will definitely be project.

In fact, Qiao Chen also hopes that Green project will complete the project. Otherwise, how can he seem to be better?

After a period of busy day and night, Qiao Chen’s project was finally completed, and then after completing repeated experiments to determine that there is no problem, the project was finally successful.

In the process of Qiao Chen’s research and development of this project, Nis.h.i.+zawa almost looked at how Qiao Chen completed little by little. Heto help Qiao Chen find out the problem, but Qiao Chen’s performance in the whole process of completion almost complete. Perfect, almost no mistakes have all succeeded, showing more talent and wisdom than he used to be in college. Nis.h.i.+zawa has almost decided that Qiao Chen's mistakes at the base are not on his own. .

Compared with Qiao Chen’s low-key progress project and low project-key completion project of new projects, the fifth base and the Green side will appear to be more high-profile, causing close attention of the various fleets.

After the completion of the new research and development project of the military mech, all of them must be simulated in the military mech combat experimental base. After the test is pa.s.sed, it can be used in the real battle, and the actual experimental base will also register the R&D or R&D team. Exclusive certificate. And if it is an individual research and development, it also has the right to hand over the results of its own projects to any unit.

Nis.h.i.+zawa a vice president and teacher for so many years. It a common practice to students to the actual experimental base for actual combat testing, so it is naturally familiar. However, I did not expect to have the actual test with the fifth base on the same day, and the same actual combat site was used.

In order, Qiao Chen and Xize had more than an hour before the fifth base, but there has always been an unwritten rule of military priority, but Nis.h.i.+zawa is not an ordinary person, let alone his emperor mech engineering school. As the deputy dean, he has a very good relations.h.i.+p with many big men in the military. What’s more, most of the students he has cultivated in these years are doing things for the military. The person in charge of the actual base does not dare to go through his consent. Force others to be in front of him for testing.

If you come to other people in this army, you will definitely give Nis.h.i.+zawa a face and let him test first. But in addition to Green and others, the fifth foundation came with Deputy Captain Carter.

Carter and Nis.h.i.+zawa had a long time ago, and the two could not look good. When Joey was still at the fifth base, Carter was not a little embarra.s.sed because Joey was the most proud student of Nis.h.i.+zawa. As long as it was between Joey and Green, no matter who was right or wrong, Carter would help. Green.

As the so-called enemies meet each other, Xize and Carter are not willing to let the other party test first. The two sides are deadlocked. The person in charge of the actual experimental base is in a dilemma. I don’t know who to persuade, because both of them are offended.

“Since we are the same actual combat site, that is to say that the type of test that I have to carry out is the same, then we might as well play against it. Whoever wins will the actual test.” Cannot suddenly The proposal said.

“War projecton the battle?” Nis.h.i.+ his eyebrows and said, “Are you sure project? You project baby.”

“How? Don’t you baby dare project? Also, the project that was completed by the fake puss genius that you took out, how could you dare to develop projects with the real elite team of our Fifth s.h.i.+p Force project? Confrontation project." Kannet's tone distant full, and he at at at Qiao Chen, who at the left rear of Nis.h.i.+zawa.

“We don’t have anything project to dare, as long as you don’t regret project it.” Nis.h.i.+zawa a good grasp of the completed project of Qiao Chen, and Qiao Chen very low-key profile in the process of completing the project, so almost no one else knows. What is the nature of his project, but the content of this project of the Fifth Fleet, because they themselves very high-profile profile, Nis.h.i.+zawa has long known that since they want to make a fool, why not give them this opportunity?

Both Nis.h.i.+zawa and Kanite the letter of war to ensure that the other party's responsibility cannot be regardless of any damage to the other party the battle.

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