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Mech Engineers.. When the system is on the system (4)

Towards Nis.h.i.+zawa, they came with a middle-aged man in a military uniform. This man is the captain of the Third s.h.i.+ps. He is followed by several people, one of whom is particularly conspicuous. He is tall and tall and strong. Most importantly, his unusually handsome appearance is similar to that of General O’Nan Andri, and it is likely that Qiao Chen's mission is this time.

“Captain.” Mike took a military ceremony.

“How are you here?” asked Nis.h.i.+zawa.

“How can I not be here, I just saw the picture just now, you are too uncomfortable. There are so many good items that have not been revealed to me. How much is it, what are the conditions? “The ruble just saw all the battle pictures on both sides of the corridor on the second floor. I said that I have to take this completed project from the hands of Nis.h.i.+zawa and not let other troops take it away.”

“You told me that these are useless. This is not a project of our college. I can’t do it.” Nis.h.i.+zawa said.

“Oh?” The ruble is a non-belief, not your college project. What are you doing here? The mech is clearly the armor of your college. “It seems that I am going to find out and drink.”

Richard is the husband of Nis.h.i.+zawa. He works at the military and political headquarters. He is a good friend with the ruble for many years. When they are okay, they will go out to drink and chat, but because the ruble himself is not married, he always brings Richard to the kind of person who is accompanying him. The place to drink, although Richard has not made any mistakes in the past many years, but Nis.h.i.+zawa always does not like her husband to go to that place.

“It's useless to find him to drink.” Nis.h.i.+zawa turned a blind eye, then pointed to Qiao Chen and said, “This is a project that he is responsible for completing his own research. I just lend him the lab and mech.” However, this project belongs to him personally, and has nothing to do with me and the college.”

“This is?” Ruble looked at Qiao Chen.

“It’s my student, but I have graduated for a few years. Now I don’t belong to any army.” Nis.h.i.+zawa used his eyes to suggest that the ruble should not ask here again.

Rube knows Nis.h.i.+zawa for many years, naturally can understand the meaning of his eyes, nodded and said, “I went to Richard for two days to drink.”

Ruble took people away, Qiao Chen used the system to the same when they spoke The people like Nan’an Delhi made a certain decision. He is the person he is looking for. This time he was called Oreust, a major general, and the captain of the special operations team in the third s.h.i.+p unit.

, the mechs of both sides have entered the actual battlefield. The fifth armor's mech driver is Jerry, and Qiao Chen's mech driver is Nis.h.i.+zawa from the third. A mech soldier recruited by the s.h.i.+p’s unit was called Mike. Both sides have many experiences on the battlefield, but in the ability and fighting power of the mech, Jerry is stronger.

But because this is a single test, many other functions of the mech are forcibly closed, so it is even more powerful to see the new features developed by both parties.

Both sides are full of confidence in their own armor, standing in front of the big screen in the monitoring hall outside the actual venue to watch the battle.

The new Mecha function developed by the Fifth Force is the air movement positioning of the armor. The current movement of the mech is limited to the ground. In the s.p.a.ce, there are too many interference factors. The positioning system on the ground is not suitable for s.p.a.ce. The Fifth s.h.i.+p Force has been preparing for this new function for a long time, and has great confidence and confidence to succeed. Therefore, this project will be carried out in such a high-profile manner. It also has the meaning of showing off. This kind of display is often between the various units. Something.

Qiao Chen was very clear about what the content of the project was completed by Green, so he developed a new function that is similar in function but much stronger than them, called the airborne positioning system.

This function can not only induce the opponent’s mech to attack in the wrong direction in s.p.a.ce, but also locate the position where the opponent will move when the opponent attacks, and attack in advance when the opponent is still moving.

The new features of both sides are even more powerful. It is very clear to see the battle screen on the screen.

The actual test site is the environment in the simulated universe. Not only is the scene the same as in the universe, but even the uncertainties that may occur in many universes are very similar, so that the soldiers who drive the mechs have a feeling of being completely in the real universe.

In the picture, Jeremy's mech was repeatedly positioned to attack Mike's mech, but it didn't hit every time, and from the picture, it felt like Mike was attacking wherever Jared moved. There is a feeling that I am sent to the door to be beaten.

In fact, Jared, who has been hit many times, has been in a hurry. The power of the gun used in the test has reached more than 60% of the power of the gun used in the battle. His mech has been seriously damaged. There is nothing in the opponent’s mech. If you don’t hit the other’s mech, then his mech can’t take several attacks and will be sc.r.a.pped.

Mike didn’t have any mercy at all, and attacked Jared with full force. The huge sound and fire that came out when the exploded, the people in front of the screen were shocked.

Green’s faces are getting more and more ugly. Every time they hit the sh.e.l.l of Jerry’s mech, it seems to be a slap on their faces, but they don’t even slap back to the other side, and they are fighting against Carter. The face is even more difficult to see the extreme.

Nis.h.i.+zawa is holding his arms, and his mouth is always smiling, as if he is watching the screen like a play, and looking at Carter from time to time with a smug look.

Jerry did not escape Mike’s last attack. His armor fell to the ground like a lost model. The armor sh.e.l.l was full of broken traces. This is the armor that Jerry used in the battle, and one of the best mechs of the fifth s.h.i.+p’s unit. Now it is broken, so I am afraid I can’t fix it.

The protective system of Jerry’s mech was damaged during the last few attacks, so Jared was also injured and was carried out by the medical staff from the mech.

Mike came out from the test site and rushed to the front of Nis.h.i.+zawa. “The deputy dean, this new feature, you must let me use the third army. It is really cool to use. I have a feeling of possession of the G.o.d of war.” . ” ”

you really can not start it mildly, sc.r.a.pped the people of a mech, you let people go back to how cross Carthusian vice captain? “Caesar said this in the eyes with a smile, his tone did not blame meaning.

“Ah! Because it's so good that I didn't take it for a while." Mike scratched his head and said, like the big boy who made the mistake, said to Carter,

“I'm sorry, Captain Carter, I will pay attention next time. “”

Nis.h.i.+zawa patted Mike’s shoulder and said, “People are deputy captains. Even if they are not as good as people, they will not care about you with a soldier. What’s more, they have written that they are not allowed to hold anyone responsible for any responsibility in the war book, right? Captain?"

Carter's face couldn't tell what color it was, and he couldn't say a word of anger. How much time did the fifth unit spend preparing for this project, and how much money and personnel he invested, Carter The heart is the clearest thing. Now it is not a simple matter of sc.r.a.pping a mech, but the projects they have invested in so many projects are not worth mentioning in front of Qiao Chen's project. They were so high-profile before. Show off, now completely turned into a high-profile joke.

Gently glanced at Qiao Chen and Nis.h.i.+, and Carter took people away. On the way back, he had to think about how to talk to the captain to minimize his responsibilities.

Before Green walked, he also took a look at Qiao Chen and left with others. He was the person in charge of the project and successfully completed the project. They had done it many times at the base. In the actual experiment, the function after the completion is no problem. It is just a walk through the scene. Registering the exclusive possession of this function is the fifth s.h.i.+p’s force. Then they can celebrate the success of this project. It can be remembered a lot, but all the pictures that should be done after the success are all shattered by Joey. Although he does not have to pay any responsibility for this matter, because as the person in charge, he has made the project a success, but the fact that he is not as good as people makes him very unwilling.

In fact, the new functions developed by the Fifth Force are still very good if they are not compared with the new features developed by Qiao Chen. They are also worthy of showing and celebrating. However, compared with the functions developed by Qiao Chen, there is no value.

The so-called not afraid of not knowing the goods, is afraid of goods than goods, this is the truth.

Looking at the people who were in a messy face, the Nis.h.i.+zawa turned and said to Joey, “Do you know that it is not your problem now?”

Joey said with a smile. “You can’t decide that I have no problem because of a lucky success. Take a look.”

“It is good to find problems from yourself, but you can’t completely doubt yourself and take out your previous self-confidence.” Nis.h.i.+zawa encouraged.

Qiao Chen smiled and nodded.

Mike finally waited until he could interject the gap, and eagerly said to Nis.h.i.+zawa, “a.s.sociate Dean, you want to use this new function for our third army? Is it? Is it?”

“You an ordinary soldier also learned to grab Eat it? Are you learning bad with your captain? Why should I use it for your third army if I have a good project here? Tell you, this time I also…”

“What is it with?” I learned bad?”

The words of Nis.h.i.+zawa were not finished, but they were interrupted by another voice. When I heard this voice, Nis.h.i.+zawa had some headaches. Why did he meet him here?

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