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  Mech Engineers.. When

the new project developed by the fifth system of the system to the system (5) was not only defeated by Qiao Chen's own research and development project, but also lost a mech, the other troops watched the fifth army's jokes. He also sent people to contact Qiao Chen and wanted to get the technology and authorization to use the airborne positioning system from his hands.

Two days after the ruble, I really went to the home of Daisawa, but I didn't want to find the husband of Nis.h.i.+zawa, but I wanted to know about Qiaochen from Nis.h.i.+zawa. Of course, Nis.h.i.+zawa did not hide what he knew. Chen's real situation told the ruble.

“I tell you the truth, you can’t say that I don’t disclose the tone to you.” Nis.h.i.+zawa said, “Joy is the most talented student I have ever brought, but the genius will always be there. Some aspects are somewhat flawed. His character is more paranoid and his heart is more sensitive. However, this does not affect his ability. The fifth s.h.i.+p’s troops let him go. It is their loss. I am waiting to see how they will regret it. . ” ”

so, that person can still be used. “ruble thinking Caesar words.

“Can it be used? His talents should be the same as the ones that are placed in the army. I can tell you that there will not be a genius like him in the next few hundred years.” The tone affirmed that “his previous work at the Fifth Base was not smooth, but I believe that the responsibility is not on him. Otherwise, why did he recover from his ability to leave the Fifth Base?”

“You are his teacher, he I should listen to you. How do you advise him to come to work at our third base? I can’t treat him with anything. I will not treat him badly."

Nis.h.i.+zawa said, "The child used to be trapped in love and insisted on going to the fifth base. Now He came out of his feelings, and he was calm and calm in all aspects. He had deep feelings for his father, so he still can’t understand the fact that Aya did not marry someone else in his father’s death. His My father used to be your subordinate, so after leaving the fifth base, he is most likely to want to go to your third base. After all, it was where his father had been.”

Nis.h.i.+zawa stopped and thought about it. “You can send someone to talk to him. When you talk, you can mention his father a little, but don’t overdo it. I can help to persuade him a little, but this child. The personality is really quite awkward. Once it is decided that things will not change the mind easily, if you don’t want to, you should not always entangle him. It will only make him more repulsive to you.”

Qiao Chen is all the way. People can’t bother, but they don’t go out at home all day. Whoever comes to him will let the butler say he is not there. However, the call from the teacher, Qiao Chen, still has to be picked up. Qiao Chenying's invitation to the teacher's restaurant came to a restaurant in the college life area.

Into the European cla.s.sical style dining room, waiting for Qiao Chen’s addition to Nis.h.i.+zawa, there is another person.

Nis.h.i.+zawa gave an introduction to the two people. The man was the deputy captain of the Third s.h.i.+ps, Kade. He came to see Qiao Chen's purpose. He was naturally ordered to convince Qiao Chen to work at their third base.

Nis.h.i.+zawa said to Qiao Chen, “If you want to do more research and carry out more projects, the troops can provide you with better equipment and environment and what you need. Now that you have left the fifth base, I Think of the third foundation. You can think about it.”

“I have recently considered my next development. It is really like a teacher. Working at a military base is the best choice for every military mech engineer. I just choose Missed once, the second time had to be particularly cautious.”

“The meaning of our captain is that if you have any conditions that can be raised, we will negotiate together. If you are willing to go to our third fleet base, we will naturally give Your best treatment, the position of the chief engineer, needless to say, will definitely give you, if you can have a better performance at work, we will give higher treatment.”

Qiao Chen smiled Say, “Thank you, your captain can see me like this, to be honest, because the third fleet is where my father has been, so I want to go, but it is the least. Where I go, when I don’t want to work, I am still immersed in the pain of losing my father. But if your third s.h.i.+p unit can promise me a condition, I can go to work at your third s.h.i.+p base. I can also use this new function. Give it to you.”

Kaide and Nis.h.i.+zawa looked at each other and said, “Talk about your conditions.”

“I want my father’s mech z-801 to have full authority.”

Both Captain and Nis.h.i.+zawa were surprised by Qiao Chen’s request.

“Z-801 has been like a model since it was driven by your father last time. It has not been able to start it with a lot of methods, but even so, this mech is on our third s.h.i.+p. The army is also very important. If you give it to you, how do you want to deal with it?” Kade asked.

“Actually, I don’t think about how to deal with it now, but I can guarantee that I will not do anything bad for the third s.h.i.+p.”

Kade thought about it. ” Are you still have other requirements besides this?”

“No, I only have this request. If you agree, I can go to the third s.h.i.+p base and start working immediately.”

“You know that I can’t do this thing, so I will reply to you after I report to the captain .” How about?”

“Of course.”

After knowing Qiao Chen's request, the ruble personally asked him to talk. In Qiao Chen, he was willing to sign a written commitment to ensure that even if he got the right to deal with z-801, he would not After the mech caused damage and did not do anything to damage the Empire and the third s.h.i.+p, the ruble agreed with Qiao Chen's request.

On the day when Qiao Chen went to the third s.h.i.+p base to apply for the job, Nis.h.i.+ went with him, because the people at the third s.h.i.+p base were familiar with him. The minister of the engineering department was still the schoolmate of his study. Take care of Qiao Chen.

After Qiao Chen had a good entry procedure, the deputy captain and the engineering minister took Qiao Chen and Xize to the mech warehouse to see the z-801 mech. When they came to the mech warehouse, there were many onlookers on the second and third floor corridors. Soldiers, including the captain of the special operations team, Ole and his team members.

When the electric door of the compartment of the z-801 armor was opened and the conveyor belt was sent to the outside, Qiao Chen stepped forward and placed his hand on the silver-white smooth casing of the armor, and he felt a lot of emotion.

For Qiao Chen, the greatest remorse and anger in previous life was not that Green took away all the things and glory that should belong to him, but that he had to fight against Green and commit the biggest mistake of the past.

This mech, regardless of its internal shape and its function, is beyond the current technology. It was developed by the father’s lover. It was once the strongest armor of the empire, but it also brought disaster to the father’s lover. In order to get the technology to make this mech, other countries kidnapped the father’s lover, and finally the father’s lover and all the techniques related to this mech in the universe exploded into ashes.

My father has not forgotten to take revenge for many years. Even after he got married with Aya, his father's idea of ​​revenge has never been eliminated.

In the end, the father took revenge as he wished, at the expense of his own life and the retirement of this mech. But even if the mech is no longer able to start, there are still many people who want to study some of the above techniques. Captain Ruble is not completely destroyed for this mech, and a rule is made, who can start this mech, who is Have the qualification to study this mech.

However, the technology on this mech has surpa.s.sed the current technology for at least a few hundred years. No one has started the mech that has severely damaged the internal system, so fewer people pay attention to this mech.

In the past, Joey was unable to break free from Green’s imprisonment. He wanted to recover his dignity once. He spent two years studying the method of starting this mech, and finally he was successfully found. The method of this mech also got the right to study this mech.

But because he was too anxious at the time, this mech had a big problem and he didn’t fix it, and Green used his system to destroy Joey’s procedure for resetting this mech. So it made a considerable tragedy, but not this mech became a pile of broken pieces scattered in the universe, but also sacrificed thirty mechs.

Joey of the previous life has never recovered. He not only bears dozens of lives, but also accusations from all parties. Almost everyone said that he is not worthy of being a mech-fighting engineer. If he does not pay attention to this mech, he will not be destroyed. Losing this mech, I also lost the lives of dozens of people.

Qiao Chen used the lift to enter the c.o.c.kpit of the armor, touched the smooth mirror-like console, and the controllers on both sides of the seat. Qiao Chen felt that since this was a painful memory that he could not live alive in his previous life, then this must be thoroughly wiped. Go, even if this world can create this more powerful mech, he will never let the memory of the memory, but to completely change.

Since the previous life ended because of this mech, then this world began from this mech.

Qiao Chen used the system to restore the start-up procedure of the mech. In the past, he spent two years researching the startup method, so it is clear that the reason why this mech can not be started is as long as the system is repaired.

Nis.h.i.+zawa and the deputy captain stood waiting underneath. They thought that Qiao Chen was only missing his father inside, but when he saw the mech of the moment suddenly start, he subconsciously stepped back a few steps, with shock and incredulous eyes. Look up at the position of the c.o.c.kpit of the mech.

The soldiers on the corridor and on the side of the crowd were also quite surprised. Everyone saw the same shock from the eyes of the people nearby. How many engineers in this mech can not start the way, and this talent has been activated for a while?

Qiao Chen checked the controller of the mech and other places. It took some time to completely repair the mech, and he couldn’t fix the mech too quickly, lest people be too surprised. Caused doubt.

Closing the mech system, Qiao Chen walked out of the c.o.c.kpit and returned to the ground with the lift.

The deputy captain walked quickly to Qiao Chen and asked, “Have you started this mech?”

“Yes.” Qiao Chen nodded. He was only in the c.o.c.kpit, not who he was.

“Have you already studied the starting method of this mech?” Cade is still a little unbelievable, because Qiao Chen did not disclose such a message.

“My family has some information about my armor left by my father. I used it to study it.” Previously, Qiao Chen inadvertently found the information hidden by his father. After two years of research, he finally studied it. The method of starting this mech and repairing this mech is out, but now Qiao Chen, even without the information, can repair this mech faster and better than the previous life.

“What information did your father leave? Is that information enough to fix this mech?” Kade asked excitedly.

“Yes, but it will take some time,” said Qiao Chen.

“It doesn’t matter in time. After all, I have been waiting for so many years. If there is anything you need, we will try our best to satisfy you.” Kade's excitement is still not calm.

Caesar came Cade patted the shoulder and said “Well Cade, I can understand your feeling excited now, but whatever the outcome, also vice captain, alongside so many soldiers looking at it, whatever the outcome, you control your own emotions.”

In other The soldiers watched down, a few people left the mech, and Qiao Chen's work in the third fleet was officially settled and for a better reading experience, please go to buy genuine novels.

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