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Chapter 790: A New Fallen Evil
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"Run! It's a Fallen Evil!"

"He changed just a moment ago. Call the police, hurry, hurry!"

"He-Help, I, I sprained my ankle."

"He's coming, watch out!"


Roland followed the crowd out of the KFC store and found the restaurant next door was in a chaos. The diners all scrambled to the door, crowding together in the hallway leading to the only exit. Most people nearby turned around and fled the moment they heard a Fallen Evil appear, and some of them turned on their cellphone cameras to record what was happening while retreating from the scene. Only a few voluntarily stayed behind to help, carrying the people who got hurt or frozen in horror out of the dangerous place.

Phyllis burped and asked, "Didn't you say that this age is very safe?" She touched her full stomach, happiness lingering in her eyes, completely undisturbed by what was happening nearby.

"Ahem, this is just an accident. Don't worry," Roland said, feeling a little embarra.s.sed. He just wanted to have a meal outside, but this cruel Dream World chose to let its creator run into another attack instead of taking care of his emotions.

He also noticed the name "Fallen Evil". He had come across it repeatedly in news reports in recent days. He was not sure whether it was an illusion. It seemed that recently a growing number of people had awakened with the Force of Nature, but most of them had turned out to become monsters that were unable to control themselves.

He knitted his eyebrows, thinking of "the Erosion from an alien world" mentioned by Garcia two months ago.

Phyllis asked, "Who's our enemy? Do you need me to take care of it now? Or go to find Zero first?"

Roland turned to look at the park behind them and shook his head. "She'll be safe staying there. Let's kill this monster first." He still remembered the first attack he had encountered in this Dream World. The moment he had met the burnt-face man, the strange man had made it clear that he had been trying to lure and kill martialists. Given this, Roland thought it was not a good choice to leave this enemy here.

More importantly, he really liked the queer sense of replenishment he had got when the Magic Cyclone of the Fallen Evil had disappeared in his hand, as though a gust of warmth had filled his body and made him feel more energetic and powerful.

"The enemy is probably a new Fallen Evil. You can consider it as a hybrid demonic beast. The Force of Nature protects it from all ordinary weapons. Given that, you've got to use the same force to defeat it."

"The Force of Nature?"

"Yes, it's the magic power in this world except that it has no gender restriction here. Look at me." Roland bent to pick up a stone. He summoned the flowing energy in his body and then pulverised the stone.

Phyllis was startled. "You've... become an awakened."

Roland nodded with a completely straight face, but meanwhile secretly took pride in the extraordinary power he had obtained in this world. He explained to her, "But, unfortunately, my power is only effective in this Dream World."

The ancient witch was so impressed that she exclaimed, "You're not common in either of the two worlds."

"We must hide and attract the monster to a secluded place to kill it. These two chain stores must have hallways connected to the indoor shopping mall behind them. Let's go."

Roland and Phyllis went back to the KFC store and found a door leading to the shopping mall in its staff area. As he had expected, the loud bang had scared most shoppers away. They only saw a mess behind the door.

Instead of getting into the McDonald's where the Fallen Evil had awakened, he asked Phyllis to summon her Blade Claws and release her magic power in the mall. Based on what he knew, a Fallen Evil would sense the power and eagerly run after it. The burnt-face man had been attracted by him in this way and had even mistaken him as a martialist.

Soon, with a loud explosion, the back door of the McDonald's was torn apart. A roaring man rushed out of its staff area in the smoke and darted at Phyllis without a word.

As the miraculous power had drastically improved Roland's dynamic vision and reaction speed, he clearly captured the appearance of the enemy. Different from the burnt-face man, this Fallen Evil's red cyclone in his left hand was much smaller and dimmer. That meant he had just awakened. This time, Roland did not feel a strong thirst for this newly awakened Fallen Evil' cyclone, since the circulating speed of the warm current in his body did not significantly accelerate.

According to their plan, Roland and Phyllis were going to drag this man into the KFC first. However, he suddenly stretched his left arm toward Phyllis and opened his left palm.

In an instant, the air in front of the Taquila witch expanded rapidly, creating surging waves visible to naked eyes. Roland had a chance to escape from the coming explosion, but he still decided to stay behind Phyllis to protect her, since the latter did not have a strong G.o.d's Punishment Warrior body in this world. The explosion sent them flying toward the KFC's kitchen. He caught her from the back, cus.h.i.+oning the blow for her.

The blast sent them through a wall built with soundproof panels before they fell heavily to the ground near the KFC counter.

Covered by dust, Roland coughed and then tried to slightly move his lower back. He found that his resilience seemed to increase together with his strength, as he felt alright except for some numbness at this moment.

Meanwhile, he was surprised by this Fallen Evil's ability. No hybrid demonic beast in the real world had any attacking method like this, and even the burnt-face man who seemed to be more powerful had not revealed similar ability in the last attack he had met in this Dream World.

He looked at the witch in his arms. "Are you alright?"

"Sorry... I was too careless, but trust me, the fight will end soon." Phyllis lowered her head while slowly getting on her feet. The cheap short-sleeved s.h.i.+rt she wore had several tears, and one of her claws on the back was broken. Apparently, she had used these claws as a s.h.i.+eld to protect herself in the explosion.

Before long, the Fallen Evil walked into the KFC, breathing heavily. As soon as he saw Phyllis, he smiled ferociously and stretched his arm toward her again. "Time to die, martialist!"

At this moment, he did not notice that the broken claw at his feet was not dead yet. Instead, it sprang up from the ground all of a sudden and struck at his neck.

With a flash of a dim light, the ferocious smile of the Fallen Evil froze. His head slowly slid to the side, hitting the ground like a ragged bag, and his blood spurted from his broken neck.

Phyllis immediately controlled the broken claw to cut off the man's left arm and precisely slit the arm to take out his Magic Vortex.

The headless body finally crumpled down to the ground.

"As long as a broken claw is within a distance of 10 steps, I can still control it. For my enemies, it'll be even more dangerous than the intact claws. Since most of them never expect those broken claws to move again, they can seldom escape from this kind of fatal strikes from the back." She smiled and handed the crimson vortex to Roland. "Is this the Force of Nature you said?"

"Yes, it's like a Magic Cyclone, isn't it?" Roland had noticed that the vortex had stopped twirling the moment it had left the Fallen Evil and had become something like a s.h.i.+ning gemstone. It remained to be so in Phyllis' hand. However, when he picked it up, it started to twirl rapidly again, its color changing from red to light blue. In the end, it turned into a beam of dazzling light shooting toward the roof and then become a silver thread gradually disappearing into the air.

He felt greatly satisfied again, as the warm current inside his body began to calm down.

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