Shiniki No Campiones Volume 4 Chapter 5


Shiniki No Campiones Novel

Chapter 5 - Circle of Death and Rebirth 1

「Oooooh! This feels really good-!」

「Yep. This might be the most fun since we came to this world-!」

They were above the 『yacth』 cutting through the waves jauntily.

Ren and Fumika were both smiling. They were feeling the sea breeze das.h.i.+ng over their body while advancing through the sea of Hyperborea in quite high speed. It was an invigorating feeling that might become a habit.

The yacht was fast enough even for the sense of modern people who knew about the speed of modern boat.

The present from Byakuren Ou - Luo Cuilian──

Worthy of special mention was how it was completely a wooden s.h.i.+p.

It wasn't an ancient s.h.i.+p that was made by sticking animal skin on wood framework. This s.h.i.+p might be created from scratch under the instruction of Luo Cuilian who was outstanding even in the aspect of knowledge.

Or, perhaps it was summoned *poof* from somewhere using magic.

Yes, magic. Amazingly this yacht was also a magic s.h.i.+p.

「Fufufufu! It's the best that it will automatically move until the destination! Rokuharsan, it's really great that we received something good!」

Fumika was also being all smiles.

They were also given the map of Hyperborea and compa.s.s as a set with this s.h.i.+p.

The compa.s.s wasn't written with N and S, but with the four directions of 東East, 西West, 南South, and 北North. It was an antique that seemed to be really ancient.

By putting the compa.s.s on their destination on the map, the magic s.h.i.+p would automatically advance.

Furhtermore if they put on the sail, favorable wind would blow from somewhere. Thanks to that the s.h.i.+p guaranteed invigorating speed constantly. As expected from the belonging of Byakuren Ou.

「But, our destination is inland.」

Ren stared at the area map and muttered.

Islands of various size were dotting here and there within a vast sea.

They were aiming at one island that was noticeably large. It seemed that an entrance to underworld was opened there. The sun G.o.d Apollo brought Ca.s.sandra into that entrance──.

「Well, let's think about it when we reach the land.」

Other than water and food, things like gold dust were also loaded inside the s.h.i.+p.

These too were farewell gift from Byakuren Ou. They should be able to do various things with them.

「Looks like we'll be really busy later. Please take care of me okay, Fumi-chan.」

「Fu, fueh!?」

When Ren grinned at her, for some reason Fumika was getting fl.u.s.tered. Ren asked him.

「What's wrong? Did I say something strange?」

「N, no. It's my first time getting called with a nickname by a man, so it surprised me.」

Fumika was embarra.s.sed. Ren spoke calmly.

「I'm your big sister's fiancée, so it should be fine. I'll stop if you don't like it though.」

「I, I don't really hate it.」

「Great. Ah, you can also call me Onii-chan or the like you know?」

「I, is that so. O-o-o-o-onii-sa──as I thought it's no good. It's embarra.s.sing……」

「Hahahaha. Well, you can call me anything you like if you change your mind.」

Fumika looked down in embarra.s.sment. She was really adorable.

Ren thought of her charmingly. But a grudging thought was transmitted to his heart from afar.

(How nice, it looks like you all are having fun over there……)

(Riona huh. How about you there?)

(It's the worst! I never thought that I'll become like Krillin joining turtle hermit school at this age! That master is demon! She is a power hara.s.sment machine without any human emotion!)

(You have it rough there.)

(Both I and Rokuharsan took that person too lightly……)

Riona's dark thought was transmitted to him.

It was a communication using G.o.ddess Nike's authority, the Contract of Wings. However, for a monster that was able to corner the reincarnation of Yatagarasu with the att.i.tude of her majesty the queen to this degree to exist──.

For now, Ren changed the topic.

(Right right. This morning, about what you said when we parted.)

(About Atlantis?)

(Yep. What do you mean by that?)

(You know, when we charged into the homes of Hyperborea people asking 『let us stay here tonight!』. We saw it several times didn't we? Treasures that are out of place compared to the civilization level of this world. Like silver items with sparkling jewels embedded all over it, , or bra.s.s chalice.)

(Now that you mentioned it, there were things like that.)

(The owners said that they were 『washed away from the sea』 or 『picked up from the bottom of the sea』. In other words at Hyperborea in the past──)

(There was a civilization that sunk into the sea?)

(Yes. If that's the case, then this is where the continent Atlantis that sunk into the sea comes in. That legend was left behind by a philosopher of ancient Greece, Plato. He wrote in his book Timaeus. 『When the G.o.ds cleansed the land with flood, all the cattlemen and shepherds on the mountain were saved, but the people in the city were all washed away』 it said……)

Riona continued her inquiry further.

(And then the fantasy metal orichalc.u.m that was said to exist in Atlantis. Actually, this metal is an alloy that we know today as bra.s.s……. There is also that kind of theory.)

(Then, this world is Atlantis as expected──)

(But, there's also a possibility that the legend of Atlantis itself is just a fiction that Plato wrote.)


Ren felt let-down. But, he felt that Riona was smirking at faraway.

(Do you forget, Rokuharsan? A flood also occurred at the end of Trojam War. It also almost happened at Norse mythology's Ragnarok. Noah's ark that came out in the story of Ararat Mountain was also one of flood myths. Perhaps, one of that kind of myth is the original material of Atlantis.)

Ren noticed when she pointed that out.

(You're right. Certainly, there was a lot of flood at the worlds that I visited!)

(A great flood destroying the world──. It's a motif that circulated a lot throughout the world. Most likely it was the migration of people talking Indo-European languages that spread it out. And then, this Hyperborea is the "aftermath" of that kind of flood myth……)


(In other words perhaps this world is 『the world after Atlantis (temp) was sunk by a great flood』.)

(So that's how it is!)

(This is still nothing more than a hypothesis though. That's why I want some clue. If there is some kind of new discovery, please tell me. Also, remember to immediately call me at the crucial moment. I'll fly away from this island no matter what the honorable master say and hurriedly join the fight over there!)

The reason why Riona didn't firmly refuse becoming a disciple. In short it was because 『she could talk with him anytime like this, and it also wouldn't be difficult to meet up by flying』. However.


(Did something happen, Riona?)

(N, no. A slightly strange feeling is──don't tell me! Honorable master!?)


It was so sudden. There was no reply even when he sent his thought.

Fumika seemed to think it was strange that Ren was completely silent during the telepathy. She called out to him.

「What's the matter Rokuharsan?」

「My connection with Riona is──cut off. It's like a phone call getting disconnected.」


「Could this be, Luo Hao-san's work?」

Ren tilted his head in front of the surprised Fumika.

Then a slight weight was added on his left shoulder. The small G.o.ddess Stella appeared.

「That must be it. If it's that woman, there's no doubt that she can also do something like that. But, more importantly right now──look over there. Stop the s.h.i.+p too!」

Ren hurriedly lowered down the yacht's sail with Fumika's cooperation.

The favorable wind that came from who knew where stopped, the boat's speed was also getting slow.

And then, ahead of where Stella pointed──there was an animal's corpse drifting lightly on the sea. It was a really big bull with golden fur.

Stella yelled.

「The swelling of the divine force isn't normal. It's starting!」



Under the gaze of the three of them, the expansion began.

The corpse of the bull drifting on the sea bloated up, and it became an island. They finally reencountered this miracle since their second day in Hyperborea.

An island that was covered with greenery and had animals and birds living on it was born in around one hour──.

Stella muttered to herself after witnessing such divine mystery.

「Animal sacrifice……. With the death of a sacred beast that raise up land, the land in this world is expanded. So Hyperborea is that kind of sanctuary!」

「Fuwaa, it was shockiing.」

「Come to think of it, until now we always got Riona carrying us through the sky.」

Ren muttered beside Fumika who was watching with her eyes opened wide.

「Because of that we didn't notice the corpse of animal drifting on the sea! I've to report this to Riona right away!」

However, no matter how hard he sent this thought──

There was no reply from his fiancée. The connection of Rokuhara Ren and Toba Riona was obviously severed. Most likely it was an interference from Luo Cuilian…….

In the end, they continued the sea voyage with his link to Riona still severed.

On the way Stella pointed at the sea surface once more. The corpse of animal drifting at where she pointed bloated up against while they were watching and became an island.

「But the corpse just now, rather than animal it looked like a "caterpillar".」

「Ye, yes-. It had a lot of legs like centipede, it was really disgusting!」

Ren and Fumika said. Stella told them with a sour look.

「That too was also an animal of sacrifice. An offering that was offered as sacrifice for the creation of heaven and earth……or it should be.」

「Should be?」

「You're annoying. Somehow I'm getting a clear picture of what kind of place this world is. I'll teach you, so shut up for a bit!」

It seemed that Stella sensed various things using her spiritual instinct as G.o.ddess.

However she wasn't a G.o.d of wisdom by any means. The G.o.ddess of beauty and love made a complicated expression for a while in thought, then she suddenly opened her mouth.

「Ren. Do you remember about the unsophisticated Midgard? Regarding the origin of that world, the bird girl talked about it as though she had seen it from somewhere wasn't it?」


「At the time when Midgard had just been born and there wasn't even any sea or land. One giant died and the corpse became a land, the flowing out blood became a sea──. G.o.ds and new giants were also born from that corpse……that story.」

「Aa. Certainly she said something like that.」

「We are right now witness the same thing like that.」

「What do you mean?」

「At Midgard a giant died and became a continent. In Hyperborea, bull or insect died and created island. In short the difference is only the scale. With the dead of animal of sacrifice, their corpse became land. ……Actually this kind of story exists everywhere in mythological world.」


「……While we're talking, another animal is drifting this way.」

Stella suddenly pointed at the sea surface.

A soft and flabby meat lump with indeterminate form was floating this way. From a glance, Fumika commented with shuddering expression.

「Uuu-. It look a bit like starfish, it's a bit disgusting.」

「Is that so? That thing, depending on how you look at it, it can look like 『human』 you know?」

Ren tried focusing on the meat lump after the small G.o.ddess pointed out.

Certainly there were four protuberances on the meat lump that looked like arms and legs…….

And then at the second day of the sea voyage in the afternoon, they arrived at a large port city.

Over there a hero who seemed to be the sun G.o.d Apollo was a hot topic of the town.

Ren heard about the hero's destination without any trouble at all, then he obtained a horse carriage in exchange of gold dust. He also got a guide to take them until the cave where the one who expanded the land and his group disappeared into──.

The land travel ended safely without any accident.

「We arrive.」

「Uuuu-. My stomach is getting hurt again~」

Thus Rokuhara Ren and his companions came in front of a large cave.

It was said to be an entrance that was connected to the underworld at the depth of earth. In fact, a scent that should be called as sweet rotten smell was drifting from inside the cave.

This was undoubtedly miasma. He had experienced this too in the uproar of Yomotsuhirasaka.

For normal human, their life might be in danger if they breathed it in. However, it wasn't a threat against the G.o.dslayer, the tiny G.o.ddess, and Tamayori Hime──.

「Let's go.」

Ren stood at the front with a torch in hand.

Stella sat on his left shoulder, while right behind him Fumika was following with a fearful look.

Around one hour pa.s.sed in order for them to get through the cave that was locked in darkness.

They arrived at a grey colored wasteland. Dry sand was floating in the air thickly. Sometimes there would rock mountain. The sky had poisonous purple color.

And then the dry ground was full of fissures as far as they could see──.

「It looks like an outrageously great earthquake has just occurred here.」

Ren muttered.

Cracks were running to every direction on the ground before them like st.i.tches.

There were fissures that even children could jump over, but there were also parts where the ground was opened for more than ten meter wide. There were protuberances here and there, making the ground uneven.

It wasn't a ground where they could walk properly──and then when they were at a loss of where to go.

A roar of a demon beast resounded.


A gigantic snake crawled out from a remarkably large fissure──no. It had limbs like lizard and wings growing from its back that looked like bat's wings.

「Drdrdrdrdra, dragon! I finally encountered one in reality~!」

「What, that dragon!? It's really full of murderous intent! A mere land dragon is intending to harm this daughter of sea and land Aphrodite!?」

Fumika was shouting with a tearful voice, while Stella was feeling indignation. And then Ren was──

「So its target is me!」

The land dragon which was a giant monster was looking down on him grimly.

It was a gaze that was filled with ominous killing intent. Fumika quickly screamed.

「Fumikchan you find shelter! It look really strong but, I thinkI won't have a hard time against it. I'll take care of it quickly!」

「Ye, yes-」

「Be careful Ren-. That dragon is a bit strange!」

Fumika ran away, while Stella fused with Ren's body.

At that time, Ren quickly entered his accelerated state. Suddenly the land dragon swung down its front leg to crush him. Naturally he dodged.


Four large claws that were like long sword came down. Of course he dodged.


He also skillfully dodged the blue flame the land dragon breathed by instantly jumping back for more than ten meters. However.

「My body feel heavy somehow……?」

The dragon swung around its large tail.

If it hit, Ren's tiny body would be mowed down and grinded to paste.

He immediately jumped in evasion. When he landed, the land dragon's claw, fire breath, tail, and neck stretched out toward him to bite──

Ren dodged, dodged, he dodged everything with his G.o.dspeed escaping feet.

During this time, he was feeling an uncomfortable feeling all the time.

His feet and body were gradually getting heavier. Sharpness and speed were also disappearing from his movement.

「What's with this!?」

Even though the land dragon's front leg should be swung down in slow motion.

It approached *byuu!* like lightning and Ren got hit directly. The dragon's four claws were long and sharp like iron sword.

Ren──felt his torso and limbs tore to pieces.


Thus, Rokuhara Ren was torn into pieces.

The torso that was ripped up gruesomely and his neck above were separated from each other. His four limbs were also torn away to somewhere. He was turned into quite the splatter.

Fresh blood was spreading like a bog. There was no more light within the opened pupils.

And then──no, regardless of that, Ren was thinking hecticly.

(It got me. Will I die like this……wait, eh?)

Ren's flesh body was torn into pieces.

And yet, Ren's brain was still working──

(No, wrong!)

Right now he was looking down to the ground from the sky.

The ground of the underworld that was full of cracks and fissures. On the ground was 『fragments of Rokuhara Ren's body』 that were scattered to everywhere. And then the land dragon. The terrifying monster finally stopped its rage and calmly stared at the flesh of the man it tore to pieces.

Yes. Rokuhara Ren was undoubtedly dead on the ground just as his appearance suggested.

In that case, what was his current self that was overlooking everything from the sky?

Floating lightly in the air was a youngster who looked exactly the same like Rokuhara Ren when he was alive. For some reason he was stark naked and his body was half transparent.

It was like he was a soul that was separated from his flesh body……. Ren was astonished.

(Could it be I, became a ghost like Umayado no Ouji!?)

(That's right Ren.)

A reply came from right beside him in respond to his talk to himself.

When he looked there, Stella was also floating beside him. Her minimum body that was thirty centimeter tall wasn't covered by even a single string, her white naked skin was halfway transparent──.

Stella or G.o.ddess of love Aphrodite. She and Ren were one in body and heart.

She ended up in a same state like this because Ren's body became like that. Stella told him.

(But if I have to add, you are in the stage of 『almost becoming a ghost』. If your revival finishes without any problem like this, then your soul will return to your flesh body.)

(Revival you say?)

Ren was floating in the air while talking with the small G.o.ddess.

(Is that, because I'm someone who killed a G.o.d?)

(That's not a bad guess. Listen well. The underworld of this Hyperborea you see, it's a place where the 『death and revival』 of the heroes are determined by the string of fate and repeated as though it's inevitable.)

Stella spoke of the principle of the world with a solemn look.

It was extremely rare but, there were times when she showed a dignity befitting her status as G.o.ddess.

(That's why, "someone with power" who visited the depth of the earth will inevitably visited by hards.h.i.+p and lose unless they are blessed by a great fortune. Ren, a G.o.dslayer like you are recognized by the 《fate manipulating string》 that rule over this Hyperborea──that you are someone with power.)

(Even though I'm not even a G.o.d?)

(Yes. War G.o.d, hero, devil, and then G.o.dslayer. Existence who make other people submit with their power will equally become a target of the 『death and rebirth. This place is that kind of sanctuary.』

As expected, even this debauched G.o.ddess was also one of the transcendental G.o.ds.

She was talking smoothly with dignified tone.

(This death in the end is the beginning of resurrection. Just as the fate determined, Rokuhara Ren's felsh body will begin to revive one day……is how it is but)

Here Stella suddenly became "

(The revival, might not begin. I guess it's a slightly tricky line……)

(Eh? Isn't it already determined by fate!?)

(This is in the end a divine matter. The string that is manipulating fate is making it easier to reproduce 《the tale of hero who overcome tribulation and conquer even death》──. Ren and I visited this place without any preparation whatsoever and got killed so……)

Stella mumbled wearily. Ren asked.

(It's bad if there's no preparation?)

(It's bad. As I thought, I think we should have prepared beforehand things like burial accessories, or souls of va.s.sal and believer, or sacrifice in order to promote the revival of a great one.)

(Uwaa. I wish I know that sooner!)

(I, it can't be helped-. I too have all these things finally clicked in my mind only after coming all the way to this depth of earth!)

Stella who returned to her usual mood and Ren were getting all fl.u.s.tered together.

Right now the two of them were floating in the air as ghost. Below was Rokuhara Ren that got torn into pieces on the cracked ground. And then, the land dragon that finally crouched and rested its body──.

Ren immediately suggested.

(That's right. Let's use the Circle of Friends.h.i.+p. We'll call a friend to help us!)

(That'll be difficult. Our authority belongs to both the physical body and the soul. With one of them destroyed, we won't be able to exert considerable strength. Even if we call G.o.ddess Aphrodite's friend, if it's not someone who is really nearby──)

Stella gasped and looked down to the ground.

Rose colored light was slightly emitted from the whole body of the slender tiny G.o.ddess.

(Hey, you! If it's alright please lends your strength to Rokuhara Ren and Aphrodite! So that we can revive once more──!)

(Eh? Why are you relying on that guy?)

Ren pointed at the land dragon and questioned.

It was lying face down and coiled like a snake. The monster that suddenly attacked Rokuhara Ren and tore him into pieces.

(That's the culprit who killed us!)

(It was only manipulated by the string of fate. In order to reenact the 『death and rebirt of one with power』. But the dragons and snakes living at the depth of earth are originally Aphrodite's sworn friends!)

Stella declared strongly.

(Remember! G.o.ddesses like us are daughter of water and land. We're willowy ladies and embodiment of beauty and love. But, actually──we will also transform into terrifying demon beast too sometimes. Into monsters like dragon, serpent, gorgon, or the like!)

(Eh? Stella also has that kind of monster form!?)

(Of course! Well, now that I become one with Ren I also cannot do that kind of transformation, but that kind of dragon and snake is like our relatives. It should be really easy to ask them to lend us their help──!)

Sure enough, the land dragon was slowly rising up.

Completely different from before, it was looking at the spirit body of Stella and Ren that were floating in the air with a gentle gaze. It opened its mouth greatly.

A light sphere that was s.h.i.+ning green was let out from its mouth that had sharp fangs lined up.

The moment they were swallowed by that light, Ren felt his spirit body was filled with something that should be called as 『wave of strength』.

(Amazing. I felt power charging me rapidly……)

(That land dragon shared its vitality with us! But Ren, this is a power that transform compa.s.sionate earth mother G.o.ddess into terrifying dragon. Be careful that you don't get controlled by it!)

Seven days and seven nights pa.s.sed since the 『death』 of the radiant Apollo.

During that time, the souls of the people who died together with him didn't leave but stayed beside their lord. Which was, beside the remains that were torn apart.

The souls of people who followed their lord to the grave were crying and yelling as much as they could.

O radiant G.o.d, please come back to life.

O long shooting G.o.d, please come back to life.

We are praying for your revival. Praying. Praying. Praying!

That prayers and lamentations created a force field that called in the determined fate. And then, that time finally came.

Seven days and seven nights pa.s.sed since the fate of death. He slowly lifted up his body.

The radiant Apollo wasn't in pieces anymore. There wasn't a single scratch on his muscular tall body. His body was covered with lithe and tough muscles.

He was wearing white garment combined with a red mantle, and golden gauntlets.

In his hand was a silver bow. It was a tool that Apollo was the most skilled at along with lyre.

「Fufufu. My ambition is finally completed.」

Apollo made a ruffian smile.

His forehead was decorated with hair ornament of laurel leaves. His appearance wasn't any different from before──no. Right now Apollo's whole body was enveloped in silver aura.

『Splendid. I shall confer the words of blessing to Apollo who obtain even brighter divine light.』

「G.o.ddess Athena huh.」

There was a withered tree in this underworld. An owl was perching on its branch.

「I'm honored that you purposefully sent a messenger here. How is your journey doing?」

『I am also having no problem. One day I too will accomplish my ambition.』

Athena borrowed the owl's beak to let out a meaningful chuckle.

『Kukukuku. Come to think of it, Orpheus who descended to the underworld despite being only a minstrel. A man who liberated her dead wife from the world of the dead……. It seems that man was actually a priest of the sun G.o.d Apollo wasn't it?』

「So you knew.」

Apollo smiled.

「Indeed. That person obeyed "the way to walk the underworld" that I taught him and fulfilled his wish.」

『You were also the one who killed the sacred bull. Just like how the G.o.ds who possessed the name Mithra, Mitra did so……. O radiant one, you were also《a G.o.d of light who came from the east》 in the past.』

MIthra. Mitra. Maitreya.

The G.o.ds who were wors.h.i.+pped at the far east from the land of ancient Greece.

Athena talked as though singing those names. Apollo laughed.

「It makes me bashful that a great G.o.ddess like you know about my origin!」

『Athena is a G.o.ddess of wisdom. How can I not know that much.』

「Hahahaha, certainly. ……Now then, I shall begin the finis.h.i.+ng touch. It's finally the time for me to obtain the flame of destruction.」

『Umu. But, listen to this before that. A sign of bad luck has appeared above your head.』


『Don't let your guard down until you remove every obstruction. May the fortunes of war be with you.』

The owl only said that before disappearing.

Apollo muttered 「Fumu」, then he slowly looked behind. He could see a young man walking straight toward him.

Of course, it was his old acquaintance,  a young man who didn't have a single wound on his body.

「So it's you as I thought, G.o.dslaying beast.」

The one who came was that person, Rokuhara Ren.

However unlike before, he was giving off a terrible killing intent. His gaze was sharp and stared grimly at Apollo.

His face looked awfully violent. Apollo noticed from a glance.

「Even though you departed later than me, you already finished the death and rebirth. It seemed that a really powerful divine spirit gave you their a.s.sistance.」

The G.o.dslayer called Rokuhara Ren was always easygoing.

However right now he was having a murderous look that he had never showed before. His whole body was bursting with undulating power.

「Fufu. It's good that you held on to your life but──aren't you being too high spirited?」

In contrast Apollo was elegantly smiling till the end.


(Ren! Isn't it better to calm down a bit!?)

Stella's voice pleaded in his ear. Her appearance wasn't visible. She was warning him from the inside even while being fused with Rokuhara Ren's body.

In respond to the worried small G.o.ddess, Ren replied to her coldly with a tone that was "unlike him".

「……It's fine. I'm, calm enough.」

Right now, sun G.o.d Apollo was in front of him. He finally found him.

Ren's gaze that was glaring at the radiant handsome youth was so dangerous it surprised even himself.

「What happen with Ca.s.sandra?」

「Who knows. I only revived just now. It's not a question that I can answer. But, I still have no intention to return that princess to you. I ask you to leave.」

「Then──I'll just take her back with brute force.」

Ren spoke with a cold tone again.

In fact, his heart was feeling the coldest he had ever felt. If it was now he could sock Apollo's handsome face with his right straight without even a twitch in his eyebrow. And then, he would crush that suspicious nonchalant look into a mess.

After that he would bite his throat and tore his carotid artery──.

He had that kind of dangerous feeling. His instinct wouldn't stop seeking for a hunt and strife.

And yet despite that, there was no sensation that『his blood was boiling』. It was the opposite. The blood in his whole body was freezing. In order to warm himself he wanted to consign his enemy to oblivion and showered his head with their blood…….

Ren thought. Perhaps.

The『snakes』 that were cold blooded animal and also hunter might be fighting with this kind of feeling.

This must be the influence from the vitality that he received from the land dragon before this. Rokuhara Rne right now was changing into an existence that should be called "cold blooded predator"──.

「Then, here I come.」

Ren shortly said and started walking carelessly.

He was stepping forward with brisk pace straight toward Apollo from the front. He didn't even put up any guard and his hands were limply dangling down

「You're being really defenseless there!」

(Be careful! Apollo was the G.o.d who invented boxing!)

The long shooting sun G.o.d punched with a left straight toward the approaching Ren.

The left fist that was holding the silver bow punched as it was. And then Stella yelled from inside Rokuhara Ren──the next moment.

*G!* Ren dealt a counterattack at Apollo from behind!


「Amazing. You don't fall from the counter just now. As expected from a G.o.d.」

Although Apollo pitched forward, he braced his legs and avoided falling.

And then, Ren was standing behind the sun G.o.d. He had just dealt Nemesis's Retributive Justice just now. He activated his G.o.dspeed and circled behind, and then he sent the power of the left straight to the back of the head of the youthful G.o.d.

If it was a human, that strike to the back of the head and rain would be a matter of life and death.

But, Apollo turned around calmly and nocked arrow of light on his silver bow.

「I see, so you give no mercy!」

*Hyun, hyun, hyun, hyun, hyun, hyun!*

He fired arrows rapidly from close distance. He summoned arrows, nocked them, pulled the string, and fired. Even though four motions were needed for each shot, his rapid firing speed was like machine.

If it was the usual Ren then he would dodge while piling up "stock" of Retributive Justice.

But, right now he couldn't go against his impulse to attack──!

「I ask for the judgment of justice right here!」

His right hand with its middle finger and index finger jointed together flashed to every direction.

He pressed the arrowhead of the light arrows approaching him with the two fingers of Nemesis. Then all the arrows were rebounding back toward their shooter Apollo.

The track that was drawn by the two fingers moving in G.o.dspeed was just like lighting that was rus.h.i.+ng through the air.


Apollo was shocked. His whole body was surrounded by jet black mist.

The rain of arrows returning to him was wholly swallowed by the mysterious mist. As expected from the G.o.d who boasted the greatest fighting prowess in Olympus.

「That's a way of fighting that is unlike you, Rokuhara Ren.」

「Do you know about me so well that you can say something like that?」

「I know. When I saw you in the battle of Troia, I secretly felt an omen of confrontation. Since then, I came to observe you at every opportunity.」

Apollo was making his usual ruffian smile.

「So that I'll be able to thoroughly beat you down no matter what time or situation it is.」

「So you've finished researching me. Apollo-san is really hardworking huh.」

Riona called him as the heaven-sent child of reasoning.

In that case, the G.o.dslaying beast ought to follow their wildness to the end. Especially because Rokuhara Ren right now had obtained the vitality of dragon and his killing instinct was heightened to an unprecedented degree.

He licked his lips briefly.

It was truly an act of licking one's lips.

On the other hand, sun G.o.d Apollo was nodding with perfect composure.

「I see. It seems you right now aren't the Rokuhara Ren I know. You're changing into a man who is more dangerous than usual after obtaining an unusual strength in an unusual time.」

「Thank you for the praise. Will my counter be enough to show my thanks?」

「No, that wasn't a praise.」

Apollo grinned.

「I'm simply unable to see your pace right now because of that unusual strength. And then, this place is the underworld that spread out at the depth of earth──there is also a power that Apollo can use because of that……」

「What did you say!?」

「O land, answer the son of G.o.ddess Leto and also one who is walking the country of the dead Apollo!」

Apollo chanted the words of power loudly.

Then the ground was shaking, and one, two, three, countless large fissures were forming.

In addition the ground was fiercely undulating, ripping open, then landslide occurred.

Ren was swallowed up by that raging quake and slipped off along with the earth and sand──.


(Come to think of it, Apollo's mother is a G.o.ddess of land Leto!)

Stella yelled inside Ren.

(When she gave birth to him, she intentionally hid underground. And then, the place we're at right now is the underworld that spread at the depth of earth──! If it's here then he can also use the authority of land as Leto's son!)

The skillfulness in tactic to deal with frenzied G.o.dslayer.

As expected from Apollo. Rokuhara Ren was made to taste his villainous method and fell deep into the earth while being swallowed by landslide.

He also tried to heighten the magic power he had to maximum to oppose Apollo's authority.

However, it was already too late. Ren's field of vision was filled with blackness by the earth and sand falling down on him.

「It's finished unexpectedly quick.」

Apollo was satisfied that the obstruction was removed.

He stared at the ground that became cracked and fissured everywhere and also excessively rugged due to protrusions and landslides. Rokuhara Ren was falling『underneath』 this.

He could also meet his attack in a direct confrontation, but the time was bad.

Apollo who had only just revived had something that he had to prioritize.

「Now, let's go. I have to hunt a beast once more.」

Apollo turned his back on the battlefield with Rokuhara Ren and walked away.

It wasn't enough to just revive. He had to accomplish his revenge against the great enemy that levied the trial of『death』 on him before his mission was accomplished for the first time.

After that he would line up a lot of offering──

「Oo Paean. The ceremony of fire is near. I'm the one who offer the sacrifice of a hundred bulls. The one who expand the land and illuminate the heaven and earth with fire and light……」

Apollo hummed the eulogy about himself.


'I see'. Ren learned his own weak point through unforeseen form.

He was suddenly swallowed up by a sudden landslide and got buried alive. He couldn't evacuate using Nemesis's authority. At that time Apollo interfered with the ground itself. He didn't make any move toward Ren himself.

G.o.ddess Nemesis's G.o.dspeed till the end was a measure of『when he was attacked by other』.

No. Ren rethought.

Even if that was the case, if it was the usual him──the Rokuhara Ren who would prioritize evasion and escape first, wouldn't he be able to activate his G.o.dspeed escape in a hair's breadth?

However, at that time his focus tilted too much toward attacking that he couldn't protect himself…….

Apollo must have calculated until that far.

Thus Rokuhara Ren was buried underground.

His whole body was weighed down by soil. He even tasted gravel inside his mouth. He could only see darkness. He could only smell soil. There was no future for him other than getting crushed to death like this or ran out of breath──


Ren suddenly noticed.

(It's not that hard to breath……)

(That's right Ren.)

Stella who was fused with him sent him her thought.

(It seems that you finally tame down the land dragon's vitality.)

(Ah, yeah. Looks like my head cool down a bit from getting buried alive. But, even though it feels like I'm buried underground from my head until my toes, why am I all right like this!?)

(Obviously. You got the vitality of land dragon shared with you.)

Stella was completely composed compared to the perplexed Ren.

(The vitality of a beast living at the depth of earth is dwelling inside your body, so there is no way you will die even if you sunk into earth. Thanks to that you narrowly escaped death.)

The devil's luck of Rokuhara Ren and Stella hadn't run out yet it seemed.

However because he was buried underground, he couldn't even move a finger. His body couldn't even twitch. He had to do something somehow.

(If I obtained the power of land dragon──)

Ren imagined. The long wriggly body bending back and forth, digging soil with snout nose, advancing forward. He tried moving like snake──no, like earthworm, what if he did this?

He deeply concentrated, and imagined. A snake or rather an earthworm wriggling through the soil seeking air…….

His body moved with 『slippery』 motion to the direction of the top of his head. It felt like that. *Slid, slid* He kept advancing, and then finally──


Suddenly, Ren's body was spat out to the air. He managed to escape.

When he noticed, his body was lying on the dry ground after getting thrown out. His body and clothes that were covered with soil now got even more dirtied with dry sand.

Ren stood up and breathed in air to his heart's content.

As expected even though he was G.o.dslayer, a human wanted to at least breath freely.

「Where is this……?」

Ren looked around.

It seemed he was on the bottom of ravine. It was a small path that was between steep cliffs. The path was so narrow that a minitruck could pa.s.s through it only barely.

When he looked up, the sky of the underworld was stretching out. It was the purple sky that looked poisonous.

Stella popped out on his left shoulder.

「This is the bottom of fissure that was caused by that land dragon and Apollo, perhaps.」

「I see. ──Hm?」

Right after Ren nodded at Stella's thought, he noticed.

There was a person lying down slightly ahead. No. That might be──he immediately dashed.

「Did he fall into this fissure, and die……」

It was a young man who looked to be around thirty years old. The impact of the fall must be the cause. His neck was bent. He died with a look of ecstasy.

After praying for the dead person's happiness in the next world, Ren started walking through the ravine path.

After walking for aw hile, he hit a bend on the path.

He came out to an open s.p.a.ce the moment he turned the corner. Surprisingly that place was filled with heaps of corpses all around.

「What's, this……?」

「It looks like everyone is Hyperborea people. They aren't the dead of the underworld……」

Ren was astounded. Stella pointed out.

Certainly everyone was wearing Hyperborea attire. They were different from the zombies he encountered in the incident of Yomotsu Hirasaka.

There were those with face of happiness, but there were also cramped faces that died in fear and despair.

There were also faces that were filled with anguish, faces that had given up hope.

「The cause of every phenomenon lie in the past. O fate, show me the entanglement of karma.」

Ren kneeled and touched the ground.

He joined his index finger and middle finger that were『Nemesis's divine two fingers』, to read the trace of karma that was carved into this land.

──The populace led by the one who expand the land, Apollo.

──Descending to the underworld together with the chosen hero.

──And then the sudden dead to follow their lord to the grave. Their souls were offered as sacrifice for Apollo's revival…….

「What in the world」

「Unlike us, Apollo was thoroughly prepared wasn't he……」

Ren muttered in a daze, while Stella shuddered.

Ren who was one in body and heart with her understood. Although they were fellow G.o.ds, the G.o.ddess of love Aphrodite was feeling really sacred to her compatriot's cruelty.

And then, Ren swore to fulfill the retributive justice.

Good results should accompany good deed. Bad results should accompany bad deed──.

Ren walked around randomly among the heaps of corpses in order to burn into his eyes all the state of death of the people who were sacrificed.

「Even though some time had pa.s.sed since they died, they aren't rotting……」

「This place is the realm of the dead. The state of death, the fate of the body and soul are different from the surface.」

While walking and talking with the small G.o.ddess riding on his left shoulder,

Ren discovered──something that should not happen no matter what.

The silver haired beautiful princess Ca.s.sandra was also lying on the bottom of this ravine. Her beautiful eyes were closed as an unspeaking corpse.

Her face told of a calm death.

「Ren. Let's leave now.」

「Ren. Ren.」

Stella called him several times.

However, Ren didn't say anything. He turned his back on the worried G.o.ddess, sat on the ground, and did nothing except staring at Ca.s.sandra's corpse.

For now, he folded her hands on her stomach.

Because her face in death was very beautiful, there was no need to adjust her face for her. Fixing her disheveled clothes was more than enough to tidy up her corpse. Even her face that was said to be the most beautiful in Greek mythology and her lithe body had no wound that stood out.

That was why, what was left was only to grieve over Princess Ca.s.sandra's death.

But Ren couldn't do that.

There was sadness inside his heart. There was despair. There was anger.

Anger toward himself that didn't make it in time to save Ca.s.sandra. Anger toward Apollo who caused her death. And above all else, anger to the so called fate that pushed this kind of result to her.

However, Ren himself was aware.

Something that was bigger than any kind of emotion was occupying his heart.

If he had to describe it in words, that was most likely a 『will』.

The virtuous Ca.s.sandra who shouldn't have any single reason why she ought to die young. This will absolutely couldn't accept her death.

If it was for the sake of carrying out this will, the he would be fine even if he had to kill a G.o.d──.

「Come to think of it, Princess Ca.s.sandra met an untimely death after the destruction of Troia. That was the "correct outline of mythology" wasn't it?」

Could it be, that debt came back at this place…….

Stella muttered in disappointment. Ren finally reacted.

「But, we rewrote that.」


「That's if the outline of mythology is this fate thingy. Thinking back, Ca.s.sandra already change that once. There's no reason why she can't do it the second time.」

He stared at the laid down Troia princess with dark eyes while──

Ren declared quietly.

His right hand's index finger and middle finger. He touched Ca.s.sandra's forehead with the two fingers that embodied Retributive JusticeNemesis and closed his eyes.

Behind his eyelids, a certain scene was resurrected vividly.

──Just before the untimely death came, Ca.s.sandra ran to save a girl who was going to die.

──However in the end they fell together into the fissure…….

「It's strange. I have done it several times, absorbing the 『memory of sin』 that is carved into that land and handed down retributive justice to the wrongdoer who committed the deed but……. Compared to before──I can read the memory clearly here.」

For example, when he visited some places in Troia.

He absorbed the memory of brutality that was repeated by Greek soldiers in that country, and later on he fulfilled retributive justice toward the whole Greek army in the form of 『reviving twenty thousand corpses of Troia soldiers that were ma.s.sacred until now and made them counterattack』.

Nemesis's authority wasn't a simple cross counter. Ren muttered.

「Is this also because I received the land dragon's power?」

「No. It's because this is the realm of the dead.」

Stella easily answered.

「You see, a living person, mo matter what kind of divine protection from G.o.d they have, when they pa.s.s under the gate of underworld, they receive "temporary death". In other words, their time stop at that point of time.」

「The time stop?」

「Yes. That's why their corpse doesn't rot even when they receive "the second death", it's also easier for them to receive the influence of authority that control 『karma of past and present』 like Nemesis.」

「So it's just as I thought.」

Stella verbalized the matter that he had been vaguely suspecting.

Ren's lips twisted slightly into a shape that was similar with a smile. The small G.o.ddess who was one in body and heart with him gasped.

「Stop it Ren! If you do something reckless like that, you too won't end up unscathed!」

「Even so it's worth trying.」

Ren instantly answered.

「I have to save Ca.s.sandra no matter what. A good result should accompany a good act, right? Now that it's decided then I should move with haste.」

「Don't! Manipulation of cause and effect that play with the past and future is really──」

The figure of Stella who tried to say something abruptly vanished.

Ren intended to pour all his strength into the act of retributive justice that he would attempt from now. He would use up all his magic power until even the share that Stella used to materialize.

Ren chanted Nemesis's scripture.

「I desire to the G.o.ddess of justice and retribution……」

He touched Ca.s.sandra's forehead once more with the two fingers of justice embodimentNemesis.

「Good result should accompany good deed. One who save life should be blessed with life!」

The whole body of Troia princess was enveloped with white light.

Just before her death, she tried to save other person's life rather than herself. That beauty of the heart ought to be awarded with the blessing from the 《G.o.ddess of justice and retribution Nemesis》.

Life could only be compensated with life──

In order to realize that retribution, Ren mustered all his magic power.

But, at the same time with that, a pain like there was a drill shredding his lung and heart ran through him many times. Furthermore it was endless. The more he poured his strength into using the authority, the pain increased all the more──.

「……Ah, I see.」

Ren noticed.

If life could only be compensated with life, then Rokuhara Ren also had to pay that price. However, without even a moment of hesitation──Ren smiled fiercely.

「Thinking back, my life was also saved by Ca.s.sandra!」

When he was slashed by the hero Ajax the Lesser at Troia.

His life was saved by the dedication of the kind princess. Ren didn't forget it.

「The retributive justice also include the share from where you saved me! I'm counting on you Nemesis-san!」

His personal affair was accomplished. He obtained such conviction splendidly.

But, in exchange he could hear a strange noise from inside his body. *Snap-. Snap-.* It was the sound of his lung and heart ripping miserably.

He had played rehearsal of death several times in just this day.

It seemed that it would finally be the main act.


「Uuuuu-. To become alone at this kind of place~」

Fumika was aimlessly wandering while on the verge of tears.

She was smack dab in the middle of dry wasteland. There was also almost no plants growing here. The blowing wind was cold. She was feeling terribly lonely.

It was already terribly dreary just from the scenery. This place was the underworld.

Even Tamayori Hime who possessed moderate spiritual ability might not be able to stay safe here for long.

「But, it feels like it will still be dangerous even if I return to Rokuharsan's place. What should I do~!?」

Just as she was instructed, Fumika ran away from the battlefield in full speed.

Unlike her big sister, she didn't really have power that would be useful in battlefield. She desperately ran without even looking back, and when her breathing didn't last she desperately walked.

Thanks to that she was able to take quite the distance, and yet.

「Which way I should walk to return to the previous place……?」

If her strict big sister was beside her, she would get scolded for her carelessness.

She was lost in this kind of emergency time. It was quite the blunder even if she said so herself. Furthermore, *goso-* she certainly heard a sound from behind her. She timidly looked back──.

「I, it come ouuttt!?」

Behind her was something that perhaps should be called an imp.

Its height wasn't that different from a child nine or ten years old. However, not a single hair grew from its body, its smooth skin was bizarrely pale.

Its two eyeb.a.l.l.s were so big that they occupied half of its face, its expression was extremely ferocious──

There was six of it. The imps let out threatening voice.


They all had sharp teeth.

「Hiiiiih! Are they carnivore ghoul just as expected!?」

G.o.ddess Izanami of Yomotsuhirasaka had retainers called Yomotsu s.h.i.+kome and Yomotsu Ikusa.

They were residence of the realm of the dead and the same kind with zombies. These imps were most likely similar existences. Of course they were staring at Fumika murderously!

When she went 'hyah' and shrunk into herself, Fumika heard a nostalgic voice.

「Begone you lowlives! This girl is my vessel!」

When Fumika noticed a slender young man was standing beside her.

The man with handsome face that reminded one of Maitreya Bodhisattva smoothly unsheathed his straight sword from his waist and quickly slashed the ground. The tip hit a pebble and scattered several sparks.

Furthermore the sparks increased in number and became a large brilliance──it attacked the imps!


The residences of underworld were scared off. They ran away like baby spiders scattering everywhere…….

「Ta, Tais.h.i.+-sama?」

「Indeed I am Umayado. It's good that you're in good health.」

Umayado no Ouji answered with his familiar magnanimity while sheathing his straight sword.

Of course Fumika was astonished.

「Why are you here!?」

「Fool. What is this land? It's the underworld spreading in the depth of earth, the realm of the dead. Even if it's the underworld of Sanctuary Hyperborea, it's a familiar land the dead like me.」

「Ah, I see.」

Ghost of the dead would obtain vitality in the realm of the dead. It was logical now that she was told that.

Fumika understood and unashamedly relied on him. She awkwardly made an ingratiating smile.

「Say, what should I do from here? Do Tais.h.i.+-sama understand Rokuharsan's location?」


The person who knew things before it happened, Umayado no Ouji looked at the distance with his long-slitted eyes.

「Tamayori Hime. Clear your heart and search for the presence. The G.o.dslayer is where the spirits are swarming and the smell of death is exceptionally thick.」

「Tha, that sounds like an absurdly scary place isn't it-!?」

However her only living acquaintance in this underworld was only Rokuhara Ren.

Fumika reluctantly concentrated her mind and sharpened her senses.


「Have you awakened, Ren-sama?」

When he realized he was laid down on the ground.

However, there was a blanked spread out. Thanks to that his back didn't feel that hurt. And then, another blanket was placed over Rokuhara Ren and one other person.

「What's with these blankets?」

「Fortunately there was a lot of companies in my journey. I borrowed a few blankets from the belonging of those people.」

He was lying down face up, so he could clearly see the sky that was colored with poisonous purple.

It seemed that he was at the "bottom of ravine" that was formed from the fissures even now. Ren was laid down on the small path that was between steep cliffs.

But, around him wasn't the tragic scene of the heaps of corpses.

Perhaps the girl who was sleeping together with him worked hard to move him until some distance away.

「You're really strong to carry the sleeping me alone until here.」

「Yes. Even though I look like this I have confidence in my arm. My family is a family of warrior after all♪」

The girl was lying down together with him with her body leaning on his body.

By the way──

Both of them were stark naked for some reason. Surprise must have come out on Ren's expression. The girl who was generously pus.h.i.+ng her wonderful body on him spoke in embarra.s.sment.

「Tha, that's, Ren-sama's body was completely cold, so in order to warm it……」

「Thank you Ca.s.sandra.」

Good result should accompany good deed.

Ren caused a miracle at the end of him wholeheartedly desiring for retributive justice.

Of course if 『Ca.s.sandra's death' wasn't a misfortune that occurred in Hyperborea's underworld, and if she didn't display her courage and kindness at the very end, there was no way the miracle would be realized. The miracle came to be because of the a.s.sistance of luck and coincidence, in addition of his efforts at the risk of his life.

However──Ren thought that it was strange.

「How am I alive?」

When he revived the maiden in front of him, both of his heart and lungs should be crushed.

Then Ca.s.sandra looked hesitating to speak before,

「N, no. Ren-sama too had died completely──for a moment.」

「Eh, really?」

「Yes. Unlike the time when you lost consciousness at the sea of Troia, this time your breath really stopped completely, your heart and lungs also broke, and a lot of blood was vomited from your mouth. But, I felt it. the body of Ren-sama who should have died……still had vitality remaining.」

「Vitality? Ah, that!」

Ren noticed.

「Just a little while ago a land dragon monster shared its vitality with me.」

「Oh my, is that so! From time immemorial, snake and dragon are existences known as immortal sacred beast by those in the know. Even at the land where we live, snake will shed its old skin whenever the chance arises and rebirth into youthful figure. And so Ren-sama too──」

「Did I become temporarily immortal thanks to the land dragon?」

「That must be the case.」

「Eh, wait?」

Even so his heart and lungs were crushed.

If the land dragon's vitality ran out, wouldn't he undisputedly die next time for sure?  Then Ca.s.sandra who was still leaning on Ren naked smiled mischievously.

「Actually I possessed something good.」

「Something good?」

「Yes. The talisman of healing that Rionsama used before……. I felt admiration toward that wonderful miraculous effect and I "begged" Rionsama for it later, if I too can receive one of it.」

「That thing used to heal me at Troia huh!」

「Rionsama told me 『There won't be any meaning if you can't use the technique』, even so she generously drew up the talisman. Until now I kept it in my a small pouch and carried it in concealment as good luck amulet but──I thought that this is the time it become necessary.」

Ca.s.sandra peered on Ren's face and smiled sweetly.

「When I prayed wholeheartedly, power dwelled inside the talisman of healing. Like that I used it at Ren-sama……」

「Come to think of it, Ca.s.sandra was a priestess at the past wasn't you?」

She was a priestess serving the sun G.o.d Apollo and she was recognized by him that he even granted her precognition ability.

In that case, there should be great power even in her prayer. Ren was convinced. In the end, he was able to escape death exactly because of Ca.s.sandra's endeavor.

The willowy princess's lips were slightly dirtied red. That was right.

When applying spell on them G.o.dslayer──and then the lips of Ren that vomited a lot of blood from lung hemorrhage were surely soaked with blood…….

Ren and Ca.s.sandra kept lying down while embracing each other. Their gaze entangled with each other.

「Let me say my thanks once more. Thank you, Ca.s.sandra.」

「I also had my life saved……and it was for Ren-sama's sake. I, would do anything.」

There was feeling that was conveyed even if it wasn't said out loud.

Ca.s.sandra who was still leaning on Ren suddenly brought her face closer.

Perhaps her body moved by themselves faster than she could think. And then, the feeling of wanting to respond to that also burst out inside Ren──

The lips of the two naturally met. Time pa.s.sed for a while like that.

And then Ca.s.sandra returned to her senses and separated their lips in panic. Ren put his hand on her back to not let her got away.

He tightly embraced her body that was well fleshed enough even though she was thin.

「I, I'm sorry. Even though Ren-sama has already recovered」

「I think there is no need for you to apologize though.」

Ren lifted up his body while still embracing Ca.s.sandra.

The blanket above their body fluttered down. The princess's smooth naked body came into view. They ended up in the posture of Ren sitting cross legged and Ca.s.sandra sitting on his lap.

The skin's softness, warmth, and elastic sensation of her flesh felt pleasant to his skin.

「But, Ren-sama already has Rionsama──」

「I really like you Ca.s.sandra.」

He whispered into the ear of the princess who wouldn't meet his gaze.

Ca.s.sandra went 「!?」 and stiffened within Ren's arms. She became bright red before his eyes. Not just her face, her whole body was blus.h.i.+ng.

This time Ren peered straight into the eyes of the lovely girl.

「Ca.s.sandra also feel the same right?」

「…………I've yearned for Ren-sama all this time.」

「Yeah, I know.」


Ca.s.sandra finally clung on Ren's neck by her own initiative.

And then, without anyone of them starting it they brought their lips closer to each other and kissed repeatedly as though pecking at each other. During that time Ca.s.sandra pa.s.sionately whispered.

「I, I don't mind, being second to Rionsama. That's why, please……」

「I've promised the position of wife to Riona so it belongs to her but, I don't like a.s.signing rank to this kind of feeling.」


「I know that I'm only saying something convenient for myself though.」

「No. Right now I feel really happy.」

This time both of them placed their lips on each other and slowly took their time.

They weren't just pus.h.i.+ng their lips on each other, they carefully kissed to ascertain each other's feeling and the shape of their lips while Ren sometimes would insert his tongue. Although Ca.s.sandra's tongue would stiffen with a jerk for a moment, it would soon soften and welcomed him lovingly.

Like that they continued the deed for a while before Ren suddenly said.

「Right now is a time of emergency so, let's stop at this. The continuation will be able everything is taken care of.」

「Yes, Ren-sama……」

Ca.s.sandra nodded with a smiling face that was the very picture of supreme bliss.

「Ro, Rokuharsan, I wonder if I'll meet him soon?」

Fumika was looking around to all directions restlessly while speaking out her desire.

She followed Umayado no Ouji's instruction and finally managed to return to her previous location. It was around where the dragon rampaged and she parted from Rokuhara Ren.

The ground became riddled with cracks due to the fissures. It was painful to look at.

Umayado no Ouji who guided her as well as protecting her commented with a murmur.

「In my spiritual sight, that guy looked like he is in the middle of a heaps of corpses all around. Tamayori Hime, find out if there is any place like that.」

「Tha, that's scary, so I wish that Rokuharsan will come out by himself!」

Umayado Ouji walked with composed and cool demeanor without even looking around.

Such att.i.tude was as to be expected from the legendary crown prince. There was a sense of otherworldliness from him.

In contrast, Fumika was the heaven-sent child of modern society who couldn't cut her ties with worldly desires. She didn't know when to give up and kept looking around restlessly.

She wished to meet up with Rokuhara Ren without braving any danger and if possible by omitting any horror event.

She wished that wholeheartedly. And then, in a stroke of good luck she was rewarded. From inside one fissure, her big sister's fiancée climbed up 『hyoi』 with a splendid nimbleness.

Furthermore, he reached out his hand──

And pulled up the beautiful Troia princess.

He perfectly succeeded in rescuing the kindhearted Princess Ca.s.sandra!

「Rokuharsan! Ca.s.sandrsan!」

Driven by great joy, Fumika was about to call out to them but,

She swallowed back her words just before that.

Ca.s.sandra who was pulled up brought her cheek closer to Rokuhara Ren's face with a smile that was like a flower and said something happily.

It was like their cheeks rubbed each other intimately, and there was even like a kiss on the cheek……?

Did she, see mistakenly? Fumika doubted her own eyes.

「Eh, Fumikchan!」

「My, Fumiksama! Umayado no Tais.h.i.+-sama too!」

「Oo. Both of you, so the two of you are safe. Splendid.」

Young man Rokuhara waved his hand easygoingly, while Princess Ca.s.sandra's smile was growing even wider. Umayado no Ouji calmly greeted them by himself with a blessing.

Fumika alone was distressed by herself while worrying 『Did my eyes get weird!?』.

The G.o.dslayer youth had just gotten engaged with her big sister Toba Riona. There shouldn't be 『something between』 him and Princess Ca.s.sandra──.


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