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Yan Yan's face dimmed. "It's because I have a little brother called Yan Zhenxin. 30 years ago, he was ambushed and poisoned when he was in the West Cultivator City challenging the Heaven 36 Domains. His bones softened and he can't cultivate unless he rebuilds his body or gets the antidote."

"You're looking for the Yi Xing Vine?" Ye Mo asked.

Yan Yan nodded. "Yes, we don't dare to hope for body rebuilding herbs but if we can find the Yi Xing Vine it would be much better. I wouldn't come here if it wasn't for that vine."

"I'm also going to dig for spirit herbs, you can follow behind. It's up to your luck whether you can find it or not," Ye Mo immediately said. He didn't mind helping them casually.

"Thank you brother Ye." Yan Yan immediately thanked and followed Ye Mo.

Even Yan Zhendong came up and thanked Ye Mo. If they didn't follow Ye Mo, it would be very hard for them to find the vine even though they came here.

Ye Mo didn't ask anything more and the group followed him, digging up spirit herbs as they talked. It was like they were in their own garden. No spirit beast dared to appear before them.

Some spirit beasts saw them come and quickly moved aside.

However, although there were a lot of spirit herbs here, they were mostly level six and level five. There were few level seven and even less level eight. They never encountered the Yi Xing Vine.

As time went on, Yan Yan grew worried. She knew Ye Mo wouldn't be staying here forever, if Ye Mo felt he had enough spirit herbs and wanted to leave, it would be almost impossible for her to get the vine.

Tang Mengrao saw her expression and sighed. Yan Yan saved her and her disciple, she was grateful so she said, "Martial sister Yan, what's the Heaven 36 Domains your brother challenged?"

Yan Yan heard this and immediately answered, "There are three famous places in West Cultivator City, the first is Life and Death Tower, the second is Xing Cultivator a.s.sociation, the third is Heaven 36 Domains. The 36 Domains is the most famous. Almost all cultivators above body condensation state went there."

"The Heaven 36 Domains is the best place for cultivators to cultivate their domain. It's suitable for even truth realisation state peak stage cultivators."

Ye Mo heard this and also had some interest. His domain was in initial completion but that was through his own learning and his battles with other people.

He had never had a systematic knowledge of domain. No one had taught him. If there was a place like Heaven 36 Domains to allow him to completely understand the notion of domain and then perfect it with his Three Birth Chant, then his battle power would increase many folds. If he went there, wouldn't his domain be able to reach great completion?

Ye Mo was disaster transformation state level six and knew that the higher the power level, it wasn't just a battle of cultivation essence and spirit sense, but also understanding of magic and domain.

"Would those who pa.s.s the heaven 36 Domains get a deeper understanding of domain?" Ye Mo immediately asked.

Yan Yan shook her head. "Brother Ye, you've never been to West Cultivator City so you've never seen it. It has existed since antiquity but no one has pa.s.sed the 30th domain. The most powerful truth realisation state cultivator I've seen came out at the 26th domain."

"Why doesn't he try the 27th?" Yue Chan asked.

Yan Yan answered, "If you don't have the power to pa.s.s through the next domain but you force your way in, your domain will be torn apart and you can't get out. That truth realisation state cultivator knew he was only able to reach the 26th domain so he came out. There are countless cultivators who die inside each year."

"Did your brother…" Tang Mengrao subconsciously asked but immediately stopped. She didn't want Yan Yan to be sad again.

She shook her head. "No, my brother was body condensation state peak stage power. He went with his friend and reached the 9th domain but he was ambushed there."

At this moment, Yan Yan looked up at the direction Ye Mo was going and suddenly called out, "Brother Ye, we can't go forward anymore."

Ye Mo looked at her in confusion. "Why not?"

"It's the forbidden grounds ahead. No human cultivators are allowed inside. This row of spirit attraction trees are the markings. Beyond the trees are the forbidden grounds. If we go in, the beast cultivators of this place will hunt us down," Yan Yan quickly said.

Ye Mo felt the dense spirit chi behind the trees and knew the real high level spirit herbs were inside there. Ye Mo expanded his spirit sense but found he couldn't see inside at all.

Now that Yan Yan said this, he couldn't go inside. If she didn't tell him, Ye Mo could say he didn't know.

Ye Mo knew there were high level spirit beasts here. He nodded and didn't go in. Those spirit beast didn't come looking for trouble clearly because they were told not too. Since other people didn't want trouble, Ye Mo didn't want to start trouble either.

Just when Ye Mo was about to leave, Yan Yan suddenly charged into the forbidden grounds.

"Yan Yan, what are you doing…" Tang Mengrao was shook.

Yan Yan just said this was forbidden grounds, so why did she charge inside?

Ye Mo was confused too, but when he saw the Yi Xing Vine inside, he understood.

Ye Mo didn't stop her, he knew she would come out after she got the vine.

But Yan yan wasn't so lucky, she didn't go in 1 kilometer before a gray shadow dashed towards her. She cried in pain and was slapped away out of the forbidden grounds. She spat some blood and spasmed on the ground.

Ye Mo frowned and gave Su Jingwen a pill. "Jingwen, feed her." Then he went towards the forbidden grounds.

The shadow didn't hide, he was a disaster transformation state peak stage beast cultivator. He looked nervous when he saw Ye Mo come but didn't fight.

When he saw Ye Mo cross inside, his face changed and yelled, "Do you know you've come inside the G.o.d Beast Mountain Range forbidden grounds? Those who come in are killed no matter what!"

If it wasn't for Ye Mo, he would've killed Yan Yan for coming in the forbidden grounds.

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