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: Arriving At The Abyss /

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Little by little, he began to grasp some techniques to sway left and right while controlling his center of gravity, and he could finally reduce his speed.

He skied for more than ten minutes when Long Yuxue suddenly shouted from in front, "Be careful! The abyssal cave is right up ahead. Slow yourself down!"

As she was saying that, she controlled her skis skillfully to decelerate, but Tang Wulin was not as agile as she. He continued forward at the same speed.

Tang Wulin suddenly felt something tighten around his waist. He did not realize that Long Yuxue had arrived behind him and had grabbed the garment around his waist. He quickly began to slow down as Long Yuxue helped him to decelerate gently.

"Sir, your skiing skills are really impressive!" The two of them finally stopped when they were a few hundred meters away from the ma.s.sive cave. Its gargantuan mouth was over three thousand meters in diameter.

Long Yuxue took the skis off her feet and spoke to Tang Wulin, "This is one of the basic skills in the Blood G.o.d Army. You'll get used to it naturally after coming here a few more times."

Tang Wulin nodded. It was true that skiing should not be a problem for him as long as he had adequate time to adapt to it.

Long Yuxue spoke with a deep voice, "The abyssal pa.s.sage is right in front of us. You still remember how you entered during the test the other day, right? It's the same here only that the actual location is much larger than the test's simulation. Moreover, there are many more abyssal creatures in there. Be careful and listen to my commands. Don't hesitate when I order you to fall back in case we encounter overwhelming forces. Do you understand?"

"Understood!" Tang Wulin nodded.

Long Yuxue stopped walking when she arrived in front of the gigantic cave. Tang Wulin stood by her side and looked down. It was all pitch black in there with the occasional sound of a loud, rumbling echo. Snow was sliding down from the surroundings from time to time while enormous icicles formed in the area surrounding the cave.

The over three-thousand-meter wide mouth of the cave looked just like huge, voracious jaws capable of swallowing anything.

Long Yuxue pressed her right hand against her chest. Soon after, Tang Wulin could hear a series of clanging sounds. A small piece of metal cracked open first, followed by metal scales unfolding and covering Long Yuxue's entire body. It was a small mecha.

The mecha covered Long Yuxue's entire body, but it only appeared to be three meters tall with a pair of folded wings on its back. Its size was not very big compared to ordinary mechas. Air was being blown out from underneath her feet, suspending her body in midair.

"Yours should be two-word battle armor, right? Unleash it then. Don't hesitate even for a moment when we're down, and also, turn on the abyssal isolation s.h.i.+eld and your stealth vest."

Tang Wulin did as he was told. He could immediately sense that a layer of air was unleashed from the metal ring on his head and enshrouded his body at once. Meanwhile, a strange fluctuation seemed to be pulsating from his stealth vest. It had a peculiar frequency that was supposed to mimic that on the abyssal plane.

Triggering it with his consciousness, pieces of golden battle armor began to unleash on their own and swiftly covered his entire body. When the pair of enormous golden dragon wings unfolded and spread out behind his back, even Long Yuxue, who had figured out that Tang Wulin was a two-word battle armor master, could not help getting caught in its spell. Her eyes sparkled as she stared at it.

"What magnificent armor! I've seen three-word armor that looked less impressive than yours. Please help me to forge the metal necessary for a set of two-word battle armor when we're back. I wish to become a two-word battle armor master soon, too, so I won't need such a minimecha anymore."

"Sure." Tang Wulin immediately agreed.

The material used in his two-word battle armor was different because it was forged from three types of alloy. Moreover, he added something special for his battle armor, of course. The ornateness of the battle armor was not just for show on the surface but also because it was inscribed with even more core circuits. Nature had endowed Tang Wulin with a powerful body, so he was capable of withstanding more energy build-up than ordinary people. Thus, his battle armor's amplification effect was greater than ordinary two-word battle armor. This was determined by his body's strength.

Under the control of his soul power, Tang Wulin's wings spread out so his body was suspended in the air. The scales on his battle armor were exuding golden streams of light, reflecting off the snowy landscape.

Although Long Yuxue in her minimecha appeared to be taller and bulkier, her mecha looked so unsophisticated it was akin to a beggar's outfit compared to Tang Wulin's battle armor.

"Let's go." She suppressed her envy as she admired his armor. 'The boy has truly proven himself to be the leader of the current Shrek Seven Monsters! Just judging by his battle armor you can tell how extraordinary he is.'

Tang Wulin spread his wings out behind his back as he leaped into the cave together with Long Yuxue.

Long Yuxue slid against the cave wall while she spiraled downward.

A series of electronic scans were soon triggered below. The Blood G.o.d Bracelet on their hands were glowing, so there was no doubt that this was the ident.i.ty verification device installed by the Blood G.o.d Army.

Long Yuxue once told Tang Wulin that the Blood G.o.d Army spent many years of hard work to build an exceedingly strong defense system on the periphery of this abyssal pa.s.sage, which was effective against both internal and external a.s.saults. They would be under heavy attack as soon as the abyssal creatures attempted to charge out from the cave, so this was also the final layer defense for the abyssal pa.s.sage.

The Secret Service was granted special authority as expected. Both of them soon landed on the net below the abyss.

Tang Wulin once inquired from Long Yuxue as to what was underneath the large net if one continued to venture down?

Long Yuxue told him that this was once the real abyssal pa.s.sage because the most powerful abyssal creatures could only come out through an opening that was large enough for them. Afterward, it was sealed with the combined efforts of the powerhouses from the great forces at the time. Only the smaller pa.s.sages still existed and thus resulted in the current abyssal pa.s.sage.

The inside of this pitch-black pa.s.sage was guarded by two battalions at all times. Though the Blood G.o.d Army was relatively small, their fighting capacity was exceedingly powerful with the most cutting-edge equipment.

They guarded the abyssal plane for so many years and stopped the abyssal creatures from bringing catastrophe upon the Douluo Continent.

This time, Long Yuxue did not allow Tang Wulin to walk in front of her as she had done in their previous experience during the test. She walked ahead with great strides into the pa.s.sage.

The inside of the pa.s.sage was not entirely pitch black, as every alternate section was illuminated. It was apparent that this was a safe zone and all the lights had been installed by the Blood G.o.d Army as well.

They soon encountered a soldier from the Blood G.o.d Army and pa.s.sed through the checkpoint smoothly by relying on their Blood G.o.d Bracelets' Secret Service signal.

They continued to venture inward and arrived at the first pa.s.sage platform. This place had become a metallic world with all sorts of soul devices installed everywhere, and there was even a metal room used to rest.

Long Yuxue whispered to Tang Wulin softly, "There are hundreds of abyssal pa.s.sages right now, with a total of thirty-six high-ranking pa.s.sages that the more dangerous abyssal creatures could pa.s.s through. For example, Mo Mei which you've already encountered is one of the top-grade abyssal creatures. The one that you saw the other day was only a larva. We'd be doomed if it was an adult. It's a creature that would even trouble a t.i.tle Douluo but also the smallest species among the top grade abyssal creatures. It was said that the Abyssal Queen had been from Mo Mei's clan."

Tang Wulin asked, "So which way are we heading to now?"

Long Yuxue replied, "The abyssal pa.s.sages are categorized as Grade S, Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. It's your first time here, so, of course, we'll go to the Grade C Pa.s.sage. Pa.s.sages of this grade are slightly narrower, so the abyssal creatures that can pa.s.s through them are of limited power. It's quite safe for us to explore, making it convenient for you to learn about the creatures.


After a few words with the base, Long Yuxue brought Tang Wulin along as they entered a pa.s.sage that was only the height of a man.

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