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"Split up!"

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord roared loudly as all the Divine Lords scattered!


The land was devastated by that strike as a huge hundred-meter deep crater appeared suddenly. This was a primeval landma.s.s that had a st.u.r.diness far higher than any world in the Sinkhole. But even so, it could not withstand the giant's strike!

After the Ancestor G.o.d delivered His blow, He raised his palm again and swept it horizontally!

This strike seemed to split the sky into two. The tremendous strength coupled with speed akin to lightning made it appear indomitable.


The lanky Divine Lord who had previously discussed with West River Divine Lord let out a tragic cry. His body had been crushed by the Ancestor G.o.d!


Despite firing up his energies, half the lanky Divine Lord's body exploded into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist!


As he continued letting out a tragic cry, his body was quickly smashed to bits by the gigantic palm. Nothing was left except a b.l.o.o.d.y mess!

He was instantly killed!

Upon seeing this scene, all the Divine Lords broke out into cold sweat. Although the lanky Divine Lord was one of the weaker ones among them, he was still a Sinkhole overlord. Yet, he had been killed so easily?

"Escape in different directions!"

Sacred Horizon Divine Lord said via voice transmission. At that moment, everyone was reeling in fear. No one had their mind still on the resources inside the Chaos Gem mineral vein. With the horrifying giant present, it would be a miracle to remain alive, much less speak of obtaining opportunities!

Furthermore, the opportunity was not ready for the picking. Yi Yun had taken a step ahead of them. They had to kill Yi Yun before they could obtain it.

But now, with the giant present, how could they even fight Yi Yun? Besides, Yi Yun was likely in peril too!

Upon coming to this thought, West River Divine Lord revealed a sinister smile.

That was good too. Although he could not obtain the opportunities inside the Chaos Gem mineral vein, Yi Yun could also forget about walking away with them. Let him die! Yi Yun's death would just mean one less malady to plague him.

The giant in the sky did not pursue the escaping Divine Lords. He turned his sights to the Chaos Gem mineral vein where Yi Yun was!

To the Ancestor G.o.d, lives were no different from ants. If they were in the way of His murderous streak, He would kill them simply in pa.s.sing. But if these ants were to escape, He would not waste his efforts pursuing them. He only appeared here to kill Yi Yun!

"Yi Yun!" Meanwhile, G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness's voice sounded in Yi Yun's ear inside the Chaos Gem mineral vein. "The existence that appeared is the Ancestor G.o.d!"

"I know. I once encountered Him together with Bai Yueyin!" As Yi Yun spoke, he felt a terrifying suppression crus.h.i.+ng down on him. He found it difficult to even stand.


The Ancestor G.o.d roared as terrifying energy manifested visibly into a blast wave that struck the Chaos Gem mineral vein heavily.

"Ka Ka Ka!"

A blinding barrier of light surfaced around the Chaos Gem mineral vein. This was a worldly array that had naturally condensed as a result of the Primordial Chaos laws after hundreds of million of years!

The array managed to withstand the Ancestor G.o.d's roar.

But in an instant, the Ancestor G.o.d extended His hand. When His gigantic palm reached over, it gave others a baffling feeling. It felt like the palm itself was the heaven and earth.


This palm reached deep into the worldly array. The Primordial Chaos jets that permeated the array did not damage the Ancestor G.o.d in any way.

"This is…"

Yi Yun held his breath. The Ancestor G.o.d's grasp of the laws was already exceedingly close to the Heavenly Dao. Therefore, an array formed by the Heavenly Dao was unable to fend Him off in any way!

"Yi Yun, leave the Azure Lamp of Time with me. I might be able to use a time barrier to hold Him off for a short period of time. If you can do it, take this opportunity to tear open the void and enter the spatial turbulence!" G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness said quickly.

s.p.a.ce in the primeval universe was stable and resilient, so if one wanted to tear open a spatial rift? It would be difficult!

But now, there was no other choice.

Yi Yun fell silent. He knew that G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness was planning to sacrifice himself. He was already on his deathbed. If he consumed all his vitality, he might be able to deliver a final strike, but even so, he was unlikely to fend off the Ancestor G.o.d.

Furthermore, even if he could escape into the void by forcibly tearing open s.p.a.ce, the Ancestor G.o.d would quickly chase up to him. Considering it was the Ancestor G.o.d, who could traverse endless s.p.a.ce and suddenly descend into the primeval universe, how could Yi Yun's understanding of the spatial dimension laws hope to compare?


At that moment, the Chaos Gem mineral vein began to vibrate violently. The Ancestor G.o.d had completely entered the world array. He raised both His hands high as a gigantic ax appeared in between them.

The moment the ax appeared, the void around the ax's blade trembled intensely. There were even fine cracks that seemed to spread through the void!

Although these fine cracks quickly mended themselves, it sent chills through Yi Yun's heart. This was a primeval universe's void. He could hardly shatter it even if he used all his strength. Yet, the Ancestor G.o.d was able to crack s.p.a.ce simply by conjuring a weapon. He had not even cleaved down with it.

If He were to cleave with the ax, perhaps the entire Chaos Gem mineral vein would split apart! If that happened, what would happen to the sealing array the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch left behind!?

Yi Yun held Mirage Snow tightly. Despite the great difference in strength, he could not sit idly by. He had to risk everything!

He knew that the Ancestor G.o.d was not at His peak state. He was still injured!

And then—


A long dragon's roar suddenly emitted from inside the stone chamber. The black spear embedded in a stone platform began shaking violently.

"That spear!?"

Yi Yun jerked his head towards the spear. It was the black spear left behind by the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch! According to G.o.dly Monarch River of Forgetfulness, this black spear was embedded inside the core array of the world's seal.

Could it be that…


After a bout of violent quaking, it suddenly extracted itself and flew out of the stone platform!

At the instant the spear flew out, the stone platform exploded. Like lightning, the spear tore through the ceiling of the Chaos Gem mineral vein and shot straight for the Ancestor G.o.d!

This spear was able to attack autonomously?

Yi Yun was shocked, but he was quick to act. The spear likely still had the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch's will left in it. However, it was ownerless after all. Even if it attacked autonomously, it was likely unable to heavily injure the Ancestor G.o.d.

"Use my strength!"

Yi Yun roared as he burned nearly half his blood essence, injecting all his energy into the black spear—

10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!

At that instant, Demon G.o.d phantoms that signified destruction appeared around the black spear. This was all the aid Yi Yun was capable of. The black spear was an intrinsic weapon that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had left behind. The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence perfectly suited its powers.

Indeed, the spear absorbed all of Yi Yun's energies.

It transformed into what seemed like a black meteor that tore through the entire world, heading straight for the void where the Ancestor G.o.d was!

It locked onto the ma.s.sive lifeform, leaving no room to dodge!


The black spear tore straight through the Ancestor G.o.d's body, causing black blood to rain down!

The Ancestor G.o.d let out a painful bellow. He was injured!

Yi Yun knew that the Ancestor G.o.d had not recovered from the injuries He received from His battle with Bai Yueyin. The injuries the eight G.o.dly Monarchs had given Him hundreds of millions of years ago still remained. If not, how could Bai Yueyin be the Ancestor G.o.d's match?


The Ancestor G.o.d's body stumbled in mid-air, stirring even the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the world. The black spear was already covered in the Ancestor G.o.d's blood.

Time to leave!

Yi Yun knew very well that it was impossible for him to kill the Ancestor G.o.d. The black spear was protecting the seal array that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had left behind and not him.

He had to leave while the Ancestor G.o.d was still injured and had yet to leave a tracing mark on him.

"Oh? This blood…"

Yi Yun took a closer look at the Ancestor G.o.d's blood as it rained down. It was heavy like a mountain as it bombarded the land. Dao patterns s.h.i.+mmered within the blood. They contained terrifying powers!

Yi Yun gritted his teeth and immediately summoned the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to come out and collect all the blood!

"Open up!"

Yi Yun roared loudly as he cleaved open the void! At the moment the black spear flew out, the primeval universe's void was on the brink of collapse. Yi Yun had also slashed out with all his strength, allowing him to tear open a huge hole in the void.

Without any further thought, Yi Yun leaped into the spatial rift, vanis.h.i.+ng instantly into the spatial turbulence!

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