Shiniki No Campiones

Shiniki No Campiones

『The world is filled with G.o.ds』 The alternate s.p.a.ce Sanctuary that was connected to the world of mythology and brought disaster throughout the world. Various monsters appeared in Kobe City at j.a.pan that was connected to the world Sanctuary Troia that was told in Greek mythology, causing enormous damage. In order to settle the situation, the beautiful girl who introduced herself as the greatest onmyouji in j.a.pan and a reincarnation of G.o.d, Toba Riona was dispatched. But, her goshujin-sama Rokuhara Ren was an “amateur” who couldn’t use any power despite being a member of the a.s.sociation 《Campiones》 that had the most influence in the world of magic. Riona was exasperated at Ren who only relied in his running away and smooth talking. However, Ren had a trump card that enabled him to [summon G.o.d]……! 「Change the mythology’s synopsis without fail. If it’s necessary──then kill even the G.o.d.」 The king of G.o.ds Zeus, the G.o.ddess Athena, the hero Achilles……in the world that was packed with G.o.ds and heroes, Ren and Riona challenged a mission that was impossible for most human. The challenge toward the sanctuary where even 《G.o.dslaying》 would be carried out without hesitation started now!

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